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KMFasTrans PRO is a Joomla! Multi-Language manager, giving the user an easy and fast content translation experience. Based on the concept of a "Translaton Set" (a set of Joomla Items that are translations of the same content) it will allow you to view at a glance wich content is translated, to what languages, if it is published and many more.

KMFasTrans PRO runs under the Joomla administrator and relies on the native multilingual feature of Joomla. It will not interfere with the Joomla normal displaying of content because it doesn't change the content at all. You can even uninstall KM FasTrans and everything will keep operating normally.

KM FasTrans PRO will help you in the translation of your content by automating the rules set established by Joomla to create a multilingual site, and almost everything that can be automated.

KMFasTrans PRO 3.2.1 removes buttons that lead to quick actions because these actions are not implemented in the current version and therefore the buttons are not useful at this time. This version also fixes some issues found in version 3.2.0.

KMFasTrans PRO 3.2.0 has been designed giving special importance to the effectiveness and efficiency in the construction of multi-language websites. For this we have implemented the following features:

  • The possibility of creating and / or modifying several languages at the same time.

  • The possibility of machine translation in several languages at the same time. For this we use version 2 of the Bing translator.

  • The intensive use of Ajax technology to accelerate all processes.

In our tests we have used up to 30 languages in addition to the source language.

KMFasTrans PRO version 3.2.0 contains a lot of new features:

  • Joomla update process support.
    This version of KMFasTrans supports the Joomla update process. If problems occur in the update, for example because the update code has not been registered, or because the subscription has expired or for any other reason, the user will receive a detailed message of the reason for the problem so that he can take the most appropriate action .

  • Fields groups and Fields support.
    Customizable field groups and all types of customizable fields are fully supported in this version.

  • Creating or modifying elements in several languages at the same time
    In the Translations Management Dashboard it is possible to select the languages that you want to create or edit from the total of the content languages in a fast and agile way (the selection process is done through Ajax).

    Once the languages have been selected, it is possible to edit or create elements in only one of them or several of them or all at once.

    The selected languages are loaded in the editing window and can be modified or created simply by selecting the desired language. When you have finished with the desired modifications it is possible to save the elements of all languages at once or save only some of them. As the saving is done using Ajax the editing window will not be reloaded and therefore the modifications made to the unsaved languages will not be lost.

  • Machine translation into several languages at once.
    Once several languages are loaded in the editing window, several translation options are available:

    • Translation of all the (translatable) fields of the source element to all the fields of an element of any of the loaded languages or to all the elements in all the loaded languages.

    • Translation of one of the fields (translatable) from the source element to the same field of an element of any of the loaded languages or to all the elements in all the loaded languages.

  • Copy to several languages at once.
    This function allows one or several fields of an item in the source language to be copied to the corresponding fields in the items of the selected target languages, preserving, of course, those fields that depend on the language, such as the category to which an article belongs.

    This option is very useful for cases where an item (an article, for example) is not translated into all languages. In this way it is possible to make modifications in a single source language and copy them with a single click on all the desired target languages.

  • Translation Tags.
    When translating a text using a machine translation service, there may be character strings in the text in the source language that should not be translated directly into the target language because they have a special meaning. This is the case of strings that are analyzed by plugins that act according to the content found, such as the string 'loadmoduleid xx' to insert the module whose id is xx. If 'loadmoduleid' were translated into another language, the plugin would not recognize the string as a special one and therefore would not insert the module.

    Some tags are set by default, such as the couple { } but you can configure the ones you want.

  • Special Translation Processes.
    Special translation processes are performed during the translation of contents from a source language into a target language using one of the translation services configured in the KMFasTrans options.

    For example, when the plugin responsible for loading modules finds the sequence {loadmoduleid xx}, its function is to load the module whose id is xx.

    Following with this example, the value xx will probably be different for the different languages, so in this case it is not only necessary to keep the string 'loadmodule' untranslated, but also to change the value xx to the id of the module that is the translation of the module with id xx. Naturally this requires that there is a translation, known by KMFasTrans, of the module whose id is xx to the target language. This will always be true if the module whose id is xx has been translated with KMFasTrans before translating the article containing the string

    To achieve this functionality, these special translation processes have been created.

    The following processes are supplied by default when installing KMFasTrans:

    • Preserving text between
    • Replace id with its translation on . For Customizable Fields.
    • Replace id with its translation on . For Customizable Fields.
    • Replace id with its translation on . For Customizable Field Groups.
    • Replace id with its translation on {loadmoduleid id}. For modules.
    • Replace title with its translation on . For modules.

Key features of KMFasTrans PRO:

  • Based on the concept of a "Translations Set". Always keep all translations of the same content (articles, banners menu items, modules, ...) in the same place, ie a set of translations.
  • One click preparation of the site for multilanguage. The default Menu, Menu Item, Module and Root Content Category for language 'All' needed for a multilanguage site will be created at the click of a button.
  • Translations Suggestions Do not employ any time looking for the translation of a category or menu or anything else. If the translation exists KMFasTrans will select it automatically.
  • Inconsistencies detection Don't waste your valuable time trying to find what is wrong in your multi-language site. The inconsistencies detection process will do it for you.
  • Synchronizing Associations Do not worry about associations. What you see in your dashboard is what you have in Joomla. Synchronising associations process will assure that.
  • Permissions management Configure the back end to allow only the actions you want to the users you want.This will allow people with minimal knowledge of Joomla to work on the back end while avoiding possible undesirable actions.
  • Front end article editing. Let your translators make changes to articles in the Joomla frontend.
Last year we're looking for an multi language solution! We found KM FasTrans and we become very happy with it.
Ease of use
After a short time we found it easy to use. Because there are much tips and hints we felt very safe what to do.
The support is great, quick and it also answers questions which were not directly linked to the extension.
We think the documentation is well done and helpful.
Value for money
At the claimed price of 50€ you get a good value. KMFasTrans is rich of features and supports you in different ways (shows warnings & tipps)
I used this to: Three of our business websites.

Good product.

Posted on 23 April 2014
I am an enthusiast and not a professional.

Veramaente not understand some of the negative reviews, I'm surprised.

I've tried several, in fact, many products, and I think this is one of the best and most promising.

Medium difficulty, good support, they respond in the appropriate time frame at all, and for the support that the Free to Fee.

I think that some users before issuing inappropriate comments should work on it a bit and ask support.

Good Plugin, it helps you a lot in managing backand from, and take control of translations tuttoil site.

If this Plugin expand support for components such as VirtueMart, Zoo, etc., will be The Best.

Thank you.
I purchased this 40.00 Euro product with the intention of converting my english site to multilingual and offer my user base options.

The vendor offers 2 options which the differences are support not knowing that the documentation for the 40.00 euro option is very poorly documented.

The forum is not useful at all and it lacks reported issues.

I am very sorry to give this product a low review since I did research on other products and this was the one that seemed the most complete and easy and comprehensible. But I was wrong.

My recommendation is to create videos for easy comprehension and focus on the errors that the users might receive.
Owner's reply: Hi,

We are quite surprised you say that the support is poor without having requested support at any time.

Regarding the forum and documentation, the facts are:

Users Questions & Answers section: 70 topics , 273 replies
Support section: 44 topics , 162 replies

Documentation :
- 10 pages User Manual:
- FAQs :
- What's wrong :
- Troubleshooting :
- Online help (10 documents)

- KMFasTrans Overview (4:44 min):
- Building Multilingual Sites with Joomla! and KMFasTrans (12:58 min) :
- Managing Joomla! Multilingual websites with KMFasTrans (18:38) :
- Practical Multilanguage Websites (1 hour) :

And if all that is not enough there is the personalized support using the forum or the ticketing application depending on the subscription type.

Please, ask for technical support whenever you need it. We are willing to help.
I try to understand how it works over 2 hours now for joomla 3.1.5! My joomla site it is in Greek language and i would like to translate it to ather 5 more! I do not found any instructions for joomla 3 in a video or in a pdf... It was very difficult for me... sorry
Owner's reply: Hello

I’m sorry it has been so difficult for you. By our records we see you bought the subscription two days ago. Since then you haven’t sent us any question or doubt neither in our forum nor in our private ticketing system.

It is true that the existing documentation is for Joomla 2, but the KMFasTrans features in Joomla 2 and Joomla 3 are the same and are basically located in the same places, so the documentation for Joomla 2.5 (which is extensive) is perfectly valid for Joomla 3. And the same applies to the videos.

Creating a multilingual website in Joomla is not easy at first. KMFasTrans is a very useful tool but you have to know the basic principles of a multi-language site in Joomla and our technical support is here to help. We've helped many clients to start their multilingual Joomla website answering questions and making interventions on their websites to solve problems, most of them not related with KMFasTrans but only with native Joomla. We encourage you to request help from our technical support service to overcome the first difficulties you can have with your multilingual web site.

Outstanding piece of software, and outstanding support.
I've tried them all. The components that have been around a long time for other versions of Joomla (1.0 onwards), and those that emerged after Joomla 2.5 appeared.

We're in Canada, and many organizational sites must be bilingual. And every article must have a alternative language option. And most organizations expect that choosing alternate language will display the same article, just in the other language.

Menus in each language must have the same structure too.

And with the introduction of Joomla 2.5, this became a night-mare to manage, since there was no way to confirm that alternate language menu and category/article structures were the identical, especially when you get into a sites with many menu items, and hundreds or thousands of articles.

I was on the verge of wondering whether there was a future for multingual management in Joomla 2.5+

Then, I discovered KM FasTrans. Whoa! Hold the horses, we have a winner here! It still uses Joomla 2.5's multilingual model, but all of a sudden I have control over the chaos!

I can match English and French categories, menu items, and even articles 1:1 (or default to many). And Joomla will flip between articles even if they aren't associated with a menu item (a big fail in core Joomla 2.5).

KM FasTrans uses some pretty nice tricks to help users narrow down possible items that a default item might link, making life nice and easy.

I tried out with the Free version, and the tech support was amazing with helping work out a bug that I was experiencing, providing a patch within 3 days! There's other extensions where I've waited months, and never even had an acknowledgement back.

Right after the patch was installed, I upgraded to PRO version, and now I'm deploying on several sites right away.

As far as I see it, KM FasTrans has brought multilingual support back to Joomla 2.5!

Go for the PRO version, it the one-click creating of the non-default language items, you'll wonder how you ever survived without this component!
I have to manage more than 10 languages on the same website. With system of translation sets and automatic associations, we can easily copy and manage all our content in all languages. It makes us save a lot of time !

Support is also very excellent, quick & helpful.

Great extension !
The hole in the core of Joomla! (IMHO), even though it allows a "definition" of ML support, and even though it does give you more than one language for your site, as far as Joomla! and functionality is concerned, it might as well be viewed as multiple "forks" of the site identified as belonging to a language. It does not manage and associate between the various languages of your site. Great if you don't care about any synergy of the content between the languages, but I don't think most site builders want disjointed content between languages. If you wanted that, just build two sites!

Understand that the main reason for this extension is not to "translate" the content, but to "manage the associations" between the language versions of the content.

I have had the pleasure of working with the developer on some issues, and they really are serious about providing a tool to bridge the gap between Joomla's ML features and content translation management.

Great support, and once you get things set up and your head around the way the tool works, you will see nothing else fills the bill while maintaining standard Joomla! ML structure like this extension.

The latest (PRO) version has added abilities to track inconsistencies that could easily go un-noticed, causing many problems.

Many thanks to the developer and appreciation for the scope of what this extension accomplishes.

All Important Extension

Posted on 23 March 2013
The amount of support effort provided by the authors of this extension is greatly appreciated. I am time zones away and yet still received timely support. A must have for all multi language 2.5 users. This is a very well thought out implementation.

The one and only

Posted on 04 December 2012
To be honest, it took me some time to get behind it, and in addition it took developer's support (which was always very fast and helpful. BUT: This is the tool to use when it comes to translation. Forget about all the rest. I have tried them all ...

KMFasTrans PRO

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