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Favicons ★ Apple Touch Icons ★ .htaccess ★ SEF ★ Empty Trash ★ Clear Cache ► ► ►

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Save time setting up and managing your site with this free extension:

★ Favicons ★ apple touch icons ►
Drag and drop, Paste, Crop images!
Just 1 click to create the files and add the markup with the bundled plugin; also for administrator;

★ .htaccess / SEF ►
Tests the .htaccess to ensure it works, then installs it;
Protect writeable folders, search for vulnerabilities and exploits

★ Trash ► Empty Joomla! Recycle bin;

★ Cache Clear ► Clean (selected) cache folders from any page;

★ Robots.txt ► and Humans.txt editor.
★ Custom admin logo and login

... and more!


Posted on 06 October 2015


Ease of use






I used this to: PROFESIONAL

I was working in Fabrik and these old deleted db's and user groups kept showing up and I looked in every possible place for trash to empty and after 45 mins, I came across this component. 5 mins later, problem solved -- and the easy buttons at the bottom for trash and cache are a fantastic time saver. Haven't played with the other perks but am sure to discover and enjoy them in time. Thank you developer for sharing the goodies!

Very useful

Posted on 19 January 2014

Simple, free, freely downloadable, supported by good documentation. Fantastic!

1 Click Wonder!

Posted on 03 December 2013

It is just the best, such a handy little admin helper all right! One click from the top of any admin page now cleans the site cache instead of navigating to the native joomla clean cache. You can even pick in the config what to clean and also all the recycle bins. I haven't even checked out the other parts of this little helper I just installed it for the clean cache feature - thanks so much fasterjoomla!!

Clever Guy

Posted on 23 June 2013

Noticed this little guy, was having problem with my .htaccess file and thought what the . This little guy does exactly what he says and more, a must load component now on all my websites first up just like Akeeba Backup Professional is a must. Would be happy to pay for this component for simplicity of use alone.

great work

Posted on 05 June 2013

i had some issues on my joomla 3 site (conflict with sh404) but the developer provide me fast and great support and found the solution. recommend for everyone

I downloaded the component because I needed to quickly create favicons and apple touch icons, but after I found the clean cache function I have been installing it on all my sites. It has other features which I haven't used. Overall, nice, easy to use, and it really helps in setting up a new site.

Stripe Payment for Common Payment API

Stripe Payment for Common Payment API

Paid download | Payment Gateway | Riccardo Zorn
3 reviews
Receive money via Stripe on any of the extensions that support the Common Payment API: Quick2Cart, JGive, JTicketing, SocialAds by TechJoomla, Matukio by CompoJoom, DigiStore by IJoomla... ★ Easy set up with full inline guides! ★ This plugin provides the Stripe payment flow for single vendor or multivendor with payouts. This means that the site owner will always receive the payment in full. In a multivendor scenario, the site owner will need to perform payouts. ★ Sandbox / test mode support available both for site and for stores. Full transaction logging. Stripe accounts stored for future use and debugging. You will need to create and activate a Stripe account in order to receive money.
Too Many Files

Too Many Files

Free | Performance | Riccardo Zorn
5 reviews
Fix jQuery errors on your site! ►► Optimize your header, scripts and styles ★ Maximize speed and reduce conflicts ★ join and compress/minify css and js files ★ **move scripts to the bottom **of the body (both inlined and external) ★ Auto-CDN feature ★ One - jQuery: makes sure you don't run into jQuery conflicts ★ No Mootools: remove Mootools jCaption jToolbar keepalive and all dependencies ►► Extensive customization to disable for user groups, components, page Itemid + exclude individual scripts ★ CSS 2/3 full support: @import @font @media relative paths :after, sass metadata etc. ★ CDN Fallback: loads jQuery from a CDN and - only if this fails - serve the local copy. ►► Tested with: Joomla 2.5+ - 3.0 3.1 3.2 3.3 3.4 3.5 ★ Extensions: Jomsocial, Dj-Classifieds, Rsforms, Chronoforms, Jomres, Sobipro, Zoo... ★ Templates: Yootheme/Warp,Rockettheme/Gantry, JoomlaShine, Themeforest, Foundation, h5bp, Siegeengine, ... ★ Libraries: twitter bootstrap, yui, dozens of jQuery plugins, Google Ads, Google Analytics, Piwik
Content - Email2Contact

Content - Email2Contact

Free | Site Security | Riccardo Zorn
0 reviews
Replace emails in your content with a link to your contacts page! Stop spam for good ★ The emailcloak plugin ships with Joomla and replaces the emails in your content with Javascript code aimed at hiding them from spambots. This has two shortcomings: ★ spambots quickly learnt how to decode the javascript; ★ sometimes our markup is so complex that the email cloak just fails to work properly. ★ email2Contact has a different approach: instead of trying to fool the spambots, why not use your contact forms? Email2Contact replaces the emails found in your content with a link to your contacts form. You can choose (and localize) the text that will be used in the link, and several more options
Faster Translate

Faster Translate

Free | Extensions Specific Non-sorted | Riccardo Zorn
0 reviews
One click Content to Falang! ★ View the status of the translations directly from your content ★ Language management for large sites made easy ★ Falang is a powerful tool to translate your website. However it takes way too many clicks to access a translation ★ FasterTranslate adds a button in the toolbar to get direct access to the translations. Faster Translate saves you time and headaches
Faster Content with Spritz

Faster Content with Spritz

Free | Articles Display | Riccardo Zorn
0 reviews
Spritz your text! ★ Spritz is a great technology that allows you to increase your reading time by 2x at least, by reducing (slow) eye movements. ★ While it may not be appropriate for source code, you will find it's very effective for simple text, such as blogs. ★ Quickly add a Spritz box to all your pages. Many configuration options allow to fine-tune your Spritz redicle. Find out more on spritzinc.com

Little Helper

Riccardo Zorn
Last updated:
May 15 2016
Date added:
Nov 19 2014
GPLv2 or later
Free download

Uses Joomla! Update System

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