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Media Library is a media manager for Joomla 3.8. Media Library Basic allows manage books, video, movies, music and games.
Media library software provides a full-featured media library or media collection management environment on a Joomla-based website and allows you to manage large media libraries with music, game, video,movies and books. Media library manager software can also be used to easily set up a media selling shop using Amazon if you want. With an Amazon Associates ID you can earn credits with media (music, game, video, movies and books) sales through Amazon, while Amazon takes care of the handling and shipping.

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Change summary in best media library software:
01. Displaying and manager more then one rents.
02. Adding rent until date.
03. Changed price. Now it is consists of two fields: price and price units.
- Added to search module possible search by price.
- Changed Database Structure.
- Added simi automatic update mode.
- Added number of pages.
- Added tree structure of categories in backend add media.
- Added tree structure of categories in search frontend.
- Changed rating media. Now it is average of reviews.
- Rebuilt fetch info from Amazon. Now we do that with help Curl.
- Added gallery view, for show media.
- Added option for set how users can see all media(music, game, video and books): gallery or list.
- Added to frontend possibility sort media by price / title.
- Added option fordefault sort media .
- Error fix.
- Very much other small features.

Also MediaLibrary component support:
* Full category and subcategory support
* MediaID for internal administration
* Video - play and upload
* Youtube Video - play on site and add to any media
* Music - play and upload
* Lend/Return management, with frontend lend request possibility
* Possibility of frontend media reviews by users, reviews management in the backend
* Built-in emedia support
* Media information and covers retrieved from Amazon through ISBN c.q. ASIN or entered manually
* Import and export options (CSV, XML, MySQL)
* Remote files accessed through CURL for added security
* English included, additonal language files can be downloaded later from the website
* Requires Joomla 3.x, PHP5 with SOAP, CURL, XSL

For more details about the extent of Media Library features see:

Very basic

Posted on 06 December 2013
I was very excited when I came across this component, because it promised to be the perfect solution for my planned eBooks and Media site. However it turns out that it is more a media specific warehousing solution than a real media library. It lacks of genres, book series, author pages and multiple medias for one item (e.g. when you offer the same book as hardcopy, ebook and audiobook).

The component offers four different media categories - books, music, videos and games. This basic set is only expandable with sub categories, that are treated like their main categorie, so if you want eBooks or audiobooks, they would be a sub category of books and music. Also implemented is a solution for lending books, this makes it suitable for small libraries like in schools or churches. The real killer feature is the media information import from Amazon. However, it will not work in many cases (there is a longwinded explanation in the documentation why - the bottom line is that it will work for English, but mostly not for other languages). For me, it definitely did not work.

The component is built on top of VirueMart and acts quite separated from your Joomla universe (media, articles, reviews and so on are proprietary), also if you want to fit it in your template, you'll find yourself in some tweak work.

Installation can cause trouble because it has very specific needs to your php implementation, and you might find yourself negotiating with your hoster to compile an individual php server for you, that can be very time consuming and expensive.

The documentation comes only with the Pro versions, so when you really want to try the component with all its features, you're forced to buy it. The only living demo I found is in cyrillic letters and not understandable for non-russian speakers like me, so it's not really helpful. There are more demo links, but those sites were down when I tried to look at them.

Support is responsive within 24 hours, however in my case only offered individual (and hence paid) customization work.

So in general, if you look for features like genres or book series, you'll be disappointed, also the vendor is not planning to implement them in a future release (said it's too complicated), and you might better go for a content builder like K2 or Zoo. Other than that, when you can live with these limitations, it's a good choice.
Owner's reply: Hello,
Our component have many good features, For one client these features very important, for other client - need other features. We every time adding most popular new features to MediaLibrary, but we can't add all, with that component will very heavy
The Pro Shop version of this extension was just what i wanted. It does everything i needed it to do.

The support i have received so far, has been prompt and excellent.

Thank you guys, you have made my life so much easier!!

Great Poptential!

Posted on 23 January 2012
This extension has the potential to be the best library extension for joomla around! I used their forum a few times for help and they were really helpful. When they tell you they will help you asap, then trust me, they'll help asap! Excellent and quick support.
I have had a lot of difficulties trying to decide which component to use. The staff at Ordosoft were excellent. They were always available, and responded very quickly to my requests for more information and how to maneuver my way through the component. I shall be buying this software.

Great Plugin and Support

Posted on 06 January 2012
When I downloaded this plugin I thought it is great. Indeed it is, but I couldn't know all the facilities and the benefits of this extension, because I had problems with the covers. Fortunately they have GREAT support! Admin helped me in each case! 5/5 from me.


Posted on 27 March 2011
I registered just to give my kudos to this extension. I use it on a gardening and church site, and everyone is so impressed that we can share our book and video libraries, and even keep track of when we loan them out. Now THATS a useful application. Now, please port it to Joomla 1.6! Thanks for a great job.
Works great. I needed just a couple of tweaks which the developer sorted out immediately. The extension works great and the support is brilliant.

I thoroughly recommend Medialibrary.

Great Potential

Posted on 07 June 2009
I was looking for a plugin that would let me catalog my DVD and book collections, and this is perfect in theory. However there look to be a few problems with the implementation right now.

It would be nice to have the ability to reorder the front end by title and other aspects, as well as having a genre block to sort without having to use the subcategories.

There are a few bugs too that I am having a hard time sorting out. On the front end there is no way to display more than 10 titles - and there isn't any "next page" type navigation for additional titles.

The second bug is on the details page of the title. For some reason it looses the Joomla wrapper for the component.

You can see it in operation here:
Owner's reply: For start: on MediaLibrary home site exist forum and support for all errors and suggestion requests.
- If you real check component and look at "media manager" and at "category manager" - you will found very good ability for reordering. Now you can do ordering as for media in some category, also for these categories. Also you have very extended category manager with possibility create complicated tree for category.
- Also If you real see component - you will can find Tabs for setting - where you can found parameters for set - how much item show at one page.
- For don't lost Joomla wraper - please recheck yours template design. For default template design all work good.

Thanks for check ours component


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MediaLibrary Basic

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