Simplify your login management with ID4me and utilize a privacy-friendly single-sign-on seamlessly integrated within your Joomla!.
The plugin provides:


  • Easy access to your Joomla! site(s) with your ID4me Identity - you and your users only need to remember one password.
  • Sign-on functionality with core data transfer over ID4me. No more typing in Sign-On form for your users.
  • Data privacy built in. Your login and usage data are not utilised for marketing and never shared with any third parties.

How to set it up?
Step 1. Download and Install the ID4me plugin (see Installation)
Step 2. Log into your Joomla! Account Management, then add your ID4me Identifier to your account under ID4me Section. Save settings.
Step 3. The next time you log-in to your Joomla!, the Login with ID4me button will appear! Use your ID4me Identifier and ID4me Password to access your Joomla!

How to turn on Sign-On functionality with ID4me:
Step 1: Enable sign-on with ID4me in “Login with ID4me” Plugin settings
Step 2: Enable “Allow User Registration” option in the “Users” section of “Global Configuration” for your website


Is an ID4me Identity free?
Most providers of ID4me Identities supply them free of charge on top of their managed domains.
Visit for a list of providers.

What must I consider to install the Plugin to also let my site visitors log-in using ID4me?
The Plugin works the same way for you, your users or to the visitors of your website. Everyone with an access to his own Profile page may then configure the ID4me identifier for himself. Current version of the Plugin does not yet support backend login though. This functionality will come with one of the coming releases.

Can I still use my original Joomla! Login Credentials?
Yes. ID4me is an alternative Login method, not a replacement.

Is the ID4me Login compatible with Two-Factor Authentication plug-ins?
The Plugin does not interfere with Two-Factor Authentication Plugin you may have installed to protect your regular Joomla! login. Please note however, that 2nd Factor set up in the Joomla! instance is not verified if Single-Sign On with ID4me is being used. Most of ID-Authorities offer however a possibility to set up a 2nd Factor to protect the Identity on this level.

Will the ID4me Plugin affect my site’s performance?

How can I contribute to the ID4me Revolution?
Join the ID4me Revolution! There are different ways for developers to help contribute…
* Slack Community: Sign up to the Slack Workspace and say “Hello” on the #communitycompetencegroup channel (
* Gitlab (
* Via the ID4me Foundation:
To join one of the Competence Groups (
To help develop implementation use-cases: Developer Zone (

Login with ID4me

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Apr 14 2020
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