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Enable users to create their account quickly and easily without having to set a username and a password, just with their Facebook or Google account. Once a user has created an account, he can log into your website with a single click.

For Facebook, developers who have implemented Facebook Login in their apps have seen dramatic increases in the number of people logging into their apps, higher levels of engagement, and continuing increases in the number of people using Facebook Login.

Changes log
Issue message "Empty password not allowed." when an account already exists with the same email.

Issue message "uncaught exception: gapi.auth2.ExternallyVisibleError: Missing required parameter 'client_id'" when ID client Google is not filled
Improved certificate file management for ssl requests.

Issue removing the socialnetworks directory in layouts when uninstalling.

Issue message "SSL CA bundle not found" when signing in with a Google Account due the Joomla SSL file has changed directory since version 3.8.0.

Now the extension allows the link between a Facebook or Google account when a user is already present in the database of Joomla users (same email address)
The module logout form now allows to view and manage links with social networks.

Forbid users registration if it is not allowed in com_users settings. Thanks to Björn for his contribution.

Deleting the obsolete verified field in the Facebook Graph API User.

Facebook Graph API 2.10 update.

this plug-ins is working correctyly and doesn't make a redirect login to external site i like it.... n doesnt make my page speed slower
Ease of use
this plug-ins is easy to use and install it nod need expert technician to use it
i think the author can make the button can customize to center and change colour and make it with modern style button
it can download manualy and automaticaly from joomla exetensions
I used this to: make my login page of my site cause this plugins doenst make negative effects of speed of site i'm still use it and hope the author can customize the position of the button and style
Login works, but only when the (joomla! standard) plugin System - Privacy Consent is not enabled.
Ease of use
No difficulty at all, except with the System - Privacy Consent enabled: I cannot find out how to ask user to accept the privacy policy.
Only a video, and I am not sure that it is complete. A text document would be a nice improvement.
I used this to: To facilitate user access to my website by login trough Facebook.
The basic functionalities to easily get users registered with FB or Google.
Ease of use
Very easy and simple to setup and use.
It's free! You shouldn't expect support when you are GIVEN such an effective plugin.
Just follow the 9m video on the developers website. What else is needed?
I used this to: Logging and registering users with their FB and Google account. What else? :) Just one little snag: if you have user custom fields DON'T place the buttons ABOVE the form fields (setting in manage plugins "User Social Networks"). The values users type get saved but not displayed.


Posted on 21 August 2017
Works very well! Very nice one.
Ease of use
Setting up APIs is not documented, this can make some issues in initiating the module.
I used this to: Login and registration with facebook and/or google profile at my site.

Easy to use

Posted on 30 January 2017
The extension works perfectly, new users can create an account quickly and easily with Facebook and Google.
Ease of use
The extension is easy to use. For Facebook, do not forget to add on your app Facebook account, the platform "web" and the url of the site
The developer answers questions quickly. Really very good !
The video is clear and allows to quickly take over the extension
I used this to: I used the extension to create new users more quickly and easily without username and password, it works perfectly

Simple and effective

Posted on 29 January 2017
Does what I needed - provide ability for users to register and login using FB or Google accounts
Ease of use
The extension is simple to use, the issue is that setting up FB app is not obvious, and extension help could be a bit better.
Developer responded quickly to a question although I was not expecting her to as it is free and she has a proper job as well.
Almost doesn't need documentation, but if you are not familiar with FB (I hate it and don't use it) then setting up the FB end is not easy.
I used this to: Allowing users to register and login with their Facebook or Google IDs if they have them. Need to warn them that if they do they will also be logged in to FB/Google and logging out of the Joomla site will not log them out of FB/Google - might be an issue for some privacy users
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Login with social networks

Christelle Olivier
Last updated:
Jan 07 2021
1 year ago
Date added:
Jan 02 2017
GPLv2 or later
Free download
m p

Uses Joomla! Update System


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