2.5.2 release

step by step up to proper component

We release our next com_mapme componet with following features

1.can set contact details
2.can set google map can use to show extract point of your company
4. send mail
5. add you tube video profile
6. multi location
7.spam checking
8. 3d google map

new - joomla google map with 3d view

How to point your own location
1.put site rel event google API key
2.find you own location on the map
4.then it pop up form
5.lan and lat automatically set - click the save button at the popup
6. for more details watch the video at the above site

how to show in front end as contact us
1.log on to joomla backend
2.make new menu as "contact us"
menus->top menu->new[see top of this window]->Google Map!->Google Layout
3.from here u can make new menu link

for more details see the video

Download link not working

Posted on 19 February 2015
Download link not working
Please provide link.
Ease of use
no use
It does what it says. With some html and php tweaking the template can look exactly as you want. I've spent hours with other contact forms just trying to build a simple form, but this was really easy to customize and setup.
I am rather perplexed that I cannot even write my own Latitude and longitude into the actual Admin.

The video only supports 1.5 and not 1.6 which really does not help and I find it bizarre that everything else works bar this one tiny aspect.


Posted on 21 March 2011
My favorite contact component.

had little problem with it, but less than 12 hours later(slept 8 hours of that time) problem was solved.

Really good support

I´m going to recommend that component for everyone
Thanks for your hard work, but I am not agree with you if you say that is enough finding the location with the map, I am searching some of them and is really a pain in the neck, because my customer gave me the coordinates of his branches in some countries; then, try to figure out how dificult is this!, on the other hand, if I could write the latitude and longitud directly in the field would be terrific!, I know you will do it!, I'll be waiting for this feature.

Thanks anyway
In one word great.

Although there are more complex and great moduls, perhaps because of the complexity all of them have something makes me crazy. I guess this is the first modul, what is makes what it has to. Worth for the 5 star.

If the text boxes width could be costumizable helps more in design, but great anyway.

Thank you!



Posted on 17 October 2010
Brilliant, brilliant, .... x 10. This is the Google Maps component to use for business locations.
I downloaded it, installed and it was on my site in few minutes. Simple and fast setup. I had some questions and I got helpful and precise response.

The best thing in this component is that it integrates several other componens which I tryed before and it simplifies my work in excelent way.

Good support!

Posted on 07 October 2010
When installing this component ver1.3 i got an error which related to prefix table name. I contacted with the developer for asking support and he had replied faster than i though. I greatly appreciate this help! Thanks Nishantha and his useful component!

Suggest: If can be, please modify installing file so that others people don't get this error again

Great response

Posted on 29 August 2010
I have some trouble on Google Map with Contact Us. I want to add extra field for this plugin.

Owner provide a instant feedback for me

It works!!! Thanks again!!


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