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Place a Responsive Store Locator / Branch Finder on your website using the power of Google Maps. Allow your visitors to search for nearby locations and see them visually on a Map. You have the ability to specify unlimited Locations easily in the Joomla! Administration area. Your locations don't have to be stores, they can be anything you want. The Joomla Store Locator also provides directions via Google Maps. Visitors can search by any location that Google Maps can understand. This component is ideal to be used as a Dealer Locator, a Store Locator, an ATM Locator, a Member Locator or just about anything you can think of listing on a map in Joomla. Great for Stockists and other retail locations such as restaurants, transit systems, and points of interest.

*New Release - January 9, 2020

Major Features

  • Works Internationally - Works Where Google Maps Works
  • Now 100% jQuery in Joomla! 3.
  • Joomla! Language Support / Joom!Fish Support
  • Now Compatible with Farlang!
  • Use Miles or Kilometers
  • Now Supports Map Localization and Regionalization

- NEW: Modern Mobile Optimized Layout
- NEW: Geolocate User on Load
- Search from users Current Location!
- Mobile Friendly and Responsive Layout Theme
- Map & Geocode Regionalization (Keep search within a specific Country)
- Map Language Localization
- Map Themes Introduced: 1st Theme - Greyscale Maps, more coming in future releases
- Joomla! 1.5/1.6/1.7/2.5/3.x Compatible!
- Tag Support - Great for Filtering by Services, Products and other Facilities with Tag Icon options.
- Google Suggest - Clarify Vague Searches
- Google Maps API v3 Support!
- Google Maps SSL Support Adds Enhanced Security
- Supports Unlimited Store Locations and Categories, with numerous field options available
- Optimized for Large Data Sets, Marker Clustering Support
- Search by Closest Proximity within chosen Radius - Automatic Distance Calculations
- Search by Name or Custom Fields
- Customize the Marker Icons - Over 90+ Icons Included or Upload Your Own!
- Batch Geocoding of Store Locations - Convert your addresses into Lat / Long
- Users can Search by anything Google maps understands (e.g.: Addresses, Zip Codes, Landmarks, etc.)
- CSV Locations Import / Export - Also supports Category Import
- Ability to Limit Number of Search Results
- Automatic Distance Calculations
- Provide Directions via Google Maps
- Multiple Map Types - Roads, Satellite, Hybrid, Terrain, Supports Mouse Wheel Zooming
- Support for Separate Instances with Different Locations on your Site
- jQuery Powered AJAX Searches
- Easy to Add, Edit, Delete Store Locations in Joomla Admin Area
- CSS and DIV based layouts, Customizable Display Options
- Google Maps API Premier Support
- Module Included: Search Module - Add a search form to any page

Non Existent Support

Posted on 23 January 2020
This looks to be a fully functional component. Although cannot be used on my site.
Ease of use
Fairly easy to understand and setup, but cannot fully utilise on my website.
Non existent. Sent two email and raised two form requests, one of which erased as they appear to have reset their forum and not one response
Value for money
Zero value as without resolution of display issues this cannot be used. Ive wasted my money on this software.
I used this to: I don't use this now and have moved onto other software as I cannot use it with how it renders on my site.
Owner's reply: This is a completely untrue and uncharacteristic of our Support.

We respond to each and every request that comes in including yours and we had several back and forth messages. We have documented evidence of several emails to you, concluding with us sending you our updated code 2x, as you never responded. Sent to you on Jan 10, within 24 hours of your second support request on jan 9th:

Hi Lee,

After much ado, we finally (last night) released our latest version of the store locator, v2.6.0.

This brings a totally new map layout option. You can set it via changing the menu item type of the page to the New Layout option.

I think that might clear up a lot of the layout issues you are seeing.

In general, we do have the checkboxes to the left of the text, but for some reason your CSS in your theme is changing that behavior. It can be corrected with CSS however I would recommend trying the new layout first.

I have attached the latest version for you here as well.

Please reconsider this rating. As you can see our support was NOT "Non existent."

Easy to install and use
Ease of use
Especially nice to have import/export functionality from XSL/CSV.
Wonderful and timely support from the development team!
Value for money
Definitely recommend


Posted on 23 July 2015
very usefull plugin for php. Logs all the PHP errors, warnings and other messages
Ease of use
simple plugin
good support!
documentation clear. Usefull
Value for money
good price
I used this to: I used it to my site of work


Posted on 19 July 2015
different options. This plagin works across all browsers. I needed it
Ease of use
simple plugin
support replied fast
good docum. with screenshots, thank's
Value for money
it is cheap
I used this to: i used it to my job sites

I like that!

Posted on 09 July 2015
great functionality. I can use this component as a Dealer Locator, a Store Locator, an ATM Locator…
Ease of use
I haven’t had problems yet!
I don’t know. Becouse, I haven’t had problems yet!
I used only FAQ and it was usefull
Value for money
price is good!!!
I used this to: I used this plugin for websites of my clients.
Hi Jared, thanks for this great component, and your support regarding template/store locator versus jquery/mnootools. Everything works perfect now.


Best regards,

This is an easy to use, easy to manage component. I recently had an issue with a location that was not displaying. Turned out it was user error. The support team contacted me in less the 24 hours. After giving them access to my site, they were able to quickly identify the problem, correct it, and respond. This made me look like a champ to my client. I could not recommend this component or this company more.

Great Component

Posted on 25 July 2013
Easy to customise to suit my site's look and feel through CSS, this component works perfectly and is worth the price!

Looking forward to future releases which will extend its capabilities with responsive layouts.


Posted on 28 March 2013
This plugin does exactly what it says it will do. It's functionality is robust and makes our website look amazingly professional!
This is hands down the best store locator for Joomla. It has a full range of functionality including map integration, tags/categories, import/export and batch geocoding.

The component developers also provide excellent support, very responsive.

Store Locator

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GPLv2 or later
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Uses Joomla! Update System


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