Kaleidoscoop Weather Module provides an easy to use module to display the current weather and the forecast for any place in the world. This weather module allows you to choose using Open Weather Map. or Wunderground weahther information service.

KWeather is provided with beautiful icon sets in different styles. Choose the icon set of your preference or add your own. Thirty icon sets are already packaged for you, ready to use.

New in release v4.2 - March 2019
- Fixes in code, removing PHP7.2 deprecation warnings
- Improved robustness for error messages

New in release v4.0 - September 2018
- Support for Open Weather Map, next to Wunderground.

New in release v3.3 - April 2018
- Fix for correct language detection in case of Joomla's Language Switcher Module is active.
- Added language support for French Canadian, Slovakian and Turmen.

New in release v3.2 - February 2017
- Workaround for #14139 Fix FolderList field type (on Windows)
- Improved implementation to find module parameters in Ajax call

New in release v3.1 - January 2017
- Fix for compatibility issue with PHP7

New in release v3.0 - December 2016
- Enhanced diagnostics with Debug and Log to file options
- Language error checking implemented
- Improved handling of errors reported by Wunderground
- Javascript error checking implemented
- Improved design of admin screen
- New location picker
- Weather icons preview in back-end
- Rewrite of CSS to improve responsiveness
- Clean up of translation files, removal of all obsolete strings
- Units in weather strings are now also translatable

Simple and Nice

Posted on 13 May 2019
This gives me all the data that I was looking to show, plus it allows me to hide fields that I don't want to use. Plenty of icon styles.
Ease of use
Very, very easy to set up and use. I can select the look I want and easily make desired changes to get the appearance that matches my site.
I emailed them because I failed to see an input box that was right in front of my eyes and they responded very quickly with great info.
I looked through the documentation, but did not need to use it. What I did read appeared thorough and more than adequate.
I used this to: For my recreation blog in order to let vacationers and visitors know what the weather may be like when planning to travel here.
Algunas ciudades dan error al parecer es problema de la API de Wunderground de cualquier forma con usar una ciudad cercana es suficiente
Ease of use
Sin problema para su implementación
Muy rápido y concreta la atención, felicidades
Muy buen tutorial para hacer funcionar con Wunderground
I used this to: La mayoría de módulos actualmente usa la API de Yahoo pero tiene muchas fallas, prefiero Kweather por que usa Wunderground
Very very good customizability
Ease of use
Super easy
Wow, perfect support!
Clear description

Good enough for now

Posted on 27 April 2015
Map seems bugged (Chrome Win8.1) and it could really use a better way to lookup proper city names.
Ease of use
Easy enough once you figure out your API key
I used this to: Unable to change temperature to read F instead of C and cannot set windspeed to use mph instead of Kph
Owner's reply: Dear Josh,

Kweather supports metric as well as imperial units. Please note, that kweather is caching always the data it receives from Wunderground, independent from your websites cache configuration. Thus, after changing the units you have to flush the cache (or wait 15 minutes) before the changes take into effect.

Regards, Paul

Una extensión perfecta

Posted on 28 January 2015
Una extensión "responsive" 100% personalizable gracias a su gran cantidad de iconos. Tiene también varias traducciones en distintos idiomas.
Ease of use
Muy intuitiva, hay que registrarse en Wunderground para obtener un código API para colocarlo en el módulo
Soporte rápido y efectivo

Great Extension

Posted on 08 October 2013
Simple an easy to work with this extension - NICE WORK!

Real location can be set

Posted on 06 August 2013
This module is the first extension I found, that has the parameters for an exact loaction.

That's possible by coordinates or a real city-name.

It would be fine if the Wunderground-logo could be switched of or placed below the weatherinfo.

The module can autoselect the site-language, so the visitor can view the weatherinfo for his own langauge.

Thanks Paul. Great job.

Simple and easy

Posted on 12 February 2013
After changing and adding some comments in the german module, it works pretty good and i'm glad. Thanks for such a easy to use Weather Extension :-)

Very useful module

Posted on 07 January 2013
The first time, I installed the module, it did not work. After some research, I realized the need to enabled cURL in php.ini.

Now it works very well. You can also configuring the layout by adjusting the css file in our template.

Wonderful weather

Posted on 21 December 2012
I have been searching for ages to find a good weather module that is fairly simple to configure, looks good, and of course displays the weather accurately. This one certainly does the job and very well.

I initially had a small styling issue due to a clash with my template, but with a small tweak to the css file the problem was solved.


Paul van Haren
Last updated:
Mar 06 2019
Date added:
Nov 19 2014
GPLv2 or later
Free download

Uses Joomla! Update System


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