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"MaQma Helpdesk" component is an advanced support system for your Joomla based website, which is also known as a customer service or customer support software. With this effective and efficient solution you will be able to implement, manage and create a flexible customer support helpdesk and provide a one-on-one VIP ticketing support to customers of your products or services.

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Flexible yet powerful structure:
* Flexible security structured with different permission levels for both customers and support staff
* Complete solution including ticket, knowledgebase and task management plus other great value-add features
Contract based support:
* Limits based on years, months, days, number of tickets or labour hours
* Configurable per workgroup, allowing to use the same system to support ad-hoc and contract based clients.
Advanced ticket options:
* Dashboard view with filtering and search capability
* Support agents can build their own views
* Extensive ticket detail including ability to add replies, notes, time spent and task tracking to each ticket
* Timesheet reporting, allowing you to track time spent
* Pre-defined replies
* Custom fields
* Automatic and manual ticket assignment
* File attachments support
* Allowing explanation of technical terms
* Keyword auto highlight: any known keywords used in Knowledgebase are highlighted offering instant explanation
Export engine:
* Ability to export to csv format customisable set of fields
* History of exports are tracked and available for redownload (while records marked as exported)
* Categories support
* Support for usability rating by users
* Attachment support
* Comments support
* Ability to hide via publish/unpublish
Reporting engine:
* Workgroup analysis
* Client Analysis
* Support Staff Analysis
* and more...
Other handy features:
* Ability to stick tickets to appear at the top
* Ability to bookmark ticket(s) and knowledgbase article(s)
* Ability to post system-wide through to client specific announcements
* Email fetching, Support for replying and creating new tickets via emails (currently support POP3 and IMAP)
* and much more...

Integrations with JomSocial

MaQma Helpdesk integration with JomSocial is available in different ways:
* Show the customer status inside a ticket (when viewed by a support agent)
* Link to the customer profile inside a ticket (when viewed by a support agent)
* Post KB comments in the user wall
* Post KB creation in the user wall
* Usage of JomSocial avatars

Integrations with EasySocial

  • Post Knowledge Base article creation in EasySocial user wall
  • Post comments on Knowledge Base articles in EasySocial user wall
  • Post questions creation in EasySocial user wall
  • Post answer creation in EasySocial user wall
  • Post answer selection in EasySocial user wall
  • Usage of EasySocial avatars
  • Post Questions votes in EasySocial user wall

Integrations with Stores

MaQma Helpdesk can be integrated into Virtuemart, Redshop and Digistore by using the component Store Integration available in our website.

Also integration with JoomFish, jomLike, SobiPro, ArtOfUser and MosetsTree

Компонент 'MaQma Helpdesk' - это расширенная система поддержки, которая также обычно называется обслуживанием покупателей или поддержкой покупателей. Обладая этим высоко эффективным и высоко производительным решением, вы сможете ввести в действие гибкое решение покупательской поддержки, управляя им как для в разделе ваших сострудников поддержки, так и со стороны ваших покупателей.

Гибкая, но мощная структура:
- Гибкая структура безопасности с различными уровнями прав пользователя как для ваших покупателей, так и для вашей команды поддержки
- Полное решение, включая, объявления, билеты, базу данных, управление заданиями, раздел ЧАВО, плюс другие великолепные добавляющие вашему бизнесу ценность функции.
Основанная на контактах поддержка:
- Лимитирование билетов может быть основано на годах, месяцах, днях, количестве билетов или затраченных на ответы человеко-часах
- Настройка согласно рабочих групп, что позволяет использовать одну и ту же систему для поддержки как отдельных. разовых покупателей поддержки, так и клиентов, поддерживаемых на основе контрактов.
Расширенные опции билета поддержки:
* Обзорная панель управления с возможностями быстрой фильтрации и поиска
* Возможность создания своих собственных представлений (views) агентами поддержки
* Расширенные настройки билета, включая возможность добавлять ответы, создавать заметки, регистрировать затраченное на ответ время, а также добавлять к билету задания
* Создание статистических докладов в форме рабочей тетради (timesheet), позволяющих вам следить за затраченным на билеты временем
* Предварительно созданные ответы
* Произвольные поля
* Автоматическое и ручное назначение билетов сотрудникам команды поддерки
* Поддержка вложения файлов в билеты.
* Позволяет создавать объяснение технических и специальных терминов
* Автоматическое выделение ключевых слов: любые, используемые в базе знаний ключевые слова, выделяются и предоставляют мгновенное описание.
Двигатель экспорта:
* Создайте внутри билета веб-ссылку на профиль покупателя в созданной на JomSocial соцсети (при просмотре этого билета агентом службы техподдержки)
* Покажите комментарии базы данных службы поддержки на стенке покупателя
* Покажите на стенке покупателя уведомление о создании в службе поддержки материала базы данных
* Используйте в службе поддержки аватары созданной на JomSocial соцсети

Интеграция с электронными магазинами

С помощью доступного через наш веб-сайт компонента 'Store Integration', компонент 'MaQma Helpdesk' может интегрировать с компонентами 'VirtueMart', 'Redshop' и 'Digistore'.
Также возможна интеграция с компонентами 'JoomFish', 'jomLike', 'SobiPro', 'ArtOfUser' и 'MosetsTree'.


Functionality is okay for a 10 year old product

Ease of use

complicated ... requires a learning curve


Support is really a disaster... Everytime you give them a suggestion after paying for a lifetime license, is its not on our radar...



Value for money


I used this to: Helpdesk solution... The developer has not updated this in one and a half years... They have no plans to refactor it and make it easier. Looking for other options despite paying for a lifetime license
Owner's reply: >>> Seems like developer has lost interest in this product

Very surprising statement, to say the least. We never stopped working neither on "MaQma Helpdesk", nor on based on it business. For example, we are planning to release a scaled down, Light, version of "Maqma Helpdesk", to accommodate for those, who don't need advanced features, like bug tracking or contracts based support.

>>> complicated ... requires a learning curve

Thanks, we heard you, hence our plans for the Light version.

>>> Support is really a disaster... Everytime you give them a suggestion after paying for a lifetime license, is its not on our radar...

Please feel free to escalate a ticket in our support desk, pointing specifically to those instances of "Everytime" and we will be more than happy to look at your grievances for you. Please agree that we just can not guarantee that we will implement every single feature that you may find worthy to be presented to us.

We do listen to our customers and this is exactly how such features, like "Email Fetching", "Bug Tracking" and "Contracts Based Support", found their way into "Maqma Helpdesk", - just to accommodate some of our large blue-chip customers demanding such advanced features for their multi-layered support teams.


For my needs fantastic and very powerful. Just some unresolved bugs.

Ease of use

You have to spend some time to understand. Some translations to german misleading.


Very slow support and not useful. I've wasted a lot of time to explain problems. All I got back: need super user credentials, again a. again


No useful documentation.

Value for money

Overpriced into consideration for this poor support

I used this to: no more
Owner's reply: >>> Just some unresolved bugs.

Not true, - we don't have any unaddressed or unresolved bugs in our Maqma Helpdesk. If you still feel otherwise, you are welcome to escalate tickets accordingly and will duly deal with it. Simply dumping here general, unspedivic "some bugs" doesn't help neither us, nor those reading this review.

>>> Some translations to german misleading.

Sorry but languages are produced purely by volunteers, so we don't support them per se.

>>> Very slow support

We always reply to tickets fairly promptly but the fact is that actually it was you who replied to our reply to you in 11 (!?) days: we replied to you on the 29-th of April and received your answer only on the 11-th of May. Is it us who really slow to reply here or is it you?

>>>I've wasted a lot of time to explain problems. All I got back: need super user credentials, again a. again

To get resolved, any issue, however small and insignificant it may seem on the surface, needs first to be investigated, assessed, looked at and it has to be done on the offending site. Sorry but there is no way around it. This is as a common sense as it is a common sense for your to willingly open your mouth to your dentist when you ask him/her to treat your toothache. There are many forums on the internet where you can get general no-obligation consultation however our goal is to provide you, our dear customers of our software, its practical, hands-on support. Hence our asking you to provide us access to your Joomla system. Not too much to ask, is it?


It may seem like it's robust enough to handle everything you need, but that's only true if it's reliable. In my experience, it wasn't at all

Ease of use

Settings are an illogical mess. Things are oddly organized in a way that only makes sense to the developer, not to daily support people.


Ironically, support of the extension is slow. It took over a week to get a response from the developer.


Even the most complicated extensions shouldn't require a manual to set up, but this does.

Value for money

Updates are few and far between, which is not a good thing considering how many UI bugs there are. Very expensive compared to alternatives.

I used this to: Upgrades from previous versions to the newest version are not stable yet (mine needed manual repair for a missing table column). It looks good at first, but it doesn't take much of a pounding by support tickets for things to go haywire. Not stable enough to be used professionally


Posted on 18 January 2016

Incredible, very powerful! So many tools and funcionalityes

Ease of use

Very easy to use.


Very good support, just a little misunderstanding with the staff as english isn't my first language and since that no news, but high quality



Value for money

Very good! Not cheapest, but it is worth it!

I used this to: Work
Owner's reply: Thank you so much for your kind and encouraging words. Really means a lot to us.

[On support] >>> Very good support, just a little misunderstanding with the staff as english isn't my first language and since that no news, but high quality

Thank you very much for being so considerate. We are indeed a team of non-English natives and do our best to avoid miscommunication and misunderstandings with you, dear customers but this just never ending lesson, really. Cheer once again for being so understanding.


Yes, the module works. But it is not as simple as you would expect.

Ease of use

When you drill down into the matter, yes it is easy. But hard to understand for a someone who does not know this module.


Support is slow, and a lot must be done by the end user, in my opinon to much.


I did not find any

Value for money

I bought the biggest package $ 299,- if it works in every browser it is be-a-utiful, sadly it does not work good in Internet explorer.

I used this to: Tickets system for internal IT department, so users can log their tickets to our department. So for it is not in use.
Owner's reply: Thank you for your feedback, Roland. Much appreciated.

>>> Yes, the module works. But it is not as simple as you would expect.

MaQma Helpsesk is fairly robust and sophisticated extension, which functionality covers a lot of ground and we never ever said on our website or our social channels that you can find your ways around it in five minutes. Having said that, we do expect that it could be purchased and run by a relatively novice person and prepared to go extra miles for such folks and spoon-feed them. Just ask us, no questions are too small.

>>> Support is slow, and a lot must be done by the end user, in my opinon to much.

Yes, it takes two to tango: you have to do your part and help us to help you. That's common sense, the same as with your car mechanic or your dentist.

[On documentation] >>> I did not find any

Do apologise here. We have this shortcoming on our radar. Thanks for reminding.

>>> ... sadly it does not work good in Internet explorer

IE has always been a pain in the neck to develop for but let's not give up on it. Keep sending us your experience with running MaQma Helpdesk under IE and we will have a look at it.

Once again, many thanks for your valuable feedback.

very worthy

Posted on 27 April 2015

All you might need

Ease of use

It is ready for technical support system set up in 10 minutes. The user interface is very simple


Solving problems is fast and technical support to quickly fix them. This is a very cool guys!


never used. understanding without it

Value for money

Quality of work excellent and extension worth that price

I used this to: I work for a company where 400 employees who have rated it
Owner's reply: Thank you very much!


Very complete in every part. Ticket management is great and all other features are perfect for a complete helpdesk solution.

Ease of use

Every extension need a little time to learn it but thanks to great support it will become a joke


Great, Marvelous, Awesome, Amazing and more more. All these adjectives have one name: Pedro!


Documentation is based on the KB and is very good for startup, but there is also Pedro that is a live documentation with realtime support.

Value for money

There isn't enough words to describe the value for money of this product. For me it's like a free software considering the price.

I used this to: I am building a support site for my customers and for clients of my customers and with this marvelous extension i can reach all my targets.
Owner's reply: Thank you very much for your kind words. Means a lot.

5 star

Posted on 23 December 2014

We call it Giant. Huge component with all the problems already solved!

Ease of use

It's a huge component but is still easy for me!


Awesome ppl behind the component


not sure

Value for money


I used this to: 600+ development company running 80+ clients worldwide specialized in gambling/betting/casino
Owner's reply: Cheers for your valuable feedback and apology for the lack of documentation.

This extension is one of the best I´ve ever seen. Pedro is also a great help if you has some questions. We had problems with out template but pedro fixed it directly.

Owner's reply: Thank you very much. Really appreciate your kind words.


Posted on 25 March 2014

Excellent service from Pedro, and a brilliant component from start to finish!

Owner's reply: Cheers, Sam. Much appreciated.
MaQma Social menu

MaQma Social menu

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The Social Menu Plugin is a simple plugin that allows you to place links to your social networks links. You can configure the plugin to display links for 7 different websites: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, MySpace, RSS, Vimeo and YouTube. The items are enabled if they have a link inside it, you can enable all or only some of them, the ones that are left blank are not displayed in the website. You can choose from 2 different styles - one is displayed in the top-left side of the website and is hidden, displaying when the mouse hovers it, the other is shown in the bottom-left side of the website and is always visible. 27 Oct. 2010 - v1.1 : The new release allows you to set the icons size in the style2. 25 May 2011 - Joomla!1.6 version also available. Next release will allow you set the position of the menu (top, bottom, left, right). Any other ideas for more options just let us know :)

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