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MasterForms form builder is a simple, fast form creating tool and, it's extremely flexible.
The design is based on a build and reuse principle. Our form building process follows a logical concept of creating the smallest parts first, then integrating them into your form project.

MasterForms allows you to use a full suite of HTML5 elements when building a form. Fields can be reused from one form to the next.

Ample inline help and tool-tips make it easy to understand the process of building a form,and the component deploys with sample forms that help you to understand how a form is assembled.

Every element you create in MasterForms can be quickly edited or re-tasked.
You can create a form which 'clones' any other Joomla! component form and forms can also POST data to other components or external URL's.

Special field types including hidden-fields, information blocks, integrating data from from native Joomla! objects, all make it easy to build a form that does just about anything.

This component is suitable for beginners and professionals.

MasterForms is available for older versions of Joomla! and the latest builds may be acquired directly from our downloads page.


Gilbert Rehling
Last updated:
May 25 2020
5 months ago
Date added:
Jun 23 2017
GPLv2 or later
Free download
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Uses Joomla! Update System