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Publish the plugin and add modules in articles!

The positions are the following:
- article[pos]pos[x]: where x is a number. The module will be showed in the article that is displayed in x position (in frontpage)
- article
[pos]all: shows the module in all articles
- article
[pos]id[x]: show the module in the article with id x
- article[pos]authorid[x]: where x is the id of the author. Shows the module if the article was created by the user with id x
- article[pos]cat[x]pos[y]: shows the module in position y where is showing the category y
- article
[pos]sec[x]pos[y]: shows the module in position y where is showing the section y
- article[pos]in: shows the module when the user is viewing the article

[pos] is the position in the artcle. It can be:
- before: shows the module in the beginning of the article
- after: show the module in the end of the article

So, example of position for modules can be:
- articlebeforepos1: shows the module (in the beginning) in the first article when the articles are displayed as blog (in frontpage, for example)
- article
afterid44: shows the module (in the end) when the article with id 44 is displayed

It works, BUT...

Posted on 16 March 2015
It works fine.
Ease of use
It's easy to use.
I used this to: BUT I use JComments, and modules in position After article go just after the JComments, and not exactly after the article itself. It is a great minus. And I have to uninstall it.
My only gripe is that the documentation is lacking. It should explain the installation and setup better, such as:

1. Download and install the plugin

2. Enable the plugin (Extensions->Plugin Manager)

3. Check any one of your pages adding the ?tp=2 suffix to the URL and you will the new positions

4. In the admin, go to whatever module you want to place on that page and the new positions will show in the list of possible positions

Nice little plugin!

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Modules in articles

Date added:
Nov 19 2014
GPLv2 or later
Free download

This extension does NOT implement the Joomla! Update System


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