Multi-View Calendar is a Calendar that allows to show events and information associated to specific dates in several ways. It has various visualization options and predefined color schemes and multiple views. The main features are:

  • Favourite
  • Report

• Multiple visualization modes: Daily View, Weekly View, Monthly View, Multi-Month View.

• Several configuration options from the Joomla backend.

• You can let users to edit the calendar information from the frontend.

• The information associated to a date can be shown in a floating panel over the date when viewing the calendar in the Multi-Month View.

• The dates can be linked to other webpages and optionally you can pass the related date as a parameter to those pages. This feature can be used only from the calendar Multi-Month View.

• You can select which of the calendar buttons you want to show/hide.

• It's available in the following languages: English, Spanish, French, Italian, German and Portuguese.

• Already includes 23 predefined color schemes. You can also edit the CSS files if needed.

• Can be setup to display only the weekdays needed (Ex: from Monday to Friday).

• Drag and drop feature added to move events between cells.

• Can be setup to use a 12 or 24 hour clock.

• Ajax-based administration - no need to reload the page.

• Includes User Permissions Management: You can select which users can add, edit and/or delete events in the front-end if the "Edition mode" is enabled.

• You can create, edit and delete color palettes. Color palettes can be assigned to calendars.

• Includes an optional "User Plugin" to automatically create a calendar each time a new user is registered. The calendar can be assisgned to the registered user so he/she can manage his/her own calendar.

• Uses the popular jQuery library to render the calendar.

• This free version is limited to 5 events and includes a back link to the developer.

Good product! But Needs more

Posted on 23 October 2014
I was looking at this and the price and then found VikBooking system with all the bells and lights except a calender showing booked dates like this one does so well to back end and front end, if you looking for a basic calender to show booked dates and you dont want to struggle this works 100% and beter. Its just the price ...bit high for me.
It's good, but still needs some work.

In stead of nMonths I would prefer a Year option.

In the Month view it's not exactly clear which month is showing.

In the backend, the Calendar List view is not Joomla 3 compatible yet.

Multi-View Calendar

Posted on 07 July 2013
I have downloaded the free version of the Multi-View Calendar to test its capabilities in full, assuming that the only limitation facing the commercial version, according with it’s description, is the number of events allowed, only 5 (the other remark in the description regards to a link to the builders, but this is not a limitation in the functionality).

So I have tested all the calendar’s functions and they pleased me completely. Off course that the free version is not supposed to be an option due to the 5 event limitation. Therefore I decided to buy the commercial version. Since I had to customize the calendar beyond the default adjustments to adapt it to my template and my own taste, I asked for technical support witch I received quickly and completed. Five stars!

In my opinion the great advantage of the free version of this calendar is to allow customers to test the full program before buying the commercial version. It is a company’s smart approach but requires a full confidence on the product. For me, the demos traditionally offered for commercial products conveying a number of functions, are not enough to make a comprehensive evaluation before buying. Thank you “Multi View extension” developers.
very easy to manage calendar!

easy to set up and has a good code.

I first bought dpсalendar and found a lot of bugs.

but this - is another matter.

a bit of css magic - and YAHOO

also , support is OK

Вещь !!!

Excellent component

Posted on 19 March 2013
I purchased the component Multi Calendar .... money well spent ... I am very happy the efficiency of the component but above all of the support that was given to me. Great component. I suggest buying. Good job.
This product exactly matched what I needed for an event calendar. Multiple views, controllable access to entry creation, editing etc; readable by anyone or selective. Easy to set up. Shows its pedigree from Dreamweaver

Support is A1, found a couple of challenges with "no military" times ie 12 hour clock. Fixed pdq with clear instruction on what to do. And put into down load from web. The 5 entry version is an adequate demo, well just about, to see if it suits. If suits your needs then very well worth the money. If not then it was worthwhile trying before buying.

In summary good product with professional support - might even try their forms offering!

very good support

Posted on 19 November 2012
It works fine for me! Support is very good and fast!
I am definitely NOT an advanced user of Joomla, and needed support about things that sometimes didn't even have to do with the calendar at all, but the support was always prompt, detailed, polite and before all, efficient. I got all my problems fixed in no time and I think the calendar looks very neat and clean. It definitely responds to all my needs (day-by day descriptions of country tours). Well done.
It's great to have all such ways to display the events. I've setup it to share info about the events in a private organization, using Joomla 2.5, works as advised. The developer kindly pointed me to the configuration I was looking for the calendar in my website.

Not free

Posted on 04 August 2012
It is a good attempt and it works out of the box, but free version is limited to 5 events only, which is ridiculous. This should be pointed out by the author here in order to prevent wasting time.

Uninstalling now.
Owner's reply: That note is present in the product's page before downloading the extension. We have also included a note in this page according to your suggestion.
Thank you for your comments.

Best regards.

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Multi Calendar

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