Frontend Access Control, User Management

JoomAPP was joomla's first front end usergroup registration plugin. This plugin offers more options than all others and are still the cheapest !

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Take full advantage of the Joomla ACL and let your members register themselves into (multiple) pre-selected Joomla group(s) directly from the frontend registration form. Perfect for teacher/student situations. Very easy to set-up!. Over 2500 happy customers!

Why this simple plugin is a great solution?
* Joomla has no support of frontend usergroup registration.
* Front end usergroup changes now possible
* Create menu/module/content for different usergroups
* Password protect certain front end usergroups; only with valid password you can register in this group
* Set silent group; regardless of the group chosen you can assign base groups to each registrant

Full documentation is included in the package.

* CSS styling Registration Form
* Usergroup selection during registration (radio, single select, with entry password validation)
* Password protected group entry

* Select which usergroup(s) to appear on registration form ASC/ DESC
* Use of Radio or Drop down field
* Select after which field the usergroup selector should appear
* Set password for a usergroup to enter
* Show usergroup information on front end yes/no
* Select which usergroups may change themselves into others in the frontend (with table)
* Redirect to menu item after registration

Working in ALMOST ALL template frameworks, please see our website for the list.

THIS IS A MUST HAVE FOR ANY JOOMLA WEBSITE!, ONLY the latest Joomla version is supported, we do not hold back any backward versions.

Version 3.1 (07-04-2018)
+ Added search function on single select field; handy if you have a lot of groups
+ Added explaining field for multiselect; editable in backend
+ Added fix for too many redirects at profile save
+ Speed up redirect menu items list
- Removed after [custom] field integration fased out as nobody used that and Joomla has new Fields component
fix: JQuery error
*: Cleaned up some obsolete code

Version 3.0 (13 July 2017)
+: NEW Feature!! Added AJAX group entry password validation in the front-end
+: Option to hide silent fields from front end profile edit view
+: Silent groups not selectable on profile edit to avoid loosing profilegroup rights
+: Language file strings added/changed
+: Added caching on group table
*: Seperate plugins "multiselect" and "singleselect" are now merged into 1 plugin !
fix: js code fix on running remove() code on profile update twice

Version 2.9 (23 Okt. 2016)
fix: Changed logic for menu redirect
fix: Fixed password protected group change on profile edit
+ Added missing language string "Select Group" as dropdown field value
+ Switched to new update server

Version 2.8 (sept. 2016)
+ added support for Joomla 2.6.2
+ security release

Version 2.5 (april 2015)
+: password protected usegroups (per user request)
+: silent groups (per user request)
fix: supported template frameworks

Version 2.1 (sept 2014)
fix: plugin didn't save after first install
+: table 'allowed to change' setting now optional to reduce bandwith

Version 2.0 (aug 2014)
Complete rewrite of the plugin, only supporting Joomla 3.4+
+: More config options
+: Set form field where you want in registration form

Version 1.5.5 (31-10-2013) only for Joomla 2.5 (still available)
fix: AccessLevel table in popup now (with lots of groups it was not visible)
fix: bug on group change

Version 1.5.3 (16-09-2013)
fix: backend tab removed on user profile
req: manually add user to other groups now possible

Version 1.5.2 (04-09-2013)
fix: Super User cannot lose it's group
fix: PHP version fixes

Version 1.5 (02-09-2013)
fix: After succesfull 'save' the bullets/checkboxes are not selected
fix: update JQuery to latest versions
fix: auto (de-) selection if jquery is already loaded by template
fix: plugin Joomla 3.0 ready
req: Support for multiple template frameworks (yootheme, gantry, T3, joomlashine, Vertex, Helix)
req: Users in subgroups can change self between the available groups but not others
req: show/ hide specific user groups from registration field
req: setting to order groups DESC / ASC in frontend

Version 1.3 (17-09-2012)
+ Multiple/ Single groups registration (multiselect field dropped in Joomla 3)!
+ Custom redirect field to any menu after member login
+ Switch to load jquery yes/no to prevent double loading
+ Switch to set visibility of available groups when editing account after registration yes/no
+ Switch to let members change their group after registration yes/no
+ Switch to set group select allways on top yes/no
+ Seperate Language strings files
+ Unique CSS ID per field


Posted on 22 March 2018

Allows your users to select their own usergroup on sign up and to change to another group.

Ease of use

Simple but powerful extension. There are not many settings to configure, and all are straightforward and well explained.


Exceptional support. The plugin didn't work immediately for me but the developer promptly fixed the issue with quick communications.

Value for money

Exceptional - the developer should charge more!

I used this to: Allowing users to select/change their usergroups.


Allows end-users to self-select membership in (administrator-selected) groups.

Ease of use

Uploaded zip, clicked a few checkboxes and blammo it was working.


Amazing support. I had a compatibility issue, and JoomApp.com had a new build in my hands in a couple days.


Some included, additional forum support. Often"Forum Support" means slow-to-none, but Joomapp Forums have valuable info and quick response

Value for money

This seems to be the best price in this product space, so yeah, it's a value!

I used this to: Fortune 100 client of mine needed a self-support website. This is great for different end-users to decide to be members of different groups based on their preferred feature choice. Integrated with JEvents and Notificationary, this is perfect. Would buy again in a heartbeat!


Excellent functionality. Does exactly what my client wanted, and does it well.

Ease of use

Admin interface can be a bit awkward when you have hundreds of groups, but that's not really surprising. Generally easy to use and configure


Very good. When I needed support, I got a response within half an hour of my initial email.


Comprehensive and well-written documentation.

Value for money

Amazing value. Its not free, but it is very very cheap.

I used this to: For allowing users to manage their own user registration process, including specifying which member organisation they belong to.
Owner's reply: Thanks for your positive feedback Simon, based on your feedback we have included caching on the usergroup list for faster loading.

Professional and helpful

Posted on 27 January 2015

Works as it should, plain and simple.

Ease of use

The plugin has a very practical and un-clutered configuration page, with clear tooltips for every option.


Minutes after the submission of my problem, the developer replied and acted on the issue, with a detailed report af the problems found.


A detailed pdf with instuctions is available on the download page, which should allow a problem-free installation.

Value for money

Really, this thing is cheap even for me, and I'm Greek!

I used this to: The plugin went on a client's site, and it gave me the functionality I was looking for. Thank you.
Owner's reply: Happy to help you out

Excellent, must have. fills the gap of a much wanted functionality. Easy to use and small.

I have been looking for a stable and good way to allow users to select themselves into multiple user groups at registration. This does exactly that. This will allow me to simplify the coding of my site. Thanks!

Owner's reply: You're welcome!

This is a great plugin

Posted on 09 September 2013

This add-on is great, I use it to the nursery where parents can choose to register the appropriate group of your baby's nursery.

I recommend and I wish you success for developers.

The Plugin is good, easy to install and configure. The technical support is fast and friendly.

Highly recommended!

Owner's reply: Thanks Navid for the kind words!


Posted on 09 July 2013

Extra-Ordinary Support! I used the extension for my students to register for their classes. It works great.

I had a site that needed something beyond the default user registration provided in a Joomla! install. I needed the users to register into their chosen user group.

This plugin does it perfectly. I had a small issue that I reported to the developer, Jasper. This was fixed in no time flat! Great support. I can only summarize by saying this is a perfect addition to Joomla!

Mass User Generation & Import/ Export Admin Tool

Mass User Generation & Import/ Export Admin Tool

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Probably the best user administrator tool for Joomla This components imports users from a .csv file or mass generate users based on email or dynamical values. A re-import of the same .csv file creating only the new records is possible. The component offers multiple import methods. We save you hours managing you website! Department style Grant website access to your employees/ students/ classes with pre-set userid / username/ usergroup/ passwords/ contact info, uploaded from a .csv file. You have full control of all fields. Re-import and overwiting is possible. Optional the system will automatically sent out an email with the users login details to the email addresses provided. Email based import & generate Generate unique user accounts in a pre-defined usergroup from a list of email addresses. Optional the system will automatically sent out an email with the users login details to the email addresses provided. Voucher style Generate mass users in a pre-defined usergroup with random email & username but static passwords. Download your login codes in a .csv after generation is finished and print them on a voucher card to deal out on festivals, events etc. Why this component? It's an ideal component for large businesses, federations or schools with departments/ classes/ groups where the administrator would like to be in full control of creating login accounts for their employees/ students in pre-set Joomla usergroups. Functionalities/ Options: - Import or re-import users from .csv files - Import users from .csv files with static userid - User import in multiple usergroup(s) possible (department) - Directly sent out all login details by email - Automatically create contacts in Joomla linked to the user account (department) - Dynamic password length & strength options - Dynamic username length & strength options - Use a username prefix for every different import batch - Require user to reset the password on first login - Enable/disable user activation login after import Download all users in a .csv file Download users in a .csv file for backup or database dump on website migration. Control which users you want to download with Joomla’s advanced search filters. Sale includes Clear documentation Example .csv files to start 1 Install/license per domain 1 Year unlimited software updates Support through our forum and tickets First and most complete Mass Users Generator and .CSV import component for Joomla (since 2014)!
JoomAPP MetaTags per Menu Item

JoomAPP MetaTags per Menu Item

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This little and smart plugin will allow you to place custom meta tags inside the output of any menu item. Most meta tag generators only set these tags in the detailed content but NOT in the category list / category blog / magazine layout etc. menu types. You can set any custom met tag to appear anywhere. This plugin is extremely powerful to set specific social integration for particular sections which are not covered in large/heavy meta tags generators. So that, whenever people share your category pages, the default text & images set by you are showing in the post as well. Simply install the plugin through Joomla installer and visit each menu item to set the custom meta tags.

Multi usergroup registration

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Nov 19 2014
GPLv2 or later
Paid download
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Uses Joomla! Update System

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