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How do customers log in your website? Sign up, create a new account? Make it easier for your customers by installing Social Login. We designed this extension with various ways for customers to login your site: they may use accounts of some popular networks like: Facebook, Google, Yahoo, Twitter, Instagram in, Linkedin and so on.

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✔Includes all functions of the normal joomla login module.
✔Support browsers (IE6+, FireFox, Chrome, Opera, Safari, ...)
✔Inbuilt 4 themes (Default, Dark, Inline, Social)
✔Customers have many options of social account to sign up. No other information is required.
✔If customers already signed in their social account, they don’t need to type their account name and password again.The system will automatically create one account for them, and do not need sign in social network next time.
✔A new password will be sent to customers to use as a separate account for the site after they sign in by social accounts.
✔If customers do not want to log in by their social accounts, they register as normal.
✔Admin can change the order of social network login buttons in the frontend
✔After set Width, popup module will automatically calculated for all screen.
✔Easy to install and configure.
✔Multiple Social login extension has a user-friendly interface.
✔Support caching to make website loads faster.
✔Support Multi-Language.


Use accounts of some popular networks like: Facebook, Google, Yahoo, Twitter, Instagram in, Linkedin and so on.

I was looking for a login that incorporates the normal login as well as social logins. This one is perfect.
Ease of use
As simple as it can be. Register with social site eg facebook app, install, copy and paste codes to plugin. publish plugin and module
I got stuck with something simple, but the developer contacted me immediately and we solved the issue on skype within a minute.
It was not immediately obvious how to do what, but I figured out eventually that it's a plugin and a module that nees to be published.
Value for money
I can code extentions myself, compared to time it would take me to test and develop, the price is nothing.


Posted on 03 August 2014
I believe this developer has good intentions of creating a great app, the problem is the app does not work right out the box. The only social media that I could get to work is the Gmail outlet which took some time to get up and running. Once it was up and running, it worked ok, but there were some caching issues. The documentation is not up to date with the current social media changes for Face Book as well as Yahoo. This made it very difficult to set up on other social media outlets. I would advice anyone that is purchasing this product to ask the developer if the documentation is up to date with the latest revisions from all social media outlets before making a purchase. As far as customer service, it was fair. But I am still waiting on new documentation to support the other social media outlets that are provided in the app that are not working.
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Multiple Social Login

Date added:
Nov 19 2014
GPLv2 or later
Paid download
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This extension does NOT implement the Joomla! Update System


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