Credits, Authors, Footnotes, Content infos

This simple module shows your copyright information to where you want. (e.g. footer) The configuration is easy and you need only a few of clicks.

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  • Display the correct years dependent on the sitelaunch (e.g. only 2015 or 2013 - 2015)
  • Every year, automatically updated
  • Show/ Hide the copyrighttext or -symbol
  • Specify the sitename
  • Add an URL to the sitename
  • Show/ Hide "All rights reserved." text
  • Customize the template output with the template overrides of joomla
  • Languages: English, German, Dutch
  • New module versions over the joomla updater

Last Updates

1.1.4: Language fix: Russian (11.07.2016) [Translator: Evgeny Medwedew]
1.1.3: New language: Russian (17.06.2016) [Translator: Evgeny Medwedew]
1.1.2: Fix Non-static method error (12.06.2015) [Reporter: Patrick Caroff]
1.1.1: New language: Dutch (18.03.2015) [Translator: Jurgen Akkermans]
1.1.0: New style settings (17.03.2015) [Idea: Moos]
1.0.1: Languagefix (12.03.2015)
1.0.0: Final version (12.03.2015)

Dieses einfache Modul zeigt deine Copyright Informationen an wo du möchtest. (z.B. am Fußende) Die Konfiguration geht einfach und man benötigt nur ein paar Klicks.


  • Anzeige des richtigen Jahres seit dem Seitenstart (z.B. nur 2015 oder 2013 - 2015)
  • Selbstständige Aktualisierung des Jahres
  • Anzeigen / Verstecken des Copyrighttext /-Symbol
  • Angabemöglichkeit für den Seitennamen
  • Hinzufügen einer URL zum Seitennamen
  • Anzeigen / Verstecken des "Alle Rechte vorbehalten." Text
  • Nutze die "Template Overrides" von Joomla um das module template anzupassen
  • Sprachen: Englisch, Deutsch, Holländisch
  • Neue Updates per Joomla Updater

Last Updates

1.1.3: Neue Sprache: Russisch (17.06.2016) [Übersetzer: Evgeny Medwedew]
1.1.2: Non-static method Fehlermeldung korrigiert (12.06.2015) [Reporter: Patrick Caroff]
1.1.1: Neue Sprache: Holländisch (18.03.2015) [Übersetzer: Jurgen Akkermans]
1.1.0: Neue Style Einstellungen (17.03.2015) [Idea: Moos]
1.0.1: Sprachfix (12.03.2015)
1.0.0: Finale Version (12.03.2015)


Posted on 29 July 2015

Simple, quick and easy.
Does the job with no fuss

Ease of use

Very good

I used this to: a new site


MyCopyright works exactly as expected and the module backend only does as much as it needs to do.

Ease of use

Nicely functioning module that is very simple to use.


Support is amazing. I have used paid extensions that took days to get back to me when I had a problem. Developer fixed error within hours.

I used this to: I am currently using this on one site, but will use it on every site I develop. Great to have a module that does exactly what it says it will.

Simply perfect!

Posted on 17 March 2015

does what is says it does: shows copyright text and/or symbol; let you add custom name for your website, which can be hyperlinked;

Ease of use

it is simple, so simple


Had issue with text colour, as it was black and I used a black background; additional features within one day! after request; Well done Oli


basic documentation, but hey it doesn't need much; it is rather self explanatory; JED not yet up to date at time of writing

I used this to: copyright notice in footer of template, and will use the module in article to show copyright years timespan


Free | Social Share | Xadomir
4 reviews
This is a plugin with the shariff. The shariff is a social button project to protect the privacy of your site visitors. More information what the shariff is under: https://github.com/heiseonline/shariff Do you have the old 1.x version, please deinstall the package over the extension manager. This package is outdated and is no longer updated! Features: Shariff-Settings direct over the plugin Buttonssettings for Twitter, Facebook, Googleplus, Linkedin, Pinterest, Xing, Whatsapp, Mail, Info, Addthis, Tumblr, Flattr, Diaspora, Reddit, Stumbleupon, Threema, Print, Telegram, VK Display the plugin at all pages or at the article view Exclude articles, menus or categories from the social buttons Activate a tag to place the buttons where you want (e.g article or in the Joomla Custom module) Add the Shariff-Backend (manually or auto) Customize the template output with the template overrides of joomla. Languages: English, German, Dutch, Hungarian New module versions over the joomla updater Install: Download ZIP file and go to Joomla Extensions to upload and install the plugin Configure the plugin and activate it. Last Updates: 2.5.0: Auto option for the shariff backend (Share counter), Other fixes (03.02.2018) 2.4.3: Better integration of Pinterest media URL. Uses the article image automatically (23.01.2018) 2.4.2: Bugfix: Display button problem: Loads jQuery now first for all Templates (13.01.2018) 2.4.1: Bugfix: Set the language code now correctly (13.01.2018) 2.4.0: Last version of the shariff 2.1.1, new buttons, fixes (12.01.2018) 2.3.0: Last version of the shariff 1.25.1 (27.04.2017) 2.2.3: Performance update [Thanks on Roland Laich] (26.11.2016) 2.2.2: Exclude function bugfixing and last version of the shariff 1.24.1 [Thanks on Roland Laich] (17.11.2016) 2.2.1: Fixes, New buttons; last shariff update included 1.24.0 (18.07.2016) 2.2.0: New exclude option; last version of the shariff 1.23.0 (05.03.2016) 2.1.1: Fixes: Language; New language: Hungarian [by József Herczeg] (23.01.2016) 2.1.0: A few new Buttons, latest version of SHARIFF and Font Awesome (20.01.2016) 2.0.1: Fixes: Language, Tag (Valide HTML); Optimized Mail-Button (20.08.2015) 2.0.0: From two modules to the new and simpler plugin! (15.08.2015) 1.0.2: Add Module Class Suffix under Advanced (25.06.2015) [Idea: Dirk] 1.0.1: Add Language Dutch (20.04.2015) [by Jurgen Akkermans] 1.0.0: Final version (15.04.2015)


Last updated:
Jul 11 2016
Date added:
Mar 12 2015
GPLv2 or later
Free download

Uses Joomla! Update System

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