I needed a simple module, with a image slider in one side, and a text content in the other. I did not find nothing useful, so I decided to write it myself!

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You can see a working DEMO at the portfolio section of this site. Es:

It's very very simple! ;)


  • Slider based on the excellent "jssor" (;
  • Title, subtitle and content text in separate forms;
  • You can set the width of the slider in %;
  • Slider on left or right side;
  • All the images of a specific folder will be slided;
  • Autoplay and delay settings;
  • You can choose the graphics of the next/prev arrow from the backend.

I do not have time for making it better for now... i hope this will help someone!! ;)

Feel free to suggest... comment... or just mock me for my bad english!!!! :)

Known bugs:
- Can't use more than once in a page: I should add a unique ID or CLASS for javascript management. :P Maybe if you like this module I will spend more time on it! :D

Nemetek Content Slide

Last updated:
Apr 16 2015
Date added:
Feb 20 2015
GPLv2 or later
Free download

This extension does NOT implement the Joomla! Update System

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