A jqGride module offer a powerful way to provide, collect and shear data with your users. jQGride is an suitable way to represent a tabular data.

Can to be connected with a remote databases, can to operate multiple modules on one page to compose complex applications with different source connections and own multilingual labeling system.

Few examples to take an idea of endless ways of module use: fast way to connect and update your store back end, costumers table, making polling, collecting users various inputs, weather reports any kind tabular data.
Other example is creation of many recipes of ready to use agile micro applications for various needs a modern approach against a stiff, complex constructions.
Powered by its own multilingual system, where from backed can to translate tables aliases to system available languages on easy manner.
Suitable to setup an micro application even from inexperienced users. In combination with ability to operate multiple modules on same page get the ability for more divers and complex solutions.

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By Dmitry Vadis
File Management
Uplo application offer a flexible, powerful and yet simple way to upload, users documents, images etc. It is an exceptional uploading tool with many features to satisfy the most demanding users. Fit in any business plan, where needed robust advanced upload function. Suitable for sites dealing with translation, documents exchanging, architects, legal offices, engineers offices etc. Implemented with...
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By Dmitry Vadis
Access & Security
Cerberus is an advanced site protection, security solution plugin, a new concept and based on a simple and durable idea - detect and remove changes caused by intruders as immediately as possible and not giving indispensable time space needed to develop attack they want, so canceling on practice, any intruders effort to compromise your site. And an successful implementation of that powerful idea wh...


Dmitry Vadis
Last updated:
Aug 11 2016
7 years ago
Date added:
Feb 13 2015
GPLv2 or later
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