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NextGenEditor is an extension for Joomla 3.x.
It provides an extraordinary new way, fast and easy to manage content.
And brings you new modern visual elements : tabs, animated text, sliders, ...
Some samples : add tabs, text or image sliders, popovers without any code.
Put your articles in tabs, or your modules in popovers!

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Manage your page

On each of your pages : click on the NGE Unlock button :
- Inlineediting : modify your article or contents simply clicking on it.
- Edit modules : modify, publish, delete in front. Real instant update!.
- Add the 30 free NGE visual elements by drag & drop in your articles.
- Edit the elements content by inlineediting (simple click), and the options with a simple button.

Continue to use your favorite editor

  • You can edit your article by the classic way, modifying the article and displaying your current editor.
  • A new button in the editor (Tinymce, JCE, JCK, ARK) allows you to add and manage the new NGE elements inside your editor.

Use visual elements

  • Content Pack : Label/popover, Dropcap, Title, Automatic columns, Content transformation, Expandable text, Text panel, Grid, Tabs, Accordion, Slider, Carousel.
  • Media Pack : Image, Zoomed image,Grid, Slider, Carousel, ticker, Video, Audio, Flash.
  • Navigation Pack : Links, Buttons, Buttonbar, List, Dropdown, Menus, Menu lists, menu columns.
  • Add, modify, delete elements by drag & drop in your article or in the module positions.
  • All visual options, no code. Preview while conceiving elements.
  • Responsive, access levels.
NextGenEditor est une extension pour Joomla 3.x. Il fournit une nouvelle façon révolutionnaire, rapide et facile de gérer votre contenu. Et vous apporte de nouveaux éléments visuels modernes: onglets, diaporamas, texte animé, curseurs, ... Quelques exemples : ajouter des onglets, diaporamas texte ou image, popovers, le tout sans aucun code. Mettez vos articles dans des onglets, ou vos modules en popovers! ### Gérer votre page Sur chacune de vos pages: cliquez sur le bouton Déverouillage NGE: - Inlineediting: modifiez votre article ou du contenu en cliquant simplement dessus. - Modifiez directement les modules : édition, publication, suppression - Ajoutez de nouveaux éléments visuels NGE par drag & drop dans vos articles ou dans les positions des modules. - Modifiez les éléments de contenu par inlineediting (simple clic), et les options avec un simple bouton. ### Continuez à utiliser votre éditeur favori - Vous pouvez modifier votre article par la voie classique. - Un nouveau bouton dans l'éditeur (TinyMCE, JCE, JCK, ARK) vous permet d'ajouter et de gérer les nouveaux éléments NGE à l'intérieur de votre éditeur. ### Utiliser des éléments visuels - Widgets de contenu: Etiquette / popover, Lettrine, Titre, colonnes automatiques, transformation de contenu, Texte extensible, Panneau de texte, Vignettes, Onglets, Accordéon, Slider, Carrousel. - Widgets media: Image, image/loupe, Grille, Slider, Carousel, Ticker, Vidéo, Audio, Flash. - Widgets navigation: Liens, Boutons, Barre de boutons, Liste, Dropdown, Menu, Menus en liste, Menu en colonnes. - Ajoutez, modifiez, supprimez des éléments par glisser-déposer dans votre article ou dans les positions de module. - Toutes les options sont visuelles, pas de code. Aperçu instantané lors de la conception des éléments. - Modèles pour la réutilisation - Affichage responsive, niveaux d'accès.


You can create many different things, like tabs, slider etc. It also offers a lot of options to adjust the looks and feel.

Ease of use

It is a matter of minutes to create a basic element. In 30 minutes, you are already an expert to use the impressive available options.


A very intuitive product, very easy to use, i did not need any support.


There are a lot of how-to documents, however as i wrote above the product is so intuitive that is not necessary, they are available anyway.

I used this to: This is a professional product that is offered free. I used this on a website for one of my customers, as i am a professional web developer. I believe that the developer of this product should definitely consider to set a price for it, it deserves it for sure.
Owner's reply: Hello Charis, thank tou for your report!

In fact, it is not an existing professional product, but an new extension created especially for Joomla.
However, I proceeded in a special way. As a very demanding and perfectionist, I spent a lot of time (3 years) building and fine-tuning the extension, with the goal of having a very high quality from the very beginning.

We have just released the first full version, with a free and paid formulas. Now we can focus to broadcasting and support!..


Posted on 04 August 2016

permette di modificare ogni parte di una pagina joomla (moduli, articoli) con assoluta semplicità.

Ease of use

Incredibilmente facile da installare e da utilizzare. For donkeys :-)


no utilizzato, non mi è servito!



I used this to: Sito dedicato all'insegnamento. I soci della azienda dovevano poter aggiornare continuamente i contenuti.

NextGen Editor

Jean-Marc Bouillé
Last updated:
May 25 2017
Date added:
May 07 2015
GPLv2 or later
Free download

Uses Joomla! Update System

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