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NEW: Ninja Accordion now supports both jQuery and Mootools.

Ninja Accordion is the ultimate accordion available today. It allows you to create a dynamic display system for Joomla!

You can place multiple modules inside the accordion, allowing you to save space and time for you and your users.

Features include: remembering the open element across pages and sessions, ability to select an initially open element, Ability to include any content via modules and more.

Excellent in every way.

Posted on 25 July 2012
I have only just started using this, and have found it to be simply wonderful.

Looks good.. looks professional... works well... great price.

What more could you ask for? Of course.... support.

The level of support from the developer is just... well.. excellent. I had a problem (caused only by my ignorance!), but it was sorted out in less than 24 hrs.

Keep up the great work guys... I'll be back!

Best accordion by far

Posted on 01 October 2010
I was looking for an accordioon effect for my websites. I evaluated 10 and then tried and tested at list 5 of them.

This is definetely the best up to date. Works in multi-instance mode (you can have more than an accordion in the same article, each one running different layout and behaving), perfectly cross-browsing, fully documented and custonisable thrugh easy css/html.

I had an issue at the beginning: it didn't run in IE8. Asked for support at NinjaForge, they had quickly solved the problem, which was totally on my side (my custom template index file had invalid code I didn't even know!). They went much further than I expected in supporting me.

I already downloaded other 6 extension by NinjaForge and this is ALL for $10!!

Well, I would pay much more for what I got!

Great job guys. And you there... go for this accordion, you won't regret it.


Posted on 13 November 2009
I love this extension. I just works, cross browser and everything. The only issue I have is that it currently ignores access levels and displays all menus regardless, but that's a minor things and the NINJA team are already working on resolving it. They want 10.00 for access to all their extensions, I'd easily pay 3 times that just for this. It has made site and navigation design so much easier for me
Ninja Accordion is just one of many silver level modules from Ninja Forge.

For this review I will focus on the silver plan as that's what I’m currently subscribed to.

First the cons. I start with the cons to make you aware. Although for me they were completely balanced by the pros:

1. Firstly their fee for silver membership is actually $10 not the $5 as advertised and must be bought on a subscription plan. Although there are other methods of payment and different plans.

2. There is very limited if any documentation on how to install and style the Ninja Accordion. I found this initially very difficult and frustrating, initially down to my reluctance to ask the forum.

Now the pros:

When you ask for support their team is truly excellent. They are friendly, helpful, responsive and full of suggestions with no arrogance. Their team and support forum is the best I have used for any Joomla! module. You don’t really need the documentation with such a detailed and comprehensive support. The forum is very welcoming and you really want to reply to threads with your own experience and close problems with the answer. It just feels so rewarding.

I mentioned the $10 fee as a con, well it’s only a con if you can’t afford $10! For $10 you can download all the silver level modules you want, and what a library they have!

This Ninja accordion is just one of many top notch and vastly useful extensions on offer from the team. I have tired similar extensions available from other developers but none to could match the level of customisation that is on offer from the Ninjas.

The Ninja accordion it self is a great extension. By asking the forum I have created a heavily styled and customised menu. The module feels complete, there is a backend admin section and there appears to be very few if any bugs.

If you baulk at the fee, try some of the other silver extension demos. Consider them added extras. I originally paid for the Accordion but was pleasantly surprised with all the added content. Soon that $10 felt like a very worth while spend indeed.

Oh, you can cancel the subscription at any time.
Owner's reply: Thanks Mr Blonde.

Thanks also for pointing out that we hadn't update the price noted here. I have done so now.

Silver was $5 originally but has since ben changed to $10.

Super Cool

Posted on 01 July 2009
This is a super cool mudule !! I've looked at a few accordion menu's but they all seem to bee doing their thing on the sub-menu items instead of the different menu modules themselves.

This Ninja Accordion works with every single module you can think of so besides providing a super cool accordion menu it can also be used as a super space server when you put all your different modules (weather, statistics, polls,login etc. etc) in it.

When you've got an issue with the module so that you can't get it to work the way you want to, just post your question at the forum and the Ninjaforge guys come running to the rescue providing a level of support that is totally awesome !!.


Posted on 22 February 2008
Spectacular. Completes the accordion menu picture.
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Ninja Accordion

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Feb 16 2008
16 years ago
Date added:
Feb 16 2008
GPLv2 or later
Paid download

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