There are numerous reasons to have a private site, and regardless of if you want to make private your whole website or just a set of pages, NLB Private Site helps you to achieve this.

Your website's content will be secure from the prying eyes while they stay annonymous, but you may opt to allow search engine's spiders to crawl the hidden content.

This plugin also features an IP filter, which you may use to allow regular users to login to the site only from certain ranges of IP addresses. A special feature is IP filter bypass, which allows certain user groups to login from any IP address.

You may require a valid invitation code in order to allow visitor to access the registration page. Additionally this invitation codes can be disposable, so once they're used, nobody else can use such code to register.

These and some other features you can use for FREE in your Joomla website, as long as you use the core registration system.

Featured Avatars Pro
Paid download

Featured Avatars Pro

Community Builder extensions
In a matrix of a custom number of rows and cols, display avatars from: New Users, Founder Users, Last Seen Users, Last Updated Profiles, Popular Users, Un-Popular users (to promote them), Random Selection, Currently On-Line Users or Staff Members. New Features: * Fake-online tool - In addition to simply enable this tool, you may control the lower and upper limit of online users that enables and d...
Front Page Rotator
Paid download

Front Page Rotator

Articles Display
Make your Joomla 2.5 or 3.x look always fresh to your visitors, because they will not see the "all the time" frontpage anymore. FPR will do the hard work for you; it will select new articles from your own site stock and then place them directly in the front page. You decide how long the front page articles will remain there before a new rotation is performed. You are too in control of the ca...

NLB Private Site

Last updated:
Apr 02 2017
Date added:
Feb 17 2017
GPLv2 or later
Free download

Uses Joomla! Update System