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OKT Portfolio is the Joomla extension contains component and module which helps to manage Portfolios.

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Features List:

1) Can have 'n' number of Portfolios and categories.
2) Having individual settings options for both component and module.
3) Can display the items by its Category.
4) Having options for change the Hover Effects.
5) Can view the Title, Short Description and Image in portfolio front view.
6) Pop up window is available to see the Full Description.
7) Can Choose the link from External link or from Article Link option.
8) Can display the Link in Parent window or New Window.
9) Having options to Enable/Disable the Link and Popup window.
10) Can adjust the height of the image for small size view.
11) Having options to change the Text color, Line color and Icon color.
12) Having options to Enable/Disable the Short Description and Full Description.
13) Customizable options to display items by number of column(1/2/3/4).
14) Can Sort the items by ID/Title/Ordering/Random.
15) Can Order the items by Ascending/Descending order.
16) Can set the limit for the items to display in Front end module.
17) Having options to view more items from Component.
18) Can choose category while creating menu item itself for component.
19) Can Filter the items by category, status, access and language in back-end.
20) Can have the option to view the items by User levels.
21) Multi language support.

OKT Social Share

OKT Social Share

Free | Social Share | OpenKey
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OKT Social Share: OKT Social Share contains modules and plugins, which helps to share the page in Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter and Google+. Features List: 1) Having four types of Social Share Icons such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Google+. 2) Having options for Enable/Disable each Social Share Icons. 3) Having options to change Icons. 4) Ordering option is available to Sort the Social Share Icons.
m p
OKT Age Gate

OKT Age Gate

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The OKT Age Gate is a Plugin, that can be easily installed and ready for use. The purpose of this extension is to block the under age users, It will not permit to access the website if the user is under age (18). Features: 1) Allows the user to access if the age is 18+. 2) Logo and Background images can be customized. 3) Text and Background colors can be customized. 4) Option to show all the fields from the back end. 5) Logo and Background Images can be enabled or disabled. 6) Country, Remember Me & Copyright can be enabled or disabled. 7) Option for Remember Me Always, so the user no need of choosing remember me. 8) Option for enable and disable JQuery Library. 9) Button colors and text can be customized. 10) Copyrights Text and Background colors can be customized. 11) Warning messages can be customized. 12) Labels can be created for the form buttons. 13) Form button text and colors can be customized. 14) Compatible with Joomla 3.3+. 15) Cross Browsers Support. (Firefox 3.x, Opera 9+, IE 8+,Safari,Firefox MAC, Safari MAC).
OKT Ticket

OKT Ticket

Paid download | Help Desk | OpenKey
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OKT Ticket is a component that allows your customers to submit their issues/queries about your website/products, services. It is Simple, Responsive and Powerful customer support interface. Features List: 1) Can have n number of tickets and categories. 2) Can assign - user/manager to handle tickets of any category. 3) Having options for e-mail and attachment. 4) Customizable e-mail template options. 5) Template colors/background colors can be customized. 6) Static and customizable templates. 7) Mobile Responsive. 8) Build with e-mail replying option. 9) Status and category changing option is only for admin and assigned user. 10) Category changing option can be disabled for assigned users. 11) Automatic update status to new and replied e-mails. 12) Filters for tickets by subject, id, category and status. 13) Multi language support. 14) Cross Browsers Support. (Firefox 3.x, Opera 9+, IE 8+,Safari,Firefox MAC, Safari MAC).
OKT WhatsApp Share

OKT WhatsApp Share

Paid download | Social Share | OpenKey
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The OKT WhatsApp Share is a Joomla Extension(Plugin), which helps for sharing the contents and links through the WhatsApp when the site access in mobile devices. Features: 1) Shares the content and URL through WhatsApp. 2) Can change the Share icon. 3) Available, auto fetch of Site Name and URL Dynamically. 4) Works on any where in the Joomla Front end. 5) Compatible with Joomla 3.3+. 6) Loads the icon only when the screen size is less than 600.

OKT Portfolio

Last updated:
Jan 28 2016
Date added:
Jan 20 2016
GPLv2 or later
Paid download

This extension does NOT implement the Joomla! Update System

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