Directory, Classified Ads, Content Construction, Events, ContentBuilder extensions

OrdaSoft Website Builder helps to create various kinds of websites: products catalog, classifieds, documents manager, content access manager, profiles listings and more, more, more..
You may create Books manager, Users manager, Documents manager, Real Estate WebSite, Car Dealer website and ....
Now OS CCK is Joomla Content Construction Kit, you may use as page builder and as Joomla forms builder
OrdaSoft CCK Joomla component is great solution for building websites with rental (booking), with products (real estates, cars, books and more) as it has built-in functional for creating and managing Buy and Rent Requests.

OS CCK is easy yet powerful Content Construction Kit (website builder) for Joomla.

✰ Builtin Page Builder with drag and drop into Joomla Website Builder

Every layout you build with help drag and drop.
You may create unlimited layouts with help Joomla Website Builder
You may add to layout any fields from OS CCK and also you may add another CCK Layout, HTML and Joomla Module

✰ Builtin Form Builder with drag and drop into OrdaSoft Website Builder

You may create any form layouts wit help drag and drop. You no need know HTML, CSS, Now you very quickly and easy may create any site.

✰ You may create Unlimited Entities in OS CCK

You may create: Active directory, Real estate site, Booking site, cafe, Documents management system, vines or books manager, Video site, marriage agency, Sport template, IT courses and more more Please check our demos:

✰ Unlimited Instances of Entity included in OrdaSoft Joomla Website Builder

If you create Real estate website(or any other), You may add so many houses, plots, flats as you need. And every so Entity(houses, plots, flats) - will have self fields and self layouts.

✰ Unlimited categories you may add in OrdaSoft CCK Website Builder

You may create tree categories for all type Entities or only for some one Entity.
You may set Access rights for access to every categories.
You may create sub categories with any level.
You may attach instance to one or to many categories.

✰ Unlimited field types in OrdaSoft CCK Website Builder

Available so base fields: Date/Time, File Field, Gallery, Image Field, Location map (Google maps), Radio buttons, Select list, Checkbox, Text Area, Text, Number Field, Audio, Video, Captcha, Depended Selects, Multi Select, Slider, Gallery, Email, Phone, Category, Price, Select list price, Calculate Price, Radio Button Price.

In OrdaSoft website builder - you may create complex field. Field base on entity which you created before. So you may have book field, car field, user field ....

✰ Full Joomla multilingual support

With help OrdaSof Joomla Website Builder, you may create site exactly on language which need for you. And more now you may create multilingual websites
☑ Joomla native multilingual support
☑ RTL support
☑ Translate meta tags - title and description, so important for seo optimization
☑ Joomla multi language association support

✰ Layout management

Now OrdaSof Joomla Website Builder permit to you create any layout for show your data for your website:
☑ Any type joomla "content show" and joomla "content add layouts"
☑ Any "request show" and "request add layouts"
☑ Any "Buy request show" and "buy request add layouts", You may easy create shop website
☑ Any "Rent request show" and "Rent request add layouts", You may easy create booking websites
☑ "Parent-child layout" for show connected instances, As example: the agent and his houses, the author and his books ...
☑ All instances and categories layouts
☑ User's layouts. For show your users and joomla content from they (in advance version)
☑ PDF layouts. Now you may any your website contend show in PDF, This very important for create any reports.
☑ Pop-up layouts. Now you may show your layouts as Joomla Module window .
☑ Hover Pop-up layouts. Now you may show your layouts as hover for fields.
☑ Search Layouts, Now you may create any type of search or filter form
☑ Google map layout, now you may easy show you data on Google map

✰ System of Reviews and Ratings

OS CCK Website Builder has built-in review system with rating and captcha.
You can manage reviews easily via admin area.
You may create any type review forms.
You may use in review any fields

✰ Builtin booking system

OrdaSoft CCK has ready functional for create booking websites.
You may create any type Booking sites. You may booking of cars, of houses, the teachers or the doctors times ....
You may create site for rental of products.
Accept or decline submitted Rent Requests.
You may rent by day, by night or by time.
For create( as example Doctor booking site) you very easy may set doctor available time

For create booking system In CCK Website builder included:

☑ Rent request forms, You may create any forms and you may define any fields which you need there
☑ Rent request (booking request) manager, You may check,  accept or decline any rent requests here 
☑ Rent (booking) manager, You may see there all your current or old bookings, and change they 
☑ Rent(booking) calendar field, There you may see (your clients may see) when you Item busy or free for rent
☑ Rent request email notification 
☑ User rent history manager, there admin  may see rent history for every user 
☑ Client may see self rent history (in advance version)
☑ Orders management system
☑ Receive online payments with help PayPal or 2CheckOut gateways

Please check Property Booking Website example:

✰ Create online Shop in OS CCK Website Builder

OrdaSoft CCK has light functional for buy or sell products.
You may create any type shop sites. You may sell cars, houses, gadgets, any types of goods, the teachers or doctors times ....

For create online Shop In CCK component included:

☑ Layout and fields builder, You may create any goods and you may define any fields which you need for fully detail of your goods
☑ To every good you may connect Buy request forms, You may create any forms and you may define any fields which you need there
☑ Buy request  manager, You may check,  accept or decline any buy requests here 
☑ Buy request email notification 
☑ Price fields, for every good you may add so many price fields as you need. You may define some main price and add many additional prices. As example You sell software and as additional price you may add "install to hosting" or if you sell clothes and as additional price you may add additional price for color, size, shipping ...
☑ Possibility create tax, shipping, discount fields. Possibility set different taxes or discounts to different users groups . 
☑ Coupon code, field. You may create coupon to your clients. 
☑ Coupon manager. You may create permanent or gift coupons, you may set how many times this coupon may use. You may assign coupon only to some users groups. You may assign coupon only to some categories of goods. You may assign coupon only to some Entity of goods. 
☑ Cart layout, you may create layout for cart and connect buy request to cart
☑ Switch currency module, You may support so many currencies as you wish
☑ Orders management system
☑ Create any type of product filters
☑ You may sell download able products and set how long users will have access to product or how many times download it.
☑ Receive online payments with help PayPal or 2CheckOut gateways

Please check OnLine Shop Website example:

✰ Total Control over the Content

OrdaSoft Website builder permit create layout for add and show instance, category, all categories, Events, calendar, User Instances(in advance version) and search, choose what fields will be displayed and create your own template for each view.

✰ Events management

OrdaSoft CCK website Builder has ready functional for create events websites.

For create joomla events websites, the CCK Website builder included:

☑ Layout and fields builder, You may create any type of joomla event and you may define any fields which you need for fully detail of your joomla events
☑ To every joomla event you may connect Buy request form or Request form, You may create any request forms and you may define any fields which you need there
☑ You may create 3 types of joomla calendar: Big Joomla calenda, small calendar and schedule joomla calendar 
☑ Possibility export your events to google, yahoo, iCal, outlook calendar
☑ Possibility create recurrent events
☑ Possibility not show past events
☑ Possibility show in Joomla Calendar the events without connect to year. So you may at one calendar show all events fir every year. As example all Birth days of your team members. 

Please check Events Website example:

✰ OS CCK it is a community

OrdaSoft CCK WEBsite builder - has ready functional for create site of your school or university, sport club or community...
For create community websites, the CCK works together with Simple membership component (
‣ Simple membership help manage users
‣ OS CCK permit create different content and show this content exactly as you need
You very easy may create university site with students, teachers, and parents. Every will have self rights, Every will have self profiles and self content

Please check community Website example:

✰ Advanced Search

OS CCK gives possibility to create appropriate search with needed fields, so your users will be available to find the most suitable item.
You may add to search every field which need

✰ Manage Users items from frontend.

Site Admin may permit users from frontent add/edit self items (advance version)

✰ Access management in OS CCK Website builder

You may manage which categories, fields, Instance or layout may see by users depend from user Rights. You may set who will can add content to your site, content from who will auto publish ...

✰ Create Joomla Mega menu in Website builder

You may easy create joomla mega menu use any layout or HTML for that.

✰ Mail manage, Custom email forms

To every user add action(add instance, add review, add request ....) you may connect self email.
At time create email body, you may use as "palace holder" all fields which you have in form. So you easy may create any notification forms

✰ Dealer membership

Use OS CCK and another our component "Simple Joomla Membership" ( )
You may create dealer site where your users will can to add to your site the ads, books, houses, cafes ... and you will have possibility show every dealer profile with instances(ads, books ..) from every member(dealer), and every member will can manage self instances from frontend.

✰ Useful Links:

Please check more at


Support Forum:

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So awesome

Posted on 21 September 2020
So great! It is excellent and practical if you want to manage properties for rent or sale.
Ease of use
Very simple to setup and flexible, so you can use it for many different industries.
Great support. I had some questions and the replied inmediatelly!
Comprehensive documentation that helps to setup the component in the joomla backend
I used this to: A real estate web site, where you can search, rent or buy properties.

Unbelievable support

Posted on 25 February 2020
Does exactly what is should do. Basically it is just dragging and dropping of content blocks and is suitable for multiple purposes.
Ease of use
Great. Very intuitive and didn't need the documentation... it's there if you need it but the whole module works pretty simple.
I am amazed by the support these guys give. I also use the free blank template of Ordasoft and even with that they support me!
I used this to: I have created forms with the CCK module. I also plan on using this to build a portfolio... there are many options.
This is my first experience with using a component with many feature without having to find other plugins.
Ease of use
The CCK advantage was the QUICKSTART showing all the possibilities. It was easy enough to follow example to build my own design.
Very impressed with a simple email and a reply resulted in a custom QUICKSTART to meet my needs.
Plenty of documentation and the demo is more than enough to show how this component works to build a multi-purpose site.
I used this to: I am using the component to build a family genealogy website with a calendar for birthdays. I discovered additional ideas after browsing its multi-purpose features. I upgraded to get more than I could use which surprisingly gave me new ideas for future designs.
Muy lleno de opciones que necesitas. Puede configurarlo para diferentes tipos de sitios web y puede configurar la preferencia de cada usuario
Ease of use
OS CCK ayuda a crear varios tipos de catálogos de productos, clasificados, listados de manera muy fácil.
Siempre un gran apoyo del personal de Ordasoft. Cuando necesitas saber algo o solo necesitas ayuda, el equipo es muy rápido.
I used this to: Hay todo lo que necesitas saber y funciona muy bien para todos. Y si no lo encuentras solo pregunta al desarrollador.

OS property

Posted on 19 October 2018
very good, very simple to use.
Ease of use
Very good, nice template!
and special to notice:
Awesome help always, even you bought it years a go!
I used this to: Real estate

Applicabile a mille soluzioni

Posted on 21 September 2018
Con questa estensione per la creazione di contenuti ho trovato la soluzione a decine di applicazioni differenti. Mai più senza
Ease of use
Di una semplicità quasi imbarazzante.Versatile sotto davvero tanti aspetti.
Il supporto è la parte migliore. Sempre presenti. Che tu utilizzi un free o no. Davvero grandi e molto competente.Rapidi e professionali
Completa, ordinata e direi proprio esaustiva.
I used this to: Creare siti immobiliari, di noleggi beni, mercatini vendita e form generici
Kit de construction utilisé pour le management immobilier RealEstateManager d'Ordasoft
Ease of use
très facile et intuitif à utiliser. Excellente application
Très bon support. L'équipe répond dans la journée. Excellente intervention avec une préoccupation sincère du client.
Très bonne documentation didactique avec mode d'emploi point par point pour la mise en place
I used this to: RealEstateManager l'affichage des biens immobilier avec tri, image, prix, etc...


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Paid download

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