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Features of this module:
- Easy to use
- Set markers to the map
- multiple marker support
- marker popup
- languages: EN, DE, FR, NL
- custom marker support
- based on Leaflet -> nice design
- different maps on one site
- no ads
- different map styles
- custom tile server support
- auto update
- moduleclass suffix
- map scale

New in 2.15
- Fix a PHP 7.2 warning
- Move project home to GitLab (
- Update Leaflet to 1.3.1

New in 2.15
- Use HTTPS for all tile servers

New in 2.14
- Update Leaflet to 1.2.0
- Add dutch translation (Thanks to Roelof Ymker)
- Add possibility do disable user interactions like scrolling, ...

New in 2.13
- Remove MapQuest tile server, since they blocked free access to their tile servers

New in 2.12
- Fix root dir for assets

New in 2.11
- Use https for supporting tile servers

New in 2.10
- Include fr-FR language (Thanks to bcag2)
- Installations of old third-party FR language pack will removed
- Fix pin popups

New in 2.9
- Fix "Strict Standards" error for PHP 5.6
- Update Leaflet to 0.7.7

New in 2.8
- Fix missing image in module description
- Add add humanitarian (hot) map style (Thanks to Thomas Cujé)
- Internal changes (Thanks to Thomas Cujé)

New in 2.7
- Option to display scale
- Internal changes

New in 2.6
- Update Leaflet to 0.7.3
- Update tile map providers

New in 2.5
- Option to disable WorldWarp

New in 2.4:
- Fix: some "PHP strict" warnings
- Fix: Marker wasn't shown at all "copies" of the world

New in v2.3:
- Joomla 3.0 support
- Missing Icon in module settings fixed
- Leaflet updated to v0.5.1

Italian translation by Stefano:

Zeigt eine OpenStreetMap auf deiner Seite.

Features dieses Moduls:
- Einfach zu benutzen
- Marker (POI)
- beliebig viele Marker
- Marker mit Popup
- Mehrsprachig: EN, DE, FR, NL
- Eigene Markerdesigns
- Basiert auf Leaflet
- Verschiedene Kartenstile
- Keine Werbung
- Mehrere Karten auf einer Seite möglich
- Benutzerdefinierter Tilerserver möglich
- Autoupdate
- Modulklassen Suffix
- Maßstab

Neu in 2.16
- Eine PHP 7.2 behoben
- Projektentwicklung zu GitLab umgezogen (
- Leaflet auf 1.3.1 aktualisiert

Neu in 2.15
- Es wird HTTPS für alle Tileserver verwendet.

Neu in 2.14
- Leaflet auf 1.2.0 aktualisiert
- Niederländische Übersetzung von Roelof Ymker
- Möglichkeit, Benutzerinteraktionen zu verbieten

Neu in 2.13
- MapQuest tile server entfernt, da eine kostenlose Nutzung nicht mehr möglich ist

Neu in 2.12
- Pfade für interne Dateien korrigiert

Neu in 2.11
- https für Server die das unterstützen

Neu in 2.10
- Sprache fr-FR hinzugefügt (Danke an bcag2)
- Installationen des FR-Sprachpakets werden entfernt
- Fehler beim Anzeigen von Pin-Popups behoben

Neu in 2.9
- "Strict Standards" Fehler bei PHP 5.6 behoben
- Leaflet auf Version 0.7.7 aktualisiert

Neu in 2.8
- Fehlendes Bild in Modulbeschreibung behoben
- Humanitarian (hot) Karenstil hinzugefügt (Danke an Thomas Cujé)
- Interne Änderungen (Danke an Thomas Cujé)

New in 2.7
- Option, Maßstab einzublenden
- Interne Änderungen

New in 2.6
- Update Leaflet auf 0.7.3
- Update Kartenserveranbieter

New in 2.5
- Option, um das Wiederholen der Welt zu verhindern

New in 2.4:
- Fix: "PHP strict" Warnungen
- Fix: Marker wurden nicht auf allen "Kopien" der Welt angezeigt

New in v2.3:
- Joomla 3.0 Unterstützung
- Fehlendes Icon in Einstellungen korrigiert
- Leaflet updated auf v0.5.1

Italian translation by Stefano:

great extension

Posted on 20 July 2019
Has what OSM can deliver and what I needed. Support not necessary. Documentation not necessary.
Ease of use
Straight forward. Support not necessary. Documentation not necessary.
Support not necessary. Documentation not necessary. Support not necessary. Documentation not necessary.
Support not necessary. Documentation not necessary. Support not necessary. Documentation not necessary.
I used this to: Locating my business on a map with a custom marker on my website.
It just works! I have just installed the module and placed on my desired position & everything worked!
Ease of use
It was really easy to install & configure the basics. Also seen some advanced features, though I didn't use those options till now.
I have not faced any issues. So, no support was needed.
I think, it would be better if the description will be much broader about the advanced feature of this module.
I used this to: A website for my client.
Works immediately and helped me get rid of the google maps junk. Why hand over billing data to google, when there is Open Maps?
Ease of use
Easy enough. And easy to incorporate everywhere in a site, since it's a module. Many thanks to the developer!
Didn't need any yet.
Not much, but includes the necessary, and the module's options are self-explanatory.
I used this to: Showing maps within calendar events, or articles (that include sometimes these calendar events).
The module shows a map with marker of a location.
Ease of use
Very easy to configure, for example which mouse / keyboard actions you allow on the map (so you can disable the mouse scroll wheel)
Documentation in the module is clear, on the site too. The module has a repo on github.
I used this to: A customer had a Google Map module on their contact page. Recently Google changed their Google Map policy and the map on my customer's website displayed "For development Purposes Only". With OSModul I could easily replace the old module with a map from Open Street Map.

Fantastic module

Posted on 20 September 2018
It's easy to fine-tune and make an excellent replacement for Google Maps that no longer work without the API
Ease of use
Very easy
Works responsively and does everything else you would expect using OpenStreetMap including multiple markers if you wish.
Ease of use
It is easy to use and I didn't need the documentation to display one marker on a map to show a location.
It worked perfectly so I didn't need to use any support so far.
There is clear documentation e.g. on how to add extra markers.
I used this to: Simple location maps on websites to replace Google Maps extensions. Google Maps is now too hard with API registration and credit card needed.
This extension are a 'keeper'
Ease of use
Easy to use and to set up!
I used this to: Map view on my website.

Superb module

Posted on 21 May 2018
Does everything it is supposed to be doing, inclluding multiple marker stuff! Just exceptional.
Ease of use
By far 1000 times much easier than doing all the coding stuff with OSM, especially for my attempt to locate many POI on a single map
Says what it does.....
I used this to: Dispaying all location sites for our local association

Много добро

Posted on 10 February 2018
Работи както се очаква.
Ease of use
Лесно ползване.
I used this to: ??????????-??????? ????.

couldn't be better

Posted on 11 August 2016
Ease of use
very easy
until now: the best i have ever met: a very specific issue, but the developer did a incredible job!


Martin Kröll
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Jun 06 2018
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Nov 19 2014
GPLv2 or later
Free download

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