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Mosets Tree 3 and Joomla 3 are supported. Com_payments is Multilanguage payment component (you can set different payments for different languages in site also).

Com_payments is component for monetizing all Joomla with plugins for: users, K2, JomSocial, Kunena, Sport Predictions, Phoca Gallery, Jevents and Mosets tree: With this component you can charge for vip status for specific time period or to publish listing or to download attached file or to unlock some paid content in joomla content or to unlock user registration and other actions in many Joomla! components.

Com_Payments is component that include at one place six different payments:
- PayPal (free plugin)
- Mobio Sms payment (additional plugin)
- Epay.Bg (additional plugin)
- Offline payment (bank transfer) - free plugin
- MoneyBookers (free plugin, only in J1.5 version)
- Virtual Pos terminals (additional plugins)

Additional action plugins:
- User Account Activation
- Monetize Jomsocial
- Monetize Phoca Gallery
- Monetize Jevents
- Paid Signtures in Kunena
K2 Authors Plugin (pay to be author and publish content in K2)
Content Authors Plugin (pay to publish content in com_content)
- Special Content Viewer: allows you to hide a portion of an article inside Joomla content or in K2 item
- Paid predictions for Sport Predictions
- Mosets Tree Expired Listings (pay to publish expired listing)
- Mosets Tree VIP listiings: marks listings as featured for a specified period of time (in days)
- Mosets Tree auto publisher: marks listings as approved and published and send notification to a specified e-mail address
- Mosets Tree follow / nofollow links: follow / nofollow links in the Mosets Tree listings
- Mosets Tree download manager: pay to download attached in listing file.

Every payment can be configured with different price and payment gateway. The system is very flexyble and highly configurable. For example you can charge $3 for vip for 30 days trought Paypal and charge 4 EUR for 30 days vip with Moneybookers.

When payment is complete the ad will receive immediately Vip status or will be published. Once you configure specific prices the process is automated and the system earns money for you and send email notifications.

Component is flexyble, all payments are plugins in component. Many different plugins for different payment types and for different statusses can be added.

May perform what it promises, however, I could never reach to that stage.
Ease of use
Doesnt really go out of the box. There is lots and lots of tweaking required in the backend and the files within mosetstree directories.
Through forums and some files that are zipped inside the plugins.
Value for money
It was a trun off, but I guess most payment systems for mosetstree are all alike, and require lots of code change in the backend.
I used this to: Mosetstree 3.5
Owner's reply: Rizwan, only one of over 12 included in package plugins needed tweaking - needs manual changes in php code in only one Mosets Tree file. Your review is fake and really not useful for users, because is very poor idea to review component only in Mosets tree part and only one of all included plugins for Mtree. Com_payments works with eight Joomla components (Mosets tree, content, com_users, K2, Jevents, Kunena, JomSocial and Sport Predictions), cost us more than year development and is NOT only extension to monetize Mosets Tree!

The idea of this component, which conveys earning of money from the entire Joomla is brilliant. The realization of the component is flexible. There is even a template for developing of new plugin and information for the developers. Maybe it needs a few more plugins for more components as now it has at about 20 plugins about some ten different Joomla components.
I have wanted a payment system for my Mosets Tree powered classified ads for at least 2 years. This just the thing I was looking for, allows advertisers to upgrade to featured instantly. What do I think, Great, Fantastic a must have for Mtree users. A few problems I had that was my fault was resolved by their support quickly and told me the problem so that I know next time. A 5 star product at 2 star prices THANKS


Posted on 08 April 2013
Must have extension for Mtree.

Recommended to every one! Also the support is really fast and reliable.

Thank you guys!

Just what I need!

Posted on 16 October 2012
This is "must have" component to monetize all communities based on joomla. I use component with combination of "special content viewer" and "monetize kunena" plugins in huge website with many registered users and results are imressive. Idea to have one automated solution with different plugins for every single payment action in different components is really good. The only one bad thing is that this listing in JED is hard to find, i think that must be moved to some other category. This component is not only for Mosets tree.

Excellent work

Posted on 16 October 2012
Very useful extension.You can almost monetize everything in your site. Thanks !!!
I recommend this component for everyone, who are looking for best way to monetize their website.

Also thanks to the creators!

Useful extension

Posted on 15 October 2012
Latest version of this payment component is really better. Component is converted to something like "one solution to monetize all Joomla". You have payment processors and action plugins for different components to create paid plans about everything. Info for developers and example plugin template in package are very useful also. Big thanks for latest changes to developers.
Owner's reply: Thank you! We work all the time to adding new extras and more plugins to component. Soon we will have many new.

Very useful!

Posted on 17 March 2012
Very good application, I used it in several sites and it works perfectly.

Thanks to the authors.
I bought the new version and I use it in one of mine Joomla 2.5.2 sites. This component is very easy to use and has great potential and versatility!

The one thing I like the most is that both the payment methods and the payment TYPES are implemented as Joomla plugins which are manageable through the Joomla's plugin interface, which means that this component may be used to sell services linked not only to Mosets Tree, if you have the relevant Joomla plugin that is...

I am looking forward to see what functionality the next versions will offer. It would be nice if the new plugins are focused not solely on Mosets Tree but on other components too (com_content, K2, etc.).

Keep up the good work!
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