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Personal Goal Manager is a powerful Joomla! component for goals, plans, habits and personal schedule management. It works either as stand-alone solution or as JomSocial & EasySocial add-on. The component supports records and tasks scheduling, visual progress tracking, JomSocial & EasySocial community sharing and more.
The personal manager extension is easy to use thanks to its intuitive administration tools and informative user interface.

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S.M.A.R.T Goals Creation
You can set as many goals as you wish. For better results use S.M.A.R.T. paradigm to create your goals:
- Specific title, description and engaging image.
- Measurable metrics to assess your progress correctly.
- Attainable milestones to manage Goals Manager core activities.
- Realistic due date scheduling option.
- Time-bound milestones to set intermediate aims for every goal.
With this personal management component is possible to add any custom fields both from Back End and Front End and build charts based on them.

Plans Realization
Plan is a set of stages and tasks you should describe in advance. All these actions are tied to deadlines you have to keep. The plan will be fulfilled just after all its stages and tasks will have been completed.

Habits Management
Every habit has a title, weight (that indicates how important this habit for you) and positive/negative attribute. Set up the number of times you should repeat the activity to form a habit or to get rid of a bad one.
The personal management component counts your total daily rating according to weight you set for every habit and shows your progress in summarized chart.

Predefined Templates
The users can add goals, plans and habits from templates created by Administrator. It really simplifies your clients work and quickly engages them into the personal management process.

Tracking Progress
It’s very easy to manage your goals, plans and habits with 3 handy dashboards (Today, Goals&Plans and Habits).
Every goal, plan and habits progress is advantageously illustrated on the separate graphs.
You can also monitor your goal achievement and plan realization at their progress bars.
Thanks to the built-in calendar you are always aware of all your added records and tasks. Just click on their title links and you will know the goals tracking details.

Collaborative Networking
The personal schedule management extension is EasySocial & JomSocial 2.0 – 3.x compatible. It engages Community members to connect around their challenges, share their daily progress on Activity Stream and support each other.


Posted on 05 July 2016

For me, all what I need is there.

Ease of use

All self explaining


100 points not enough. 150 points

Value for money

yes, with the support!

I used this to: Teaching

Ok, until now I have limited my reviews to positive reviews. But having subscribed on and off to JoomPlace's Personal Goals Manager since it came out 3 years ago... I gotta say, I have never ever gotten my moneys worth. Frankly, I have always been to embarrassed to use it on a live site.

I am currently giving it another go on a beta site, because it is an important feature for our strategy, but I honestly think I will have to get a custom component built by a team with more attention to detail.

JoomPlace has nice people. Their support staff is honest and helpful... and they readily accept feedback. But it is very clear that they are doing WAAY too many things, resulting in a lot of poor and buggy products.

They should stop developing/supporting most of the components they offer, and focus on building 3-4 very good components max, depending on their resources.

In the case of Personal Goals Manager, it is such a wasted opportunity, there is no competition for it in the Joomla space. They should rebuild it from scratch... and hire better UI/UX Front End Designers.

Promising module

Posted on 18 July 2014

good idea and module philosophy, and again Joomplace support is excellent. Look forward to see the collaborative applications and to try the social modules integration !

My client want to use this extension and after installing some components were not working properly due to core updates and extension updates. They did an excellent job helping me out and providing the right version and great support. They know what they are doing at JoomPlace and highly recommend their extensions if you need one.

Save my time!

Posted on 10 February 2014

I have been searching for a long time for a component like this, the one for managing my employees’ daily activities. Personal Goals manager is a well-done component for creating plans, assigning and scheduling tasks & tracking progress without wasting time. If you need functional, customizable and easy to use managing component, Personal Goals manager is a great choice!


Posted on 06 December 2013

Buying any product you want to be sure that you will get qualitative support service as well. In point of Personal Goal Manager Component, I can surely say that I bought one. The tickets are replied immediately and solved within a short period of time. Maria is really helpful and attentive. I wish all other companies had this kind of support. Completely satisfied.

Personal Goal Manager was recommended to me by one of my acquaintances to organize everyday

business tasks. Such feature as “Milestones” is priceless. I am able to monitor progress of each task and

see how much time I have spent. I divide the tasks on stages and follow the plan to maximize my work

efficiency. Great tool for people with busy schedule!

Wonderful Extension

Posted on 07 October 2013

Truly a unique and yet powerful extension that helps those who wish to create plans of actions in which they wish to achieve specific results when reaching their goals. This extension provides all that and then some. We also love the fact the Joomplace provides the option of lifetime licensing and updates on their extensions. We enjoy their products.

The crew at Joomplace have done a superb job on Goals Manager, providing excellent tools for tracking goals and habits. I required some modification for my specialized application. Their service was prompt and they provided me a great tailored solution. kudos for their rapid service and addressing of minor bugs. Recommended without reserve.

Quiz Deluxe

Quiz Deluxe

Paid download | Education & Culture | JoomPlace
73 reviews
Joomla Quiz Deluxe is an enhanced Joomla! Quiz component to create a great looking quiz, trivia, test or exam. The extension provides an opportunity of establishing fully functional training courses based on quizzes and extensive examination of one's knowledge. Use it for: Online learning courses Students training and assessment Certification exams and certificates Language placement tests Promoting your brand with competitions Employees’ skills evaluation Entertainment and fun tests Trivia and puzzle games Benefits: Diversity of Question Types Joomla Quiz Deluxe includes 10 basic and 4 puzzle question types. Questions can be enriched with images, audio and video files to make your test more engaging. Varieties of Feedback There are several feedback types, so you can enable feedback for the whole quiz; all test questions or even some answer options. Question feedback can be displayed after every question is answered or at the end of a test. Feedback may vary according to the number of points a user has scored in a test. Question Pool & Learning Paths Question Pool option will let you store questions, not assigned to specific quizzes, and create tests with randomly (or partially randomly) pulled questions. Learning Paths are designed to create courses; they can contain quizzes and Joomla articles. Each step becomes available after the previous one (an article or a test) was passed successfully. Integration with Other Extensions Joomla Quiz Deluxe is compatible with Community Builder and VirtueMart. VM integration allows selling your tests and learning paths as VirtueMart products. CB plugin, in its turn, adds examination results to Community Builder user profile. Customizable Templates & Certificates Along with the component, you get 6 quiz templates. It’s possible to edit CSS and customize them to change the appearance of a test, if necessary. Besides, it’s possible to issue certificates for users, who have successfully passed a test or an assessment. Set of Useful Modules Installation package includes 8 modules: 4 modules to show best, latest and user’s test results; Quiz Summary module with the list of available, incomplete, passed and failed tests; 3 Learning Paths modules to present available, not completed and successfully completed courses. Abundance of Features List of features encompasses: time and attempts limits redirection after test submission sending results to author and user email questions upload from csv quiz export and import pdf and csv reports results and quiz statistics menu items ACL management and many more!
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Survey Force Deluxe

Survey Force Deluxe

Paid download | Surveys | JoomPlace
23 reviews
The Survey Deluxe component is an advanced survey and polling tool. With this survey extension, you will easily create any surveys or polls right from the front-end, collect data and analyze survey results online. Use it for: Surveys and polls Questionnaires Customer feedback Troubleshooting Competition voting Benefits: Front End Authoring You can give any of your Joomla users a permission to author and manage surveys. Survey questions are created with the help of drag and drop editor. Simply click the question’s title on the left panel and drag it onto the right one to add to a survey. All the changes will be applied to the survey questions and immediately shown on the right. Branching / Question Rules Use questions conditions to jump to a particular question in the survey according to the user reply or skip some questions of the survey. Customizable Appearance Group all your survey questions on one page, place each on a separate page of a poll or create your own survey layout by means of Page Break divider. Survey questions can be enriched with images and video to make your surveys and polls more engaging. Survey Force Deluxe comes with two predefined CSS templates that you can modify. Besides, you can add a background image for your survey and enable the progress bar. Leave a bright impression after a survey with a customizable final page – show a custom message to the survey participants and add graphical results representation of their voting. Survey Invitations Save your time by sending out email invitations and reminders to take a survey. The text of survey invitations is customizable. Additional Capabilities The surveys and polls component comes with a content plugin allowing inserting your surveys right into content articles. Also, you can set the importance scale for each reply inside the survey. Advanced reports are available in .csv and .pdf formats to analyze survey results.
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HTML5 Flipping Book

HTML5 Flipping Book

Paid download | Portfolio | JoomPlace
9 reviews
HTML5 Flipping Book Joomla! Component is digital publishing software that enables creating publications in the form of eBooks, digital magazines, online portfolios, brochures & catalogs with flipping pages, with all its features being supported by mobile devices. Using HTML5 Flipping Book Component you will be able to create an attractive and realistic flipping book content with a variety of media files (images, audio, video, pdf) and HTML5 advanced features, including links to YouTube, Vimeo and other media websites. Plus, you can be sure that your flip books or magazines look the same for mobile users as well. Use it for: Online magazines and newspapers Product catalogs and price lists Flip books and brochures Photo galleries and albums Portfolio and presentations Benefits: Cross-platform Publications can be viewed on desktop PCs, laptops, tablets, smartphones and other devices. HTML5 Flipping Book is compatible with all modern browsers. Media Rich Pages of a flip book or a journal can be enriched with uploaded media files (images, video, audio) or embedded using URL to media websites (YouTube, Vimeo, etc.). Besides, you can add a sound for page turning. User Friendly The component provides convenient navigation for end users: table of contents, page slider with preview, “go to page” option, left-to-right & right-to-left page turning, zoom and full-screen mode. Registered user profile represents a reading room with the latest opened online magazine (catalog) and “continue reading” option, reading and favorite lists, and bookshelf view. Easy to share With HTML5 Flipping Book you can easily share publications on most popular social networks - Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+. There’s also an option to email publication to a friend. Feature-rich You can convert PDF files to flipping books or add a PDF version, which can be downloaded by end users. If you have a large number of images for one flip book, there’s “Multiupload” option to upload an archive with all files in two clicks. Content and button plugins allow inserting a publication link with a thumbnail into an article. Customizable with GUI You can create new templates and resolutions for your publications, include hardcover or select landscape layout for spreading one image to double page. There are 3 book display modes: Joomla Modal Window, Popup Window, and Direct Link. List of books in category view can be divided into 2,3,4 and 6 columns. SEO Friendly The component includes online flipping book Meta and Open Graph data. Each digital magazine's double-page spread unique URL, and HTML pages are indexed by search engines.
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Paid download | Blog | JoomPlace
15 reviews
JoomBlog is a fully-featured component used to set up a blog on your web site. With JoomBlog you will efficiently manage blog content and engage site users’ attention. Use it for: Personal creative blog Corporate blog Team blogging Bloggers’ social network News blog Benefits: Front End Management It’s possible to manage all your blogs and create new ones right from the front-end. You can create a new blog, add a post, and edit blog settings as well as change users’ permissions. You can add registered Joomla users to Bloggers’ List and allow them to start a personal blog on your site and publish posts. Multiple Blogs on One Site You can set up as many blogs as it is required. Your blog can be private and corporate, thematic and general. All of them can be available in one blogging interface and listed in the module List of Blogs. It’s possible to create both personal and team blogs, where different bloggers can contribute to a single blog. It is possible to give different permissions to blog users: you decide which members have the blogging rights: to create, change or unpublish blog posts. Commenting & Social Sharing JoomBlog extension uses a built-in commenting system to allow readers leave feedback for your blogging. Also, comments to the blog can be added via Disqus. The commenting system has anti-spam CAPTCHA. The blog component is integrated with most popular social networks: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, StumbleUpon and Pinterest sharing buttons are built in JoomBlog. Open Graph protocol implemented within JoomBlog will reinforce links to your blog posts with media-rich preview Blog Modules The installation package of the blog component also contains three modules to enhance your blog: List of Blogs, Archive Posts, Categories, Popular Bloggers, and Tag Cloud. Additional Capabilities JoomBlog allows you to import all the users, categories and articles with comments from Joomla directly to your blog, which can save your time for writing and blogging.
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Comparison Chart

Comparison Chart

Paid download | Ratings & Reviews | JoomPlace
4 reviews
This Joomla! Comparison Chart makes it easy to build comparison charts both for e-Commerce and e-Learning. The comparison component allows adding description of products’ features in the form of comparison charts which help arrange simple and convenient purchasing process. We recommend using the chart component to help users easily comprehend difference between any object, item or product without having to analyze long descriptions. This Joomla! comparison extension makes the process of the chart building very easy! It will encourage you to focus on content rather than adjustingchart columns and rows. No designer skills needed to put together pieces of information in the form of visually appealing charts with this fully fledged chart component and 3 default chart templates. What you might want to do with Comparison Chart component: *Adjust font size, color and type as well as color of columns and rows of the chart *Make use of the hiding effect to collapse/expand chart columns and rows *Submit information retrieved from a CSV-file *Add optional chart component description below and above charts *Choose between any of the 3 default templates for the chart or create custom ones. *Insert pictures, links, or other information right into the comparison chart tables with the help of HTML tags *Let users contribute to your charts. They might want to select items to compare and create a new chart *Highlight best/worst chart component items related to selected parameters For more information about the Comparison Chart component features, please check the chart extension description page http://www.joomplace.com/comparison-chart/comparison-chart-description.html.
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Online Memorials Directory

Online Memorials Directory

Paid download | Thematic Directory | JoomPlace
6 reviews
Online Memorials Directory is a full-fledged component for building directory of media-rich online memorials and obituaries. The solution is designed to extend Funeral and Cremation Centre web sites and support initiatives related to remembrance of the ones who is gone by Charities, Christian Church or private persons eager to create and manage a Tributes portal or Obituary Directory. Manage Obituaries and Memorial Walls * Creating memorial walls to the ones who died you can: publish the textual obituaries or life stories, supplement the long-lived homage with photos, videos and audio files, configure which memorial fields to display and modify field labels, create additional custom fields of different types for your obituary listings. Listing and detail layouts are available for displaying your obituaries. Configure Obituaries/ Memorials Directory * It is possible to organize published obituaries and memorial walls in catalogues and display categories list at the directory home page. The home page is easily configurable using obituary management modules delivered in a basic installation set and built-in search options: Latest Obituaries module Latest Condolences module Alphabetical Obituary Search option Extended Search Obituary section (visitor can use the following search criteria: first name, last name, date of birth, date of death, award received and any keywords) Manage Comments/ Condolences * The online memorials will never be deserted as visitors should like to leave their comments and inspired words of condolence and enriching them by adding selected candle image. The built-in commenting module allows you to: - leave comment for obituary (Captcha Spam Security is added); - to manage comments from the front-end control panel; - approve/ disapprove comments submitted by visitors. Sharing Options * In addition to commenting system a number of sharing and user activity options are implemented. Visitors can: share obituaries on Twitter, Facebook or Google+ using social buttons email obituaries to friends print obituaries from the front-end subscribe RSS feed for new condolences/ new obituaries
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Paid download | Testimonials & Suggestions | JoomPlace
18 reviews
WHAT MAKES JOOMLA TESTIMONIALS UNIQUE? With this Joomla! testimonials component your site or web shop visitors can leave their valuable feedback about your service or products. The Testimonials extension allows assigning relevant testimonials to any landing page of your website and menu item, making a separate testimonials page or adding testimonials and reviews to article content pages by mans of tagging system. A tree structure comments system allows you and your website visitors to comment testimonials, reply to the comments and other users’ replies, and manage comments and replies. Testimonials extension is fully responsive. It is possible to add images and photos inside the reviews. You can set up timeouts for testimonials rotations and they will be paged through one by one creating a nice animated effect or the testimonials inside the slider can be rotated automatically or by hovering the mouse (by finger touch on a mobile device). A number of available features makes Testimonials component highly customizable, powerful and easy to use and manage Joomla! component: A WIDE RANGE OF SETTING OPTIONS Testimonials can be managed both Front & Back End. If you add users to the component's managers they can edit and approve testimonials from the front-end UI; Show/hide testimonial’s author name and avatar, show/hide testimonials title; Add several testimonials custom fields and use multiple-criteria rating system; Place, show/hide “Read more” & “Add new” links; Pagination: set a number of testimonials per page; Template Override Possibilities are supported. It means you can change the way testimonials look at the Front End without modifying CSS. Built-in CAPTCHA, Joomla CAPTCHA and reCAPTCHA protect your website from SPAM; THE COMPONENT COMES WITH 6 PREDEFINED TEMPLATES The templates can be viewed on JoomPlace demo site. There is also a template manager to help you modify the templates. ADVANCED ADMIN OPTIONS: You decide by yourself whether it will be just registered users who leave the messages or not; Allow users to upload photos from their computers to enhance profiles; Place pop-up tips to testimonials fields; Set-up auto-approve; Email notifications when testimonials are added or modified; THE COMPONENT CAN BE USED AS TESTIMONIALS ADDON FOR VIRTUEMARTenabling you to place testimonials on VirtueMart based e-commerce site. The component supports Joomla! 3.0 Advanced Control Levels. TESTIMONIALS GOES WITH 3 FREE PLUGINS: The content plugin allows you to insert several testimonials right into your content pages. You can choose the layout type, testimonial’s category or tag and the number of testimonials you want to display in the article. Editor-XTD plugins allows adding Rating custom field. WE USE THE COMPONENT ON OUR WWW.JOOMPLACE.COM WEBSITE! See Testimonials Live Demo for Joomla! 3.0 on our demo site http://demo30.joomplace.com/testimonials-component.
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Paid download | Personal Life | JoomPlace
2 reviews
This extension will help you manage various checklists. Use Checklist to add more relevant and unique content on your website, track the completion of personal or group tasks, engage users and let them create own lists. Use it for: Study assignments Projects & tasks management Personal to-do lists Group collaboration Ideas & tips sharing Benefits: Easily Manageable There are a number of tools that make it fast and simple to work with checklists. You can add useful information as a description before and after a checklist. The tagging system allows checklist categorizing and simplifies the search process. Checklists are available for printing and converting to PDF files. You can embed any checklist into Joomla article or integrate with third-party extensions. Available for End Users Site visitors can create their own checklists, comment on others’ public lists and use pre-created by administrator checklists. "Copy to my Checklist" option allows using available checklists as templates. A Star Rating system is implemented to let users evaluate and rate lists. SEO & Socially Optimized You can improve checklists visibility on the web by setting Checklist Title, Alias, Meta Data, and Custom Meta Tags (e.g. Open Graph). The extension is also integrated with Disqus commenting system and such social networks as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Linkedin, StumbleUpon & Pinterest for sharing your lists. Enhanced with Options Each task can be accompanied with useful tips (the embedded HTML editor allows you to insert useful links, images, audio and video files). Two modules come along with the component: Tag Cloud module and Latest Checklists module providing quick access to necessary lists.
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Personal Goals Manager

Last updated:
May 19 2015
Date added:
Nov 19 2014
GPLv2 or later
Paid download

This extension does NOT implement the Joomla! Update System

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