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Personal Goal Manager is a powerful Joomla! component for goals, plans, habits and personal schedule management. It works either as stand-alone solution or as JomSocial & EasySocial add-on. The component supports records and tasks scheduling, visual progress tracking, JomSocial & EasySocial community sharing and more.
The personal manager extension is easy to use thanks to its intuitive administration tools and informative user interface.


S.M.A.R.T Goals Creation
You can set as many goals as you wish. For better results use S.M.A.R.T. paradigm to create your goals:
- Specific title, description and engaging image.
- Measurable metrics to assess your progress correctly.
- Attainable milestones to manage Goals Manager core activities.
- Realistic due date scheduling option.
- Time-bound milestones to set intermediate aims for every goal.
With this personal management component is possible to add any custom fields both from Back End and Front End and build charts based on them.

Plans Realization
Plan is a set of stages and tasks you should describe in advance. All these actions are tied to deadlines you have to keep. The plan will be fulfilled just after all its stages and tasks will have been completed.

Habits Management
Every habit has a title, weight (that indicates how important this habit for you) and positive/negative attribute. Set up the number of times you should repeat the activity to form a habit or to get rid of a bad one.
The personal management component counts your total daily rating according to weight you set for every habit and shows your progress in summarized chart.

Predefined Templates
The users can add goals, plans and habits from templates created by Administrator. It really simplifies your clients work and quickly engages them into the personal management process.

Tracking Progress
It’s very easy to manage your goals, plans and habits with 3 handy dashboards (Today, Goals&Plans and Habits).
Every goal, plan and habits progress is advantageously illustrated on the separate graphs.
You can also monitor your goal achievement and plan realization at their progress bars.
Thanks to the built-in calendar you are always aware of all your added records and tasks. Just click on their title links and you will know the goals tracking details.

Collaborative Networking
The personal schedule management extension is EasySocial & JomSocial 2.0 – 3.x compatible. It engages Community members to connect around their challenges, share their daily progress on Activity Stream and support each other.


Posted on 05 July 2016
For me, all what I need is there.
Ease of use
All self explaining
100 points not enough. 150 points
Value for money
yes, with the support!
I used this to: Teaching
Ok, until now I have limited my reviews to positive reviews. But having subscribed on and off to JoomPlace's Personal Goals Manager since it came out 3 years ago... I gotta say, I have never ever gotten my moneys worth. Frankly, I have always been to embarrassed to use it on a live site.

I am currently giving it another go on a beta site, because it is an important feature for our strategy, but I honestly think I will have to get a custom component built by a team with more attention to detail.

JoomPlace has nice people. Their support staff is honest and helpful... and they readily accept feedback. But it is very clear that they are doing WAAY too many things, resulting in a lot of poor and buggy products.

They should stop developing/supporting most of the components they offer, and focus on building 3-4 very good components max, depending on their resources.

In the case of Personal Goals Manager, it is such a wasted opportunity, there is no competition for it in the Joomla space. They should rebuild it from scratch... and hire better UI/UX Front End Designers.

Promising module

Posted on 18 July 2014
good idea and module philosophy, and again Joomplace support is excellent. Look forward to see the collaborative applications and to try the social modules integration !
My client want to use this extension and after installing some components were not working properly due to core updates and extension updates. They did an excellent job helping me out and providing the right version and great support. They know what they are doing at JoomPlace and highly recommend their extensions if you need one.

Save my time!

Posted on 10 February 2014
I have been searching for a long time for a component like this, the one for managing my employees’ daily activities. Personal Goals manager is a well-done component for creating plans, assigning and scheduling tasks & tracking progress without wasting time. If you need functional, customizable and easy to use managing component, Personal Goals manager is a great choice!


Posted on 06 December 2013
Buying any product you want to be sure that you will get qualitative support service as well. In point of Personal Goal Manager Component, I can surely say that I bought one. The tickets are replied immediately and solved within a short period of time. Maria is really helpful and attentive. I wish all other companies had this kind of support. Completely satisfied.
Personal Goal Manager was recommended to me by one of my acquaintances to organize everyday

business tasks. Such feature as “Milestones” is priceless. I am able to monitor progress of each task and

see how much time I have spent. I divide the tasks on stages and follow the plan to maximize my work

efficiency. Great tool for people with busy schedule!

Wonderful Extension

Posted on 07 October 2013
Truly a unique and yet powerful extension that helps those who wish to create plans of actions in which they wish to achieve specific results when reaching their goals. This extension provides all that and then some. We also love the fact the Joomplace provides the option of lifetime licensing and updates on their extensions. We enjoy their products.
The crew at Joomplace have done a superb job on Goals Manager, providing excellent tools for tracking goals and habits. I required some modification for my specialized application. Their service was prompt and they provided me a great tailored solution. kudos for their rapid service and addressing of minor bugs. Recommended without reserve.
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Personal Goals Manager

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