RokGallery is a ground-up revolutionary gallery extension, developed to be hugely flexible, versatile and user friendly. The system itself is built on a custom tag-based architecture with the ability to have multiple tag-based galleries.

RokGallery uses design and concepts that have been traditionally reserved for platform-native applications and are for the first time making their way into a web environment.

Requires RokCommon Plugin:

★ Administration Features
- HTML5/Flash multi-file uploader with upload status indicators
- Multiple image ‘slices’ per image with individual zoom/crop sizes
- Custom tag-based architecture
- Interactive multi-selection via selection drag, or “shift” clicking multiple images
- Advanced compound filtering for selecting specific images
- Multiple Gallery support associated by tag
- Ajax-powered for speed optimization
- CSS3 animation effects for that desktop application feel
- Sophisticated slice editor for creating custom views of a particular image file

★ Frontend Features
- Gallery view component with various view options: 3x3, 4x4, Details etc.
- Override-able architecture to allow for custom layouts including custom HTML, CSS, JS, etc.
- Front-end selectable sort options
- Ability to “love” an image
- Image view counter
- Details view for a particular image with full image information
- Modules available include: Grid view and new Slideshow module with unique transition effects.

★ System Requirements
- PHP support for the SQLite PDO driver
- PHP support for the MySQL PDO driver
- MySQL with InnoDB support
- PHP support for PDO
- PHP support for GD2
- PHP 5.2.8 and above

At first I really liked the functionality of the component, until I noticed that the image quality of the images. When you upload images through rokgallery, the component re-compresses the images upon saving it. Then, when you go to display the image, it looks terrible. Yes, I know that there is a setting within the component for image quality, but even set at 100% it looks really bad. This component would be really nice if it merely uploaded the images and displayed them within the slide show. This way I control the image quality and NOT the component. RokGallery's 100% jpg setting is comparable to a 60% photoshop save quality. This isn't good enough!
Owner's reply: Hello,

Thank you for your review.

While I was unable to replicate any issues with our image quality function using the latest RokGallery, I have forwarded this review onto one of our developers for a second look and to also request an option for standard upload functionality without compression.

In the meantime, consider using our RokSprocket module to create a slideshow with any of your standard images:

Kind regards,

Reggie Simmons
RocketTheme LLC
Nice look. A lot of interface features (drag&drop, filters) but Usability is friendly only in the start. A lot of unnecessary actions, publish-unpublish bugs, slide bugs(when the list is finished it transfers to the home link), images size appearing bug in the slide.

I think when developers fix these bugs and finalize extension it will be the best photo gallery!


Posted on 16 February 2014
While I have seen some great examples of what this extension can go. However, I was disappointed that the upload button wasn't working. Forum and documentation was not helpful. Even more disappointing was that uninstall crashed the site. I am glad that others have had a better experience with the extension. Will try again later.

Don't know why to use

Posted on 20 June 2013
It's a nice feature for some of the rockettheme templates , but using it as a gallery and source for article images is not easy - the support also has no clue.

The workflow is not what I think a gallery can do.

The videos are nice, the examples are easy and you wonder, what else you can do with it. The fact is: nothing else - or not much without running against walls. Forum is not much help either. Documentation? No, just some cases how to use the gallery. Want to do someting other? Trial and error.

The backend:

you only see thumbs with no further information. If you have two or more pictures looking quite the same you have to click, no other chance.

You can give pictures titles and tags and search for them. Filenames are dumped, no chance to use anything from it.

At all it's quite nice for online editing, some rockettheme template feature and to use it as a simple gallery it will be quite ok, but there are better out there.

Using pictures from the gallery in articles is where my current wall is (black bars top and bottom of the thumb).

I do not want to upload the same images twice.

Mod ok Support lowsy

Posted on 08 May 2013
The mod is pretty good has some neat features but found too many issues when I used various compluters to use the gallery, slow speeds, poor visibility, buttons not appearing. Even became a paid member and emailed them several questions on using it in their FREE template and how to get it to show up in the right spot with no responses on their forum or direct emails.
Nice for creating photo galleries, but be careful about using the text option. Isn't designed for websites in multiple languages​​.
This is an incredible gallery and slideshow extension. We are using it for galleries of hundreds of images and it works smoothly. The slice concept, in which your original image is never touched, but different size slices (images) are created is amazing. Putting images into multiple galleries with tags works well. The images can be shown in attractive slideshows. Clients love the visual nature of arranging their galleries and applying captions.
I just tried this again after not using for a while...mainly because it was a buggie pain in the butt....

So cut to many months later, and a new version & I give it another try.... mostly because it makes adding and manipulating images easy for rookie joomla users (in theory) watching the demo video its looks reality different story.

The uploader is so inconsistently unstable its pretty much a non-starter

If I use the drag and drop for multiple uploads, it uploads 30%-50% of the images, and not the rest...and the interface you look at after that does not display the file names so it takes forever to figure out what uploaded and what did not....and using the browse and select version of selecting does exactly the same makes actually using it a giant time suck annoyance

once you get the photos uploaded the interface to work with the photos is slow and cumbersome..and adding captions to the photo on a slide show, you have no control of the position of the text....another time suck searching their forums trying to figure out how to do it & again no answers...and what I did find...did not work.

Im a fan of rockettheme products...but this one is a time suck...and it is a waste of time trying to get assistance via the forum..lots of people asking for questions and VERY few answers

The uploaded put me over the edge today.... spent WAY too much time on the forum trying to figure out the issue with no result..other than may other people asking the same questions in different ways

If you have just 5-8 photos, its fine but for anything other than that...its a huge pain in the butt.... Im off to look for something else


Posted on 22 March 2012
The components is very good, BUT most hosting services does not have InnoDb. Not for the average joomla site/hosting


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