With simplification in mind and ease of use, we have created Global Flash Gallery Extension that allows you to put together various galleries (9 different galleries) which can then be used from a single shell!

Our Gallery Extension's ease of use and the sheer quality of its various functions can help you to create distinctive and interesting galleries - a cut above the rest of the crop!

The Global Flash Gallery Extension contains various settings and modes that enable you to simply change the size of your images and tag them and you can even preserve your original file.

We have created a product of high quality and its huge variety of effects are very easy to use and using Global Flash Galleries, it's simple to create varied photo galleries from all your different albums - even for novices who may find more complicated programmes intimidating.

With our slidehow mode you can preview your photo galleries in either basic thumbnail size or in larger full size.

The Global Flash Gallery Extension is easy to use, extremely convenient, simple to operate and even fun! The Extension also allows for different harmonic colour layouts from templates.

Users may also upload photo's and place them in several galleries at one time - the settings can be changed from within and you can publish the galleries directly to posts.

Global Flash Gallery Extension will help you to speedily create unique, high-quality galleries so that you can store your albums, photos, cards and all other images you may wish to upload.

Global Flash Gallery includes: Art Photo Gallery, Aura Gallery, Zen Gallery, Box Gallery, PhotoFlow Gallery, Cubic Gallery 3D Wall Gallery, Stack Gallery, Line Gallery, 3D Gallery, Promo Gallery (11 galleries)


Posted on 13 July 2013
Exactly what I was looking for to satisfy the needs of a photographer. Nice interface and fairly easy to use after a slight learning curve.


Posted on 31 January 2012
The gallery plugins allow to use any language in Gallery interface and descriptions of the images
I'm very pleased with this component. It's easy to understand (after you see the difference between Album and Gallery) and works perfect. Very nice effects. Wanted to migrate hundreds of galleries with thousand of images to this software and Oleg gave me great support, fixing some small bugs in less than an hour.

I'm Satisfied

Posted on 08 November 2011
I chose this extension after experimenting with 6 different Joomla image gallery extensions, both Flash and non-Flash. It has 9 different types of Galleries which can be purchased individually or as a group. I bought the Art Photo Gallery; it was the best fit for my needs. [BTW, the extension is classified as a "Flash Slideshow", but I see it more as a "Photo Flash Gallery".]


- Front-end gallery is simple, elegant, intuitive.

- Easy to install and integrate into your site.

- Works as advertised. I'm relatively new to Joomla, and I found it easy to learn and understand, despite the minimal documentation.

- You can exercise the full functionality without paying anything ... no surprises. [The free version supports a limited number of images per gallery, but once you pay, there is no image limit and no copyright label.]

- Even though it uses Flash (and I have a gallery with over 50 images), I can't complain about the performance, even though I use preload.


There is limited configuration flexibility. Here are some of the things I WISH the extension had:

- ability to have 2 rows of thumbnails

- support for proportional thumbnails (i.e. not just cropped thumbnails)

- more control over the quality of (resized) thumbnail and preview images.

- more control over caption location

- rich text capability for captions

Having said that, I'm happy with the extension and won't hesitate to use it again in the future. [Note: You can use the extension on an unlimited number of pre-specified domains, but each domain needs a key. After 12 months, a renewal payment is required if you want to use the extension for any NEW domains.)
I like this setup and give the software and developers full points (EXCELLENT).

Where I became confused.. was on the website. It's not clear that you download the actual component separately a free area. So I toiled for a few hours before writing in. It was then that I found out I was missing a piece. (and they got back to me with in minutes I might add)

So all I would change... is the site to make that more clear. The software has a clean and fast interface. I like that it has a preview so you don't HAVE to hook up a link until you are done.

Very cool.
Great flash image gallery...something I've needed for a long time, so thanks!

Only constraint seems to be that it only allows 9 photos per album... Well at least it only displays 9 photos in the gallery...

Global Flash Galleries

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Nov 18 2014
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