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Product Box in Article for JoomShopping Plugin
This simple plugin allows You to shows product box in articles. The product box consist of an image, product name, price and title wrapped in a link to a product page in a new tab. You can place as many products in article as You want. Plugin works only in articles (for performance - not to be called for every content component).
It was tested to work on Joomla 3 with Joomshopping 4.x, but might work with other versions.
It is a very simple plugin and can be adapted to your needs in the code, or You can contact me for a feauture request.

Installation: Install using Joomla Extension manager. Enable plugin in admin console.

Simple Usage: Set defaults on plugin config page and use the code: [jsproduct]PRODUCT_ID[/jsproduct]

Advanced Usage: Insert in article code: [jsproduct float="right" bsize="1" bcolor="#cccccc" title="Title for product" imgwidth="300" boxmargin="4"]PRODUCT_ID[/jsproduct] where:

  • float="right|left" - option for this box to float to the right or to the left on the page
  • bsize="1" - border size for the product box
  • bcolor="#cccccc" - border color for the product box
  • title="Title for the product" - title for the box, displayed just below the image
  • title_size="16" - font size for the title
  • imgwidth="300" - width of the image
  • imgheight="300" - height of the image, please specify only heiight or width for the image to display proportional
  • boxmargin="4" - margin for the product box
  • prodname="above|below" - name of the product, if indicated to be shown above or below the image
  • prodname_size="14" - font size for the product name
  • prodprice="no" - product price be displayed below the image (default), specify "no" to hide it
  • prodprice_size="16" - font size for the price
  •       PRODUCT_ID -  id of the product to display as indicated in Joomshopping Products list (required)

    All of the options are optional except for the PRODUCT_ID.

Product Box in Article for JoomShopping

Last updated:
Jul 13 2016
Date added:
Jul 08 2016
GPLv2 or later
Free download

Uses Joomla! Update System