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Profile Pro introduces a powerful and easy way to customize and manage Community Builder extension. It also adds many useful features to CB, such as profile types and multi-step registration.

With this extension you can:

Customize profile, profile edit and registration pages in Community Builder visually using WYSIWYG editor. Get rid of ordinary and boring Community Builder profiles - create beautiful pages with unique design and layout.

Categorize users into profile types: each profile type can have its own profile, profile edit and registration pages with different set of CB fields and CB tabs, different design and CB template assigned. You can have unlimited number of Community Builder profile types.

New functionality, available for CB profile, profile edit and registration pages:

★ Insert any PHP/HTML/Javascript code easily.

★ Display content (CB field, CB tab, any HTML/PHP code) to users with specific access level or usergroup (others will be restricted to view it).

★ Display content (CB field, CB tab, any HTML/PHP code) conditionally, depending on user's field value. E.g. show "Place of work" and "Job position" fields if user sets "Yes" in "Are you Employed?" select field.

★ Divide a page visually into sub-pages.

★ Insert customizable jQuery UI tabs (having several pre-installed themes and options like sortable, collapsible, open on mouseover and remembering last visited tab).

★ Add Joomla! modules, javascript tooltips and modal window links.

★ Use Joomla! content plugins (a great number of plugins for Joomla! articles made available for CB. E.g. slideshows, maps, comment systems and many more).

Additional features:

  • Captcha on registration (any Joomla! captcha plugin can be used, including built-in reCAPTCHA 2).
  • Multi-step registration (if you have many fields to fill during registration, you can divide them into several pages, navigating with Previous/Next buttons).
  • Compatible with most CB team and 3rd-party CB plugins.

What's New in Version 4.6

  • New field type "Captcha", allowing to place any Joomla! captcha plugin on CB registration.
  • Integration with Community Builder via triggers. No need to replace core CB files anymore.
  • Improvement for verification of required CB fields.
  • Fix for profile type field display bug on profile and users list pages.
  • Fix for ordering buttons presentation in profile types list at admin panel.
  • Performance optimization.

Bad for me

Posted on 11 November 2019
Works but does not take into account the multilanguage of websites in joomla
Ease of use
Yes normal. It's facil with a old documentation. I suppose that the developers make the minimum now
The support is closed and the developer does not respond to emails
too old and not more explicite. The developers want to complete it with exemples. you want find to try how it fontional
Value for money
Yes it's normal and in the moyenne. Domage that the developers make not support of this component
I used this to: Community Builder extension. I would separate the actif membrers of the public memebers at the register operation


Posted on 29 April 2016
Outstanding. I mean - this is best solution for social networking for developer
Ease of use
Not so easy, maybe, they shoukd unclude some templates - but support helps
Very responsive and helpful. Renew the subscription
Value for money
It cost every cent
Ease of use
Needs some time, but mostly to the lack of documentation and not because it's hard to handle.
Very good, it might take a day or two to get an answer, but got replies every time.
Outdated, which is a shame, because I have to bug the developer a lot. On the other hand, he is really freindly and helps out.
Value for money
I used this to: I use this for creating two different registration profiles for Community builder. Also, the profile customization seems really good.

Excellent Extension

Posted on 27 March 2014
This is an excellent product, with excellent support.

Great Tool

Posted on 25 March 2014
Excellent Tool for building custom CB Profiles. Support is great.
This extension uses the power of joomla and Community Builder and makes the creation of unique profile layouts, custom registration pages and custom profile edit pages easy. You can use your own HTML code in the layouts and simply insert the special magic tags into the places that you want the CB data to display. This is an easy to use and very powerful addition to any Community Builder site by allowing you to make your front end CB pages look the way you want them to. I think it is a fantastic idea and it has been done very well!
Owner's reply: Thank you. We'll keep updating Profile Pro to make it even better.
I think CB Profile Pro is an excellent and unique product. With it you can customize registration page, profile page... and decide who can see and don't see items or fields...

Magic Windows is incredible: you can do with it all you want: insert php code, modal windows, etc

Else, if you use Auto Assign Acl with CB Comprofile Pro you'll have acces control and user control (which user is registered in which user group)


PS sorry may poor English, but I'm from Palestine.

no support

Posted on 09 December 2012
This is a component that looks promising, unfortunately it does not work with the latest versions. The most damaging is that there is no support, the author's site with eternal problems. So, do not like me, do not buy this component.
Owner's reply: Customer purchased extension thinking that it is compatible with Joomla! 3, though it is clearly stated that it works with Joomla! 1.5/2.5 only.
After that support request from the customer about this issue was answered with 24 hours, a refund was offered.
Still received this negative review.
The extension does not work. I get a Collation error when trying to use it after it was installed (with a fresh install of Joomla 2.5.7 and CB 1.8.1).

Repeated emails to the author were ignored as well as multiple forum posts. One post requesting help was actually deleted without explanation.

Documentation is virtually non-existent. Screenshots on author's website are useless as lightbox plugin is broken an only a small portion of the images are displayed. I even tried viewing them on two different PCs, on two networks and 4 different browsers but no luck.
Owner's reply: Customer sent his request by email and submitted several forum topics on the same issue, so duplicating threads have been deleted.
The original request in forum was answered on the next day Also the exact issue had been discussed earlier on forum with a solution given.
The error itself was caused by some incorrect action with a 3rd party extension: customer used Akeeba Admin Tools to set different collation to database tables before installing CB Profile Pro. During CB Profile Pro installation, newly created db tables were assigned to a default db collation, which naturally caused "Illegal mix of collations" error.
Overall, the extension is a great extension that provides functionality in creating custom registration forms I couldn't find elsewhere. It is fairly easy to use, but you do need to know basic HTML to create your custom layouts.

I didn't give this five stars due to the initial experience in getting the module. Not only do you have to register, but the registration has required fields asking for address detials and even phone number (required). Then after paying through paypal there was no immediate access to software. I posted messages through the website contact form, in their forum, and on thier twitter page with no response. Then after 3 days, I did get a response and access. Searching the web, it seems that a 3 day delay has also happened to other people. So be aware of this.

I did find the module did what it was supposed to do without any problem. When I ran into an integration issue, I found their support very responsive in solving the issue. But this required giving them access to the my website. I then had to examine the website to see how they did the implementation. (I did subsequently post an explaination of the solution in their forum for others to see if needed.)

The only other thing to be aware of is that for custom registration forms to work, you do need to change a core CB file. They provide the replacement file making this easy, but since a core file is changed, you need to be careful with CB release updates as there is a CB file hack involved for custom registration forms.
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Profile Pro for Community Builder

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