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JomSocial Profile Pro brings the endless power in customizing JomSocial user profiles. It lets you create profile layout directly in your favourite WYSIWYG editor.

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You can set absolutely different and unique design of profile for different users. It also integrates with native JomSocial profile types, automatically assigning profile page design depending on user profile type.

With JomSocial Profile Pro you can also:

★ Insert any PHP/HTML/Javascript code on JomSocial profile easily.

★ Control access to JomSocial field, profile element (like avatar, activity stream, etc.), or any HTML/PHP code, displaying them depending on user access level, group, profile type and other parameters.

★ Display JomSocial field, profile element (like avatar, activity stream, etc.), or any HTML/PHP code conditionally, depending on user's field value. E.g. show activity stream if user selects "Yes" in "Show activity stream?" field.

★ Divide profile page into several pages.

★ Insert customizable jQuery UI tabs (featuring several pre-installed themes and options like sortable, collapsible, open on mouseover and remembering last visited tab).

★ Put Joomla! modules, javascript tooltips, modal window links.

★ Use Joomla! content plugins on JomSocial profile page (a great number of plugins, like slideshows, maps, comment systems and others can now be used on JomSocial profile).

What's New in Version 3.5
- bug fixes
- compatibility with Joomla! 3.3 and JomSocial 3.2.1
- completely reworked and redesigned backend
- new productivity-boosting accordion style toolbar (Magic Window removed)
- new code insertion and management interface
- integration with JS Profile Types extension

I have been working with joomla for 4 years, this extension is essential for overriding the default JomSocial Template and creating a custom view. Support is great, Denis is never more than 24 hours away from helping his clients. Don't worry if the extension seems a little different or confusing, out of the box, because the support is great and you'll get the help you need.

Excellent and comprehensive

Posted on 12 December 2013

Truly a great extent, I managed to fill a lack of Jomsocial in profile management.

I was able to create a user profile page really nice and simple.

The service, then, is fabulous and very fast and very helpful. Definitely to be recommended

Extremely frustrating!

Posted on 16 November 2013

bought this, urgently needing a solution for user management. there is NO proper documentation (which I had thought would be available after the payment had been made).

Tested this, following exactly what the 4 line instruction file said. Still doesn't do what is promised on the website.

No forum entries possible, no guidelines, no NOTHING!

Very useful. Very helpful

Posted on 25 February 2013

I used the demo on Joomduck and decided to purchase. Although it definitely needs some documentation, it's quite a useful component. I sent email questions several times to support and got very helpful, friendly answers.

Very frustrating.

Posted on 31 January 2013

I bought this extension. I followed the installation. Does not work. I contacted customer service, no response. Their forum is locked you can not post new topics. Beware, do not buy this product, it is a scam.

Owner's reply: This review was posted by jvargas in less than 24 hours since he purchased the component (the order was placed on 31 Jan 2013 01:22:17). The user left a negative feedback on support, not even waiting for a support response during a day.

This application does not do as promised. One of the most important features of the advertising of profile pro is it's ability to modify and create new tabs with it's magic window. This feature does not work and developer does not respond to support forum or to Support requests.

Several users have posted similar comments/requests/questions in the support forum concerning "tabs" with little or no response from the developer.

This is a product to stay away from when you are looking for clean and bug-less code. This is a product to stay away from when you expect actual support from it's creator.

Possibly this product was ok in the past but they have lost ground. If you are not needing the magic windows feature of this product, nor good tutorials...this application may work for you but be sure to read over the support forum very thoroughly before purchase.

Application configuration seems easy enough although not good documentation however, application does NOT do as advertised.

This is a excellent extension to modified jomsocial template. I didn't know anything about code before using it so it took some time to understand how it's work, but after playing a little with it everything became clear. I highly recommend this extension to anybody that want to change it's template easily. Even if it is better to know a little about code (I mean i still copy and past mind!!!) this extension is really for everyone.

The only thing to improve would be the documentation. But the support is outstanding.

great plugin..

gives a new dimension to using jomsocial.. a must for all community..

this component along with magic window helps you to create wonderful customized profile pages.. as jomsocial default profiles are very poor ...

it would be even more great if we could use this for edit profile and registration pages..

a great buy

Profile Pro for Community Builder

Profile Pro for Community Builder

Paid download | Community Builder extensions | Joomduck
53 reviews
Profile Pro introduces a powerful and easy way to customize and manage Community Builder extension. It also adds many useful features to CB, such as profile types and multi-step registration. With this extension you can: ✔ Customize profile, profile edit and registration pages in Community Builder visually using WYSIWYG editor. Get rid of ordinary and boring Community Builder profiles - create beautiful pages with unique design and layout. ✔ Categorize users into profile types: each profile type can have its own profile, profile edit and registration pages with different set of CB fields and CB tabs, different design and CB template assigned. You can have unlimited number of Community Builder profile types. New functionality, available for CB profile, profile edit and registration pages: ★ Insert any PHP/HTML/Javascript code easily. ★ Display content (CB field, CB tab, any HTML/PHP code) to users with specific access level or usergroup (others will be restricted to view it). ★ Display content (CB field, CB tab, any HTML/PHP code) conditionally, depending on user's field value. E.g. show "Place of work" and "Job position" fields if user sets "Yes" in "Are you Employed?" select field. ★ Divide a page visually into sub-pages. ★ Insert customizable jQuery UI tabs (having several pre-installed themes and options like sortable, collapsible, open on mouseover and remembering last visited tab). ★ Add Joomla! modules, javascript tooltips and modal window links. ★ Use Joomla! content plugins (a great number of plugins for Joomla! articles made available for CB. E.g. slideshows, maps, comment systems and many more). Additional features: Captcha on registration (any Joomla! captcha plugin can be used, including built-in reCAPTCHA 2). Multi-step registration (if you have many fields to fill during registration, you can divide them into several pages, navigating with Previous/Next buttons). Compatible with most CB team and 3rd-party CB plugins. What's New in Version 4.6 New field type "Captcha", allowing to place any Joomla! captcha plugin on CB registration. Integration with Community Builder via triggers. No need to replace core CB files anymore. Improvement for verification of required CB fields. Fix for profile type field display bug on profile and users list pages. Fix for ordering buttons presentation in profile types list at admin panel. Performance optimization.
c e
Magic Window

Magic Window

Paid download | Editor Buttons | Joomduck
3 reviews
Magic Window is a powerful editor tool providing very useful features for creating and managing content. It adds a button at the bottom of your Joomla! text editor, which lets you do the following: ✔ Add any PHP/HTML/CSS/Javascript code on any page in a few clicks. ✔ Grant or restrict access to content (e.g. some text or HTML code) for users with specific access level or user group. Thus, for example, you can restrict unregistered users from viewing some part of an article. ✔ Insert user information, such as user id, name, username, e-mail, register date, etc. If you have Community Builder or JomSocial installed on your site, it integrates with it and let's you add user details from CB or JomSocial fields. ✔ Display content conditionally, depending on user information (user id, name, username, etc.) or Community Builder/JomSocial field value. Thus, for example, you can apply different greeting for Male and Female users, according to a value of field "Gender". ✔ Add content within a jQuery UI tabbed pane in a few clicks. Featuring 3 pre-installed tabs themes, tabs navigation positioning (top, bottom, left, right) and options: open tab on mouseover, collapse tab content, remember last visited tab, sort tabs order. ✔ Add links with modal window support. ✔ Put javascript tooltips. Additional features: ★ Available for both backend and frontend (can be disabled for frontend). ★ Flexible options and full access control: - select components, for which Magic Window is enabled (e.g. only for articles and categories descriptions). - set access settings for each function of Magic Window (listed before). Can be enabled for both backend and frontend, enabled for backend only or disabled at all. - select user groups allowed to use Magic Window.
Campaigned Referral Program Widget

Campaigned Referral Program Widget

Paid download | Affiliate Systems | Joomduck
0 reviews
This small plugin allows easily embed a referral program powered by Campaigned referral marketing application on a Joomla! website. It adds a button in a fixed position on website pages, which can be configured with custom text, styling and position to attract more attention of visitors. Once a visitor clicks the button, a modal window shows up loading a special offer from a Campaigned account. Visitor can get a coupon for the deal or share it with friends right in the window without leaving the website. An active Campaigned account is required in order this plugin to work (Campaigned is a self-hosted referral program application http://campaignedapp.com/ ).

Profile Pro for JomSocial

Last updated:
Mar 23 2015
Date added:
Jul 21 2009
GPLv2 or later
Paid download

Uses Joomla! Update System

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