Communication, Clients & Communities, Project & Task Management

Projectknife is project management framework that you can extend to meet your business needs. Projectknife is a package that contains different extensions for Joomla, each responsible for a certain aspect of the system.

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Core Features:
* Dashboard component
* Project manager component
* Milestone manager component
* Task manager component
* Overall native Joomla! MVC code design
* Overall native Joomla! permission system

Intelligent Design
Projectknife consists of many extensions working together, but the streamlined interface will make you feel right at home as if you're using a regular, single component. Installing and uninstalling Projectknife is as simple as with any extension: A single package to install, and a single extension to remove from your site.

Developer Friendly
Projectknife uses a Joomla! native code approach wherever possible and is written "by the book" and best code practices. There is no custom theme engine, no special framework - just pure Joomla!


Great idea, great software

Ease of use

Not very user friendly but can be ok for small projects



I used this to: I planned to purchase the premium version and realized just in time that the project was down. Please remove from Joomla extensions directory.


Fully functional in my Joomla 3.5 site. I can relate to it after some workout and setup a fully functional project management corner.

Ease of use

Piece of cake. It's really easy to use. I learned it at one go and setup my own PMC in less than 2 hours. Really easy.


I enjoyed a full package of services and supports. They are really responsible people and almost answer all of my requests promptly.


There are step by step comprehensive documentation in their website. It's help me a lot, but I wish there is a pdf version too.

I used this to: I used Projectfork for setting up a book translation corner for my website. It's met all of my needs and projects requirements, esp. time frames and milestones. Thank you very much Projectfork team.

Horrible Support

Posted on 13 December 2016

Hard to understand and with no support its even worse

Ease of use

Again, needs support because its not a plug and play kinda component


Worst Ever


They do have documentation.

I used this to: I dont use it because its very hard to set up and there is little or no support....wait...there is absolutely no support even for a paying customer.


Its really good with all essential needs. Only missing integration with EasySocial that would be great...

Ease of use






I used this to: This is one of the secret Joomla extensions that really need more attention and should also be used for Joomla in conjunction with other Joomla pro extensions to replace Glip et al..just sorry to see nobody in PLT using PF bcs its really good!

I have been using Projectfork for quite a long time and I must say that even at the early stage it was extremely powerful, providing so many options you could use it for totally different functions.

With version 4 the developers took advantage of the new users ACL system in Joomla making it really simple to set private repositories and forums. The look and feel is great.

I choosed the Pro subscription because:

1,. Projectfork is a super complex extension, easy to use, but difficult to develop: Tobias and his team deserve the money.

2.- PF has a few templates, some mods and plugins that are very useful only available to subscribers.

3.- PF makes Joomla a fantastic platform thanks to extensions like this. I haven't found anything as useful on Wordpress or Drupal. I want them to keep the hard work.

Gantt charts, specific components for designers, CB integration...

Just give it a try and you won't regret it.

We have used Projectfork from some of the first versions, which were quite complex to configure and the user interface and functionality were not always intuitive to understand especially for non-technical people which we worked together with on several projects. Since then things have changes a lot -Projectfork version 4.x.x is a totally revamp, and it is now a very functional project management suite.

Upgrading to the Pro version turn Projectfork into a professional online project management system which a great look and feel provided by the Pro templates.

We use it on our intranet and soon will we use it on our new media site and our new non-profit web site as well.

I highly recommend Projectfork, and I am grateful for the great support we have had.

Tobias, Kyle and your team, well done! We are looking forward to the future versions.

I am working now some Month with the system and it is great. A lot of possiblities and easy to learn.

At some points the usability can be better, but the guys are working on it.

We manage about 15 projects with over 100 tasks for 3 people who work on it.

Give it a try if you want to organize your projects online for working together.

This extension is very good for small company/team, we replaced a SAAS project management tool with this extension, having it fully integrated into our company website is an advantage.

Good but

Posted on 24 December 2013

Good option for project management but it needs more improvement in the user experience side and the structure and how the things are organized, hope that it will be just one component not multiple separate components.

I tried PROJECTFORK and unfortunately it was not for me so I uninstalled it and Guess it simple broke my site.

All my plugins are Unpublished.

Sorry! Developer I truly understand you kept lot of effort in making the extension sharing it with us for free but there is no point it makes more mess than simplifying problems.

Lucky me! I got backup of 4months work.

Owner's reply: Please contact Projectfork never, ever! touches other plugins or extensions. Thank you!


Tobias Kuhn
Last updated:
Jul 17 2017
Date added:
Nov 20 2006
GPLv2 or later
Free download

Uses Joomla! Update System

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