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package : Promocode Manager
Module name : Promocode form
Module Type : mod_promocode

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Instalation and configuration :-

NOTE: First, you have to install the Promo Code Manager Component, because this module associated with it.

You need to follow following steps-

1) Open modules manager and install it.

2) Select a promotion that you want to display in the form.

3) Assign a position where you want to display this module (Promotion Form).

4) Set the Menu Assignment (Pages where it will be displayed) - Check the menus where this module will be displayed.

5) Set the status as published.

6) Hide the title (Click on hide option).

Promocode Manager

Promocode Manager

Free | Gifts & Coupons | Sanjeev Kumar
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Promo code component for promo code management and promotions. In this component Admin and user interfaces are defined. I am providing all information as below - Requirements:- You need Joomla! 3.4 (with PHP 5.4 +, MySQL and Apache/Microsoft IIS) or greater for this tutorial. Installation and Configuration :- 1) After installation, you need to click on "Components" tab where you will find "Promocode Manager" then select it. 2) There you will find 3 tabs at left side. a)Promotions b) Promotion Codes c) Email Templates 3) First need to create promotion that is a type of promocode. 4) After created promotion then create Promotion Codes and assign in any promotion. 5) After creating Promotion Codes you will see a list of codes with Status, Promo Code, Promotion ID only. When a visitor submits his name, surname and email id and get promo code, then related promo code status will have been updated as "Used" And Name, Surname, Email fields also display in the list of promo codes. 6) Email Templates: It is a template that visitors will get in the email after submitting promo form (Name, Surname, Email). So you (Admin) can create multiple email templates but only one template will be applied, So Please publish only one template at a time, if you publish more than one email template then top most (old) email template will be applied on the email. 7)In the Email Template form, the title is only to identify to the template will not be used in the email. Currently "Select a promotion" field is not used right now, will use it in the future that will be associated with the promotion. Subject: It is used in email subject, Message: It is used as body of email and you can use plain text OR HTML for email, because I have added an Editor that provide you all features so you can design your message. 8) In the Message We have used two constant a)NAME b)PROMO, that will replace with name of vistor and Promocode respectively.So Please use to both constants. 9) And the last important thing is to go to "Menus" and select menu item or create a new menu item and select menu type where you will find "Promocode manger", click on it and select "Promocode form" then save it. 10) After completing all above steps open your website front-end and click on your menu that associated with the promo form you will find a form with Name, Surname and Email input field, the form will be repeat that based on the number of published promotions. Thanks!! Sanjeev Kumar Raghuwanshi

Promocode Form

Sanjeev Kumar
Last updated:
May 20 2016
Date added:
Nov 02 2015
GPLv2 or later
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