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The most user-friendly way of working with images in your Joomla! site. Easy image cropping & resizing for your end-users. PWT Images replaces the default Joomla core image selector. It will provide a end-user friendly solution that any content editor can use. Thanks to PWT Image your end-user no longer will upload huge images and distort the layout of the website.

Image cropping & resizing

PWT Image allows the editor to crop an image from within the article. No need to go to a media manager first. By using the preset aspect ratios images can be added in the same sizes and ratio for all articles. Images will be resized to the dimensions configured.

Upload or select image

The user can choose to select an image from their computer or use the existing images on the server, if allowed to access the image folders.

Stay organised

With PWT Image you can configure the default folder an image should be uploaded to, that could also contain a year and month as variables. This helps you to keep your images folder being organised.

Nicely integrated into in Joomla

PWT Image feels like a native Joomla solution. It will replace the current image selectors with PWT Image, for a quick & user-friendly expierence of working with images.

PWT Image Custom Fields plugin

With our Joomla Custom Field plugin you can use PWT Image as a Joomla Custom Field. Select the PWT Image profile that needs to be used and add the fields to any content that supports the Joomla Custom Fields system.

PWT Image RSForm!Pro plugin

Have you been struggling with user-submitted images in your RSForm!Pro forms? Do you need your users to submit images with a specific ratio and size? You will love the PWT Image plugin for RSForm!Pro. With this integration, you can make image handling within your forms user-friendly, and force people to submit images based on your specifications.

ACL Manager
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ACL Manager

By PWT Extensions
Site Access
PWT ACL - formally known as ACL Manager - makes Joomla ACL easy to understand and manage. It provides a great overview of all Joomla ACL settings and will detect & fix issues with the Joomla assets table easily. Easily understand and manage Joomla ACL Dozens of permission screens, nested groups, inherited permissions... The Joomla ACL system can be very confusing. By using PWT ACL you will quick...
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By PWT Extensions
SEO & Metadata
Get the best organic SEO value out of your Joomla site by setting an SEO Keyword. PWT SEO is fully integrated with Joomla and will support your content editors to write articles to make Google smile. Set an SEO keyword and PWT SEO will give real-time suggestions to improve your SEO score. Named by our users as the "Yoast for Joomla". Content not created to articles? You can test any Joomla-menu i...
PWT Sitemap
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PWT Sitemap

By PWT Extensions
Site Map
The perfect sitemap for your Joomla site, fully integrated with Joomla menu-items for easy configuring your sitemap. PWT Sitemap seamlessly integrates with Joomla. It works out of the box on an existing website without configuration. Your menu-items are your sitemap. Manage from your menu-items When adding or editing a menu-item you can directly configure if the page should be displayed in the H...

PWT Image

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Nov 26 2017
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