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RC Team is a completely free, easy to use, team profile component for Joomla.

RC Team


Easy to Use

Add as many teams and team members as you need, through a simple and intuitive interface.


RC Teams looks great on all screen sizes, from phones and tablets up to desktop monitors. It also dynamically resizes as the browser window changes size.


RC Teams takes on the style of your template, but also uses some of the latest CSS3 styling options to really make your site pop.


Choose the number of columns you want to use, so you can make sure RC Team always looks great with any template. You can also choose between a light and dark theme.

Contact Icons

RC Teams supports a big range of contact icons, including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and loads more. If there's one you want that isn't in there - let me know!

Detailed documentation

While RC Team is very easy to use, its functions will be documented in detail in an extensive user guide, coming in the next few days.

Its okay

Posted on 10 August 2018
It provides what its been documented but the lack of any module or plugin component renders it useless for many people.
Ease of use
Verry easy to use
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RC Team

Rich Court
Last updated:
May 18 2018
4 years ago
Date added:
Mar 24 2018
GPLv2 or later
Free download

Uses Joomla! Update System


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