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Full Circle Ecommerce for Joomla!

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Now with more than 100 extensions, modules and plugins + even more 3rd party extensions and support from the template clubs Rockettheme, Gavickpro, Joomlabamboo!

Try the demo and check out redSHOP and all of the ecommerce features here: http://redshop.demo.redcomponent.com

This is the most advanced webshop system ever created for Joomla - It is light years ahead of any other webshop or cart component for Joomla.

See full Changelog and why we have the most updated extension on JED here:

See presentation video on

So what is redSHOP? redSHOP is a Content Creation Kit style of webshop / webshop tool where you got the most access ever given to any user to completely style around and change thier webshop, without alot more knowledge then HTML and a bit of CSS.

redSHOP offers never earlier seen functionality in webshops - redSHOP offers functionality only seen in software with licenses costing more then upto 1000 times more then a 12 Month Pro Subscription costs.

The goal of redSHOP was to take the normal 20% users can do and the 80% thats happens in the php files - and switch it around - so with redSHOP you, the user, can do 80% of everything yourself!!!

In a summarized version this is what redSHOP is:

•100% MVC - Perhaps the most amount of menu items available in Joomla History!
•Unlimited products
•Unlimited categories
•Unlimited manufacturers
•22 Different image sizes on the fly from config settings
•Image AI system for flipping X and Y coordinates on higher than wider images
•Internal Template system - Rewrite almost any screen using templates
•Dynamic Fields - Create new fields for products, categories or manufacturers on the fly
•Complete tagging system - Insert new fields into templates using tags
•Textlibrary system
•Prices, Sale Prices, Volume Prices, Shopper Group Prices
•Related products
•Accessory products - Group products by primary product and make special prices
•Virtual Attribute system with visual navigation and option to upload pictures per attribute and set priceadjustment per attribute or subattribute (including product sku and stockroom)
•Parent / Child product relations
•100% Built in SEO/SEF control (using sh404sef)
•Shoppergroups - B2B Portal system
•Shoppergroup prices - all through redSHOP
•Shoppergroup ACL - Control access to specific categories for B2B Customers
•ACTION EMAILS - Send up to 3 emails on each sale all automated
•Order Catalog feature with action emails
•Product sample feature with action emails
•Vouchers - Create vouchers with option of selecting a specific product and if you want free shipping or not
•Copuons - Create discountcoupons for users or globally
•Discounts with runn


The component does what it is meant to do. Its a shopsystem and works great without any issues for us.

Ease of use

When having understood the way how you should use it, its no problem to get where you want. Each shop has its own philosophy here...


While implementing the component there came up incidents as in other compoents, which were solved in record time through the support here!


The documentation is not complete, this made some support-mails neccessary. They came up with a solution quickly.

Value for money

The system is worth the money you pay for it anyway.

I used this to: Small online-shop, less articles, needed a complete solution.

Waisting of money and time

Posted on 16 October 2015

Yes, component have a lot of functionalities, but half of them does not work !

Ease of use

Many code issues makes your work loooong


Good, but do not solve problems.
Updates every 6 months ....


weak, simple, basic ...

Value for money

Not worth to pay 250$ for "all inclusive" package, because half of them does not work!

I used this to: 2 years, and have enought!!!!!
I uploadeed officially published redslider to update it on my site. Result? Slider shows strange, as it wants, halfo of slide one, half of slide 2 .......
Today i decidet to give up, because i have no more energy for this shit.


Very difficult to understand what is what and how to use anything, despite the fact you have sample content installed.

Ease of use

Very difficult, you have to have PHD on redShop to use it, and I have used VirtueMart and Magento.


Very poor, lots of delay in answering back, NO Forum, NO Documentation excepts in wiki that the think is enough.

Value for money

I paid about 90 euros. I would like a refund - I will tell you haw it went!! DO NOT EVEN THINK ABOUT BUYING THIS...

I used this to: Building my eshop. The Quickstart they provide is only for J2.5 and the redShop which is compatible has lots problems. All modules available are only compatible with So if tou install J3 and version you can't use modules.



Paid download | Forms | redCOMPONENT
1 review
redFORM 3 includes the following features: Updated 6th June 2016. Unique registrationid tag to be used for attendees if integrated to redEVENT and for payment integrations to track payments as standalone. Now with payment integrations and processing to Paypal, Epay.dk, Stripe, Iridium, Pagseguro, Ideal, Quickpay as well as custom payment. Added contact person - redFORM now ideally replaces the core contact feature in Joomla. New field/value types: Info WYSIWYG Zones + Frontend WYSIWYG field types for logged in users. Unlimited amount of Forms, Fields and Inputs - Dynamical options for input type (Radio, Checkbox, Textfield, Textarea, Email, Username, Fullname, Select, Multiselect, Fileupload, WYSIWYG information) - Complete statistics over forms filled and newsletter attendance - Notification text, emails and admin notification with option to email form data - Integration with the open source mailinglist project PHPlist and the Joomla components ccNewsletter, jNews and Acymailing. - Has 3 different Captcha plugins for bot and spam prevention - Integration with redEVENT - Run all your submission forms from redEVENT trough redFORM. - Content plugin for easy adding of form(s) to ALL joomla content that supports content plugins - Add custom styles to input fields through backend and style in template css -
c p


Paid download | Cookie Control | redCOMPONENT
0 reviews
redCOOKIE - an easy way to add cookie accept to your site To meet the requirement of the EU cookie directive website owners can use the plugin to add accept cookie functionality to their site in a matter of minutes. The redCOOKIE plugin provide you with 3 different options to show the accept message, Top bar, Side slider and Bottom box. Within the plugin configuration you can select the option you prefer, and with a few clicks you can choose your own background and text colours of the accept box. You can read in detail about the settings in our redCOOKIE documentation


Last updated:
Oct 28 2016
Date added:
Nov 18 2014
GPLv2 or later
Paid download

This extension does NOT implement the Joomla! Update System

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