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RST is a plugin for your Joomla! website that prevents tables from breaking your responsive layout.

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What is Responsive Scrolling Tables (RST)?

Who is RST for?

RST is for anyone wishing to use tables in a mobile friendly way without having to add classes or special formatting to the table. It's aimed at WYSIWYG users to help them focus more on the content and worry less about the mobile display.

What does RST do?

It detects when tables are bigger then their containers and makes them scroll instead of flowing over the boundary of the container.

Why did we create RST?

We created RST because our clients like to write their own content and sometimes it is necessary to use tables. We respect that our clients are not HTML masters and learning HTML is often not one of their long term goals, so we needed an easy to use way of making their tables display correctly and easily on mobile devices.

How does RST work?

It inserts a JavaScript file into the document that detects if the document contains any tables. With each table it finds, it checks whether the table's width is larger then its parent, when a table is going to break the display of a page and makes it scroll instead by inserting a scroll-able parent around the table. It also runs when the page is resized allowing users to maintain usability even after the page has loaded.

Tested in IE 9-11, Chrome 31+, FireFox 25+.

Please report any issues to



Ease of use

easy peasy lemon squeezy


Three lines - just enough!

I used this to: Adjust the exhibition o my site on mobile mode.

Funziona Perfettamente

Posted on 11 November 2017

Funziona egregiamente, fa quello che dice di fare

Ease of use

Basta abilitare il plugin e funziona


Non ne ho avuto bisogno


Non ne ho avuto bisogno, funziona perfettamente

I used this to: Evitare che una tabella andasse oltre i margini nella visualizzazione da mobile


Posted on 05 September 2016

Does exactly what it says it does

Ease of use

Dead straightforward. A Ronseal plugin.. Enable, and all of a sudden your huge tables become scrollable.



Bloody brilliant

Ease of use

Double bloody brilliant


It looked good but was hardly needed.

I used this to: Tables that couldn't be avoided but had trouble with the bootstrap responsive table classes.

Simple but Brilliant!

Posted on 09 March 2016

Made my simple table that I created in JCE responsive - saved me a lot of searching and coding.

Ease of use

Just enable the plugin and it works!


None required


Not really needed

I used this to: A community website I created and needed to insert a few tables using JCE but they broke out of the website borders so thankfully there was this extension to save me pulling my hair out! Thanks to the developer who created this and kindly made it free - you're a bloody CHAMPION


Works for everything on website!

Ease of use

Just enable it, you can edit "scroll to right" message


I wanted my tables to be mobile friendly. I installed RST, enabled the plugin, opened my site on my phone, and now they scroll.

Ease of use

Install and enable, that's it.

As simple as it gets!

Posted on 17 March 2015

Does one thing, and does it well - makes tables scroll if they won't fit the screen.

Ease of use

Install, activate - and it works. What could be simpler?


Not required in my case, but there's a forum which seems to be promptly answered.


Scarcely any need for documentation - but it's available if you need it.

Very satisfied

Posted on 10 February 2015

This plugin works perfectly and I am very satisfied, thank you.

Juste parfait !

Posted on 09 February 2015

Ce plugin fait ce qui est dit de lui : parfait !

Ease of use

Et bravo pour le bouton qui permet de choisir les 2 options possibles et qui écrit automatiquement le code dont on a besoin.


Responsive Scrolling Tables

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Jan 29 2018
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Nov 19 2014
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