Rewards Program for Eshop


Rewards Program for Eshop is a Joomla component and plugin which creates an automated customer loyalty program in your Eshop shopping cart. The more your customers spend or shop the greater the discount they receive. We give you the option of choosing "total orders placed" or "total dollars spent" as the criteria for moving them into each discount group, and we also give you the ability to decide at what values those customers should move into the next higher group (1 sale, 12 sales, you choose) or ($23.00, $136, you choose). We also allow you to choose exactly what the discount level for each group should be. This creates a tiered discount system rewarding your customers for shopping with you!

Let's say you want 5 discount groups (you can have an unlimited number of them!)
group 1 from 2 sales to 10 sales = 2% discount sitewide
group 2 from 11 sales to 25 sales = 4% discount sitewide
group 3 from 26 sales to 50 sales = 6% discount sitewide
group 4 from 51 sales to 75 sales = 8% discount sitewide
group 5 from 76 sales to 999999 sales = 10% discount sitewide

Or let's say you wanted to use dollars spent instead of orders placed.
group 1 from $25.00 to $50 spent = 2% discount sitewide
group 2 from $51.00 to $75 spent = 4% discount sidewide
group 3 from $76.00 to $100 spent = 6% discount sidewide
group 4 from $101.00 to $500 spent = 8% discount sidewide
group 5 from $501.00 to $9999999 spent = 10% discount sidewide

With our component, this is all automated and happens on the fly. Setup your values in the config, and all prior and future customers will be kept in the pricing groups corresponding to your setup. When a customer reaches a new level, they don't need to wait for you to notice, they are automatically moved to the new pricing group based on your configuration values, in real time!

The system comes with a plugin to automate the whole process, which runs on an admin configured timer. It automates the rewards system so the store owner does not need to do anything, it works 24/7/365. No CRON job or special server configuration is needed.

The component does several things.

  1. It allows you to display all customers or customers from any specific group you have created in a list format in the admin panel for this component. Displaying their current pricing group. Something which requires you actually go into each customer record in Eshop to do currently. We fix this and give you a page that displays all customers and the group they belong to.

  2. It allows you to set the reward level minimum and maximum values based on either total orders placed, or total dollars spent in your store. So you can decide which one should be used. This is done from the "configuration" menu in the component. The system then puts all customers in the corresponding Eshop pricing groups based on those values, without you having to do anything. It completely automates the process of moving customers to new pricing groups based on their order totals. When a customer reaches a new threshold, he is moved to the next higher reward group automatically and receives the discount level you have assigned to that group in Eshop. 

  3. It creates an administrator menu system item so you can create a link to the customer's "rewards page" for your customers. This menu item can be placed in any menu on your site, though we recommend placing it in the Eshop "My Account" menu. This allows them to log in and see which group they are in, what their discount level is, and how many dollars or how many more orders they need to place to reach the next reward level, and how many orders they have placed or dollars spent on your site.

  4. On the customer's front end "My Rewards" page, it displays the name of your store and "rewards program". It displays their current reward level, current total dollars spent or total orders placed (depending on your configuration) and it displays how many more orders or dollars spent is required to reach their next reward level.

  5. The component has a "run batch" administrator menu item so that you can make changes instantly, instead of waiting for the scheduler to run automatically.

  6. It is retroactive, meaning it will put all your customers, not just new ones into the correct pricing groups based on the configured variables. So all of your older customers get brought into the Reward Program For Eshop as the correct reward level based on their prior expenditures.

Rewards Program for Eshop

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Last updated:
Mar 21 2018
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Feb 18 2018
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