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With S3Media Stream 7 you can publish your video and audio with expiring links (signed URLs) via Amazon Web Services (AWS) with CloudFront to protect your media from unauthorized sharing.

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The responsive player is fully HTML5 compatible and switches only to Flash if RTMP streaming is used. It also has a protected download link feature that enables you to offer expiring links on the fly to any file type on AWS. S3Media Stream ships and installs with JW Player 7.x.
Users of versions prior to 7 are advised to use the troubleshooting guide in the support/documentation section for proper migration before they install.

Protect your media

Protect your video and audio files from leeching or unauthorized sharing since the links to the media expire too quickly.
Deliver your protected PDF’s, PowerPoint files, Docs or ANY down-loadable file without fear of hotlinking.
Discourage screen capturing of videos with a dynamic watermark, showing Name, IP address and date of the visitor in any of the possible 4 positions in the player (does not work on all server configurations)

The extension can handle the following media options

  • Private progressive download video and audio (also called pseudo streaming)
  • Semi-private HLS adaptive streaming video and audio (JW Player Premium license required)
  • Private 360 VR video (JW Player Premium license required)
  • Private RTMP streaming video and audio with HTML5 fallback
  • Protected download links via signed URLs (expires in time) to any file type on AWS.
  • Public Youtube video and external media (not served via AWS)
  • Public RSS/JSON playlists

You can embed video and audio in articles via shortcode or use the module to place media in other positions of your template.
The protected download link feature is very useful to provide expiring links to any file type residing on AWS.
Note: 360 VR video is not widely supported yet. It doesn't work on most mobiles and supports only the latest browsers. See for more info.

Look and behavior features

  • HTML5 fallback for RTMP streaming
  • Primary mode to transform RTMP streaming site wide into pseudo streaming when Google deprecates the Flash plugin
  • Poster image to set an image as the preview for the video player, also possible for audios.
  • Autostart gives the option to automatically play media upon page load or wait for visitor's input.
  • Repeat media controls to repeat media automatically or play just once.
  • Player align to position the player left, right, center or template determined (none).
  • Control bar, show or hide option.
  • HD switch, so that visitors can switch to a HD version of a video.
  • Captions/Subtitles for the hearing impaired or translation.
  • Encode URLs obfuscates links to media in the embedding code. It also prevents special characters from being translated by templates or other extensions, which would result in an invalid signed URL.
  • Stretching has several options to fit video in the player.

Branding options

  • Skin control bar: the extension ships with 12 skins and it is possible to customize them (requires knowledge of css).
  • Watermark/logo with a link to any page and 4 possible positions in the video area.
  • Social sharing button to share a page with embedded media (not directly a link to the media itself)
  • About Text and About Link in the context menu can be customized to brand your player*.
  • Make an audio look engaging with poster image, watermark and subtitles

(*) The JW Player version notice itself cannot be turned off.

The following media types are supported

  • 3 video file types: MP4, WebM and FLV*.
  • 4 audio file types: AAC, MP3, M4a and Vorbis.
  • 2 streaming protocols: HLS and RTMP*.
  • YouTube videos, using the official iFrame API.
  • RSS feeds, see external playlists.
  • JSON feeds, see external playlists.

(*) Although RTMP and the FLV format haven't gone yet, it will be deprecated soon as more and more browsers begin to deprecate the Flash plugin or at least make it difficult for users to get it enabled. Therefore, consider HLS adaptive streaming instead as it will eventually replace RTMP.

The following captions formats are supported

  • webvtt (preferred as it is supported by iPad
  • srt (not properly supported by iOS devices)

PREMIUM SUPPORT to help you on your way quickly

Setting up your AWS account for the first time is not that easy. There are some pitfalls, so you can do with some substantial support.
Notwithstanding the step-by-step video tutorials and solutions to problems we offer, you might bump into a problem you cannot pinpoint and we are here to help.
We want you to be happy with our extensions, so we help you all the way. As a premium support customer, you get an answer within 24 hours (except in weekends). In some cases, we contact you via Skype if e-mail support is insufficient.

Flash Player

Posted on 04 January 2016

No HTML5, The videos are not seen on Android or Apple device

Ease of use

I would not know

Value for money

I would not know

Owner's reply: Hi Gioacchino,

Our extension does support htlm5 fallback. You probably made a mistake. Please contact our support to resolve this issue:

All the best,

I was planning to hire a programmer to write a program that would stream my videos and make the links expire and then I discovered S3Media Stream. It does everything that I wanted and more.

Best of all is the support. Rudolf offers the gold standard in support. I had no experience with video streaming from Amazon cloud and he stepped me through everything that I needed to know. He responded quickly to every question that I asked and my videos are now streaming beautifully.

Thank you Rudolf, I could not have done it without you!

I bought this component to import streaming video on my website via aws s3, however I encountered some problems while setting due to my unfamiliarity of aws. But, S3MEDIA STREAM's support is pretty excellent! They guided me and helped me patiently until everything is done. If someone is finding something combined with jw player or aws, take my suggestion that S3MEDIA STREAM is the best!

This software was a life saver for me. I never would have gotten AWS & CloudFront to work for me without it. The only thing more amazing than the software is the people behind it. Rudolf is truly an amazing guy. You would have to go to Disney World to see this level of customer service. He acknowledge my concerns almost immediately and he went over and beyond the call of duty to help me with issues that had nothing to do with this software. The software was perfect straight out of the box. I was the only problem. Not only were my issues fixed, he also educated me so that I could fly this thing solo. It's worth five times the cost in avoided frustration and hopelessness. Thank you so much, S3 Media Stream... you have a fan for life!

I purchased this software to enable us to be able to broadcast sermons via audio and video streams. I was very impressed with the support that I received to make this possible. Thank you! Working with amazon web services can be a challenge, but with the support that I received I am now able to set it up properly to work with AWS and we will really enjoy using this product for multiple purposes. Thank you!!

just agreeing with the other reviews. this extension developers is awesome and responsive. well worth the price. helped get my s3 cloud streaming project going. thank you much.

I have been absolutely delighted with this extension, it works brilliantly and the support is second to none.

If you are not familiar with AWS, it can be frustrating as hell.

Fortunately the documentation and training doesn't just cover the extension,it goes a long way to getting you going with AWS too.

All it takes is for just one setting or process not to be done and it won't work.

Rudolf the designer is incredibility helpful, and very knowledgeable, his service is second to none.

I have no hesitation in recommending this extension.

For me the mark of a good extension is when you get great support to go with it.

Setting up streaming from Amazon S3/Cloudfront isn't the easiest task in the world,

Rudolph the developer went beyond his remit in helping me with issues on S3 that weren't strictly to do with his Extension at all but more to do with me doing things wrong on S3. The extension isn't perfect, there are a few minor bugs but nothing too problematic and I have faith they will be fixed given the quality of the rest of the support I received.

If you need to stream or download content from S3 via protected links on your Joomla site then this is the extension for you.

It's a cliche, but I never leave reviews of extensions. However, in this case, I've had extraordinary service, and an extension that does exactly what it's supposed to do, and does it well.

I've never used video streaming before, so took time to read and review the documentation, and set up the system correctly. When it still didn't work, I had a private Skype call outside of working hours to help make it work.

Once fixed, we were up and running in no time! I cannot recommend these guys too highly!

Component is good. It has really good potential!

However, it doesn't work on some joomlart templates for Joomla 1.5.

Somebody should fix it.

Owner's reply: Hi Joseph. I'm sorry you have issues with a template, but if you do not tell us, we cannot fix it. So, if you want this resolved, please contact us via email.

S3Media Stream

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