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The ScriptMerge plugin is a Joomla! System Plugin that merges all the CSS stylesheets and JavaScript files on your Joomla! page into one single file, which means that the browser only needs to download one single file for CSS and one single file for JavaScript instead of dozens of small files. This decreases the number of HTTP requests and therefor optimizes the bandwidth of your site. In other words: It speeds up the site from the perspective of the visitor.

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But Script Merge offers more than just merging and compressing files. It also adds support for WebP, data URIs (using images not as separate files, but as data-streams within CSS), HTML-compression and third party minification-libraries.

The backend-options allow you to be extremely flexible: You can exclude specific CSS- and JS-files, but also exclude specific pages (components, Menu-Items).

This is one of the most powerful tools you will need to optimize your Joomla! site.


Posted on 06 October 2015

Very intuitive and simple!

Ease of use

Very easy of using, you just have to test your page exhaustively for check if your load time and score gets better or not.

I used this to: Improve my personal website and certainly I'll use on my clients projects too. Congratulations, team!!!


Broke CSS

Ease of use

Install was easy


Extension writer blew off my report and blamed me for the problem

I used this to: I don't.
Owner's reply: Upon closer review of this customer site, there were numerous CSS validation errors (over 700) plus a dozen JavaScript error. Merging CSS and JavaScript in that case would indeed lead to things to stop working. Merging 1 corrupt file with 1 clean file, will simply result into 1 combined file that is corrupt. Our extension can't solve these errors, they need to be solved with another extension or developer instead.

Faster website

Posted on 24 June 2015

Extensive functionality. Very good.

Ease of use

Takes some getting used to. But overall easy to use.


Did not need it




Posted on 08 April 2015

Advanced functionality, multiple configurable options.

Ease of use

Very easy to use, clear tooltips


Absolutely first rate. Added an important feature within hours.


None needed really. Have not tested


Works perfectly. Immediately after installing and configuring it the load time of my pages reduced from about 6-8 seconds, to under 2 seconds.

Ease of use

Up and running in about 2 mins. Installed it, turned plugin on and turned 'Merge JS' on and it was done.


Not required.


Not required.

I used this to: A Joomla 3.3 site running fairly complex real estate software. The site had 28 JS files and 15 CSS files which were slowing it down a lot.

Very impressive!

Posted on 20 October 2014

Excellent flexible plugin that makes your code much much tidier;

Thanks a lot for this!

This plugin does the job (merging CSS & JS) which increases your website's speed. The plugin has many parameters to fully tailor your merging needs (e.g. exclude some JS file).

Note: If you encounter any issue with this plugin, go to Joomla's Plugin Manager and moved this system plugin to the end of the system plugins.

... whenever you have some javascripts, and you want to get your webpage faster to client's device. Only thing, that i don't know, is how to use excluding option of specific files in plugin configuration.


Tested Load Time Page Size Requests Page Speed

April 9 21:43:27 2.41 s 3.2 MB 125 57

April 9 21:43:12 2.68 s 3.2 MB 125 57

April 9 21:35:58 36.27 s 3.2 MB 93 65

April 9 21:11:20 25.93 s 3.2 MB 124 55

Took me from over 30s down to under 3s


Scriptmerge Rocks

Posted on 24 March 2014

I have used a few optimisers available and this is one of the best, if not the best. Great work dude.

Up and running just by enabling it. I found it easy to tweak the plugin settings, some trial and error as the temlate uses less compliler so I would recommend that for some template providers that the template css is excluded.

All in all, very easy to use.

Yireo SSL Redirection

Yireo SSL Redirection

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The SSL Redirect plugin is able to redirect non-secure HTTP-pages to secure HTTPS-pages, and back again. Which pages need to be served through SSL and which not, can be configured through plugin parameters: You can select manually Joomla! Menu-Items to which SSL should be applied, or you can choose Joomla! components (like the user-component) to which it should be applied, or you can add custom URLs in a textarea. The plugin takes care of the rest. The Joomla! Global Configuration allows you to configure SSL, but if a visitor enters a Joomla! page through non-HTTPS, this visitor is not automatically redirected. Also you can't enable SSL for just some pages, while all other pages are served through regular HTTP. While the Apache htaccess file can be configured to contain RewriteRules for this, it is much more complicated and error-prawn. This is the main reason why the YireoTM SSL Redirect plugin was developed.


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With Dynamic404 you can redirect 404-pages to other URLs easily. This way, visitors will never get an annoying "404 Not Found" page anymore, but they will be redirected to the right page. Alternatively you can disable this redirection, and just enrich the 404-page with a list of possible matches for the current 404-error. The Dynamic404 component determines which page is the closest match by looking at Menu-Items and articles to find a matching alias. Alternatively, you can configure redirects yourself from within the Joomla! Administrator. This way you can even fix URL-typos made by your visitors. Also, the Dynamic404 component can be extended with Joomla! plugins that allow you to search for matches within the logic of other third party extensions. When good matches are found, you can determine yourself what to do: You can display an optimized 404-error page to your visitors which shows a listing of all the matches, plus links to your site search. Or you can transform the 404-error into a 301 or 307 redirect to direct the visitor to the right page. Despite what some SEO-experts have claimed, Dynamic404 will give you a higher ranking when the automatic redirection of Dynamic404 is enabled: In case of a 404-error, that 404-status never reaches the visitor, but it is transformed into a valid redirect. This makes Dynamic404 vital when migrating between major Joomla! versions (Joomla! 1.5 to Joomla! 3 for example), or when migrating com_content to your favorite CCK.
c p
Language Domains

Language Domains

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This plugin allows you to switch the domain-name as soon as a specific language is selected. Each domain is bound to a language, by configuring the plugin parameters. Once enabled, the plugin detects the current domainname, checks the current language, and redirects to a new domain if needed.
Yireo EmailScheduler

Yireo EmailScheduler

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When sending emails from within the Joomla! backend, there are various issues you will face: Emails are sent directly; you can only send mail to other users; the PHP mail() function might cause a small delay; styling of the emails you send is hard. The EmailScheduler extension is designed to solve all that. The EmailScheduler extension contains a simple API-class - conveniently called EmailScheduler - which allows third party extensions to easily hook into this extension.


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Jul 18 2016
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Nov 18 2014
GPLv2 or later
Free download

Uses Joomla! Update System

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