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An easy way how to implement Google Authorship on Joomla sites. Plugin SD Google Authorship is simply easy use and quick setup able on Joomla site. It is working for multiple authors on one site.

For support authorship in K2 extension, be sure you are using 3.2 version. In previous version 3.1 wasn't plugin working in all cases. From 3.2 it's fixed.

I'm so pleased I was recommended this extension, this works perfectly!

Great work by the developer, thank you!

easy and works

Posted on 19 March 2014
Works perfectly. Website gives you a step by step image instruction sequence.

Wish they were all like this.
Simple and easy - 2 minutes and all works!

After days and days looking how to connect my author pages and Google+ manually, I found this nice and light plugin... and wow! it works like magic!

Tested in Google structured Data, searched in Google search and yeah, results is here!

Easy, Fast, Love it.

Posted on 10 November 2013
Getting Google+ to see that author of my blog was doing my head in! This plugin made it super simple. Google instantly associated them and now they are showing my picture with the blog title on the search. Great plugin. Thanks!

Quick and simple

Posted on 02 November 2013
I test some Google Authorship plugins but this one works and is simple, Thanks!

Worked super quick

Posted on 20 October 2013
It took me all of 2 minutes after downloading it to configure and set up. I tested it with the Google structured data testing tool and my picture with profile was there.. great job.. I tried the other markup plugin as well, but did not work for K2, so I would definitely recommend this.


Posted on 27 August 2013
Unlike the other Authorship plugin at the top, this one was able to work. It was perfect and took about 1 min to set up.

Thanks so much!
I was wondering how to implement the Google Authorship to my site and finaly achieved that after couple of hours and many long and bothering steps... And then I found Stanislav´s solution. Fast to install, absolutely easy to use and just awesome at all! If you want to use Google Authorship with Joomla, don´t look anywhere else. Although it´s the first working solution, it covers everything you need. And the best is that it won´t ruin your bank account! Great, great, great and BIG THANKS to Stanislav!

SD Google Authorship

Stanislav Duben
Last updated:
Jan 28 2015
Date added:
Nov 19 2014
GPLv2 or later
Free download

This extension does NOT implement the Joomla! Update System


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