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“Selecto“ is an amazing interactive tool for every website. Increase usability & interactivity of any website. However most suitable use is for the content rich sites, forums, blogs etc.

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“Selecto“ is a lightweight plugin and yet powerful system for your website, giving to your visitors & members the ability to download or mail articles (as HTML and ZIP). Making your site, step by step, more and more recognizable. A plugin that missing from Joomla community and a user friendly tool that will make your visitors turning to members.

Especially for the rich content sites has a huge impact on their interactivity and traffic. Your users will love this tool so much, since it will raise the site usability and friendliness. And with natural way, your users, will stand out your site among many others out there, with positive impact to your business.

Articles can be selected one by one by clicking on specified marks at the articles, or all articles of whole page at once, from the “Selecto“ control panel (small, discreet blue arrow button - placed at left bottom of visible page window).

Many detailed limitation can be applied to all parameters of the plugin for visitors and registered users.

“Selecto“ plugin comes with two mailing templates and one download template. Mailing facilities, carefully designed according “Selecto“ extension specificity.

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Dmitry Vadis
Last updated:
Aug 11 2016
Date added:
Nov 19 2014
GPLv2 or later
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This extension does NOT implement the Joomla! Update System