Joomla integration with the Sendy Newsletter software. Sendy is a self-hosted email solution that you pay for just once. It uses Amazon's SES delivery service for incredibly cheap newsletter campaigns at $1 / 10k emails!

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The Sendy package adds the following integration:
* Newsletter subscription signup module
* User plugin to auto-subscribe users on registration
* An easy API for adding or removing users to a newsletter from any other extension

Sendy for newsletters

Posted on 16 February 2015

Sendy is a cheaper alternative of Mailchimp. It is self-hosted so it requires some knowledge to install. great to have a connector for it

Ease of use

Sendy reports are really basic, for better statistics, I recommend http://blog.kpiwatchdog.com/2015/01/reporting-sendy-e-mail-marketing.html


Good start!

Posted on 16 September 2014

Thanks for the plugin and module. I would say that multi-lingual and captcha would make it perfect.

Sendy is a great substitute for MailChimp, and uses much cheaper pricing through AWS SES. They have a lot of the same functionality of the MailChimp's paid versions. You also have more access to adapt things to suit your requirements, plus a handy integration to enrol new site members in the lists automatically.



Paid download | Social Display | SourceCoast Extensions
281 reviews
Social network integration for Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Yahoo, Instagram, VK, Github, Amazon, Meetup, Windows Live and more for Joomla! Post content to Facebook Pages and Facebook Groups, Twitter Streams and LinkedIn Company Profiles. Use Facebook Open Graph tag and Twitter Card tags to manage the looks of all content shared from your site. Show your Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn streams easily on your site. And much more! Simple Social Network Authentication One-click registration and login from Facebook and 10 major social networks. Let your users access your site quickly and easily with no forms, passwords, and usernames to remember. Automatic Social Sharing Buttons Add Facebook Comments, Facebook Likes/Shares, Google +1, Twitter Share, LinkedIn Share and Pinterest Pin buttons automatically to your content. Social Streams Show the news feeds from Facebook Pages, Facebook Groups, Facebook Personal Profiles, Twitter feeds and LinkedIn Company Pages. Streams are fully customizable and can chose posts from multiple providers merged into one feed. Social Posting Easily 'push' your content along with a custom comment and URL to Facebook Pages, Facebook Groups, Facebook Personal Profiles, LinkedIn Company Page or Twitter streams. Works with all extensions! Auto Posting Automatically post new Joomla or K2 items, JomSocial Events and more to Facebook Pages, Facebook Groups, Facebook Personal Profiles, LinkedIn Company Page or Twitter streams. Works with user or admin generated content to get news into your social feeds! Facebook Open Graph and Twitter Cards Tags Describe your pages to Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn using Open Graph tags, which are used to set you're thumbnail preview in user's Timelines. Twitter Cards are a similar set of meta tags specific to that social network. With Facebook's Open Graph Actions, you can post content to a user's Facebook Timeline about activity on your site. Facebook Open Graph Actions integrate with Joomla content, EasySocial, JomSocial, EasyBlog, jReviews, K2 and more. 3rd Party Profile Integration Import user Facebook and other social network profile information including avatar and cover photo. Fully control your site's fields and what social network data should be imported into each one. Works with the User - Profile plugin, JomSocial, EasySocial, Community Builder, Kunena, K2, Virtuemart and more. Over 50 Social Widgets Easily setup and configure social widgets from any of the social networks we support. Includes: Almost 20 Facebook widgets, including Facebook Likes, Facebook Shares, Facebook Comments, Facebook Friends and Facebook Page Plugin. Google+ Community Badge, Embedded Posts, Follow, Badges and +1 LinkedIn Apply for Job, Company and Member widgets and Share buttons Pinterest Share Twitter Follow, Hashtag, Mention and Share buttons See full list below Facebook Invitations Let your users invite their Facebook friends to your sites. Configure a customized 'welcome' page for recipients as well to woo them in. Auto-Configuration Tool Don't mess with Facebook App settings yourself; JFBConnect can configure your Facebook Application automatically and check for common mistakes and errors. Multi-Lingual Includes translations for nearly a dozen front-end languages. Fully Documented Detailed configuration guides take you step-by-step through all social network integration features available for Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Instagram, VK, Github, Amazon, Meetup and Windows Live. All Social Widgets Amazon (All Amazon widgets can use your own affiliate ID for referral commissions) Amazon Login - An Amazon login can be added anywhere to your site using any image or text you want Amazon Carousel - Display products in a slick rotating display Amazon MP3 Clips - Show songs from your favorite artist or genre Amazon My Favorites - Select and display any products you want Amazon Omakase - Let Amazon decide which products to display most relevant to the current user Amazon Search - Add an Amazon search button to your site to gain extra referral fees Facebook Facebook Login - A Facebook login can be added anywhere to your site using any image or text you want Facebook Comments - Show the Facebook Comment box in articles or any other Joomla content Facebook Comments Count - Show the Facebook Comment count for an article, great for a blog listing Facebook Embedded Post - Have a favorite Facebook post? Show it anywhere Facebook Embedded Videos - Embed a Facebook video anywhere Facebook Follow - Let your Facebook users easily follow your personal Facebook profile account Facebook Like - Add Facebook Like buttons to any page Facebook Page Plugin - Show your Facebook Page's activity stream, information and a Facebook Like button Facebook Requests/Invitation - Let your Facebook friends invite their friends Facebook Send - Easily let your users send any page of your site to their Facebook friends Facebook Share - Have your users post your content to their Facebook Timeline Facebook Shared Activity - Show your users any content they've shared with your site and set the appropriate privacy settings Facebook Open Graph Action - Push Facebook Open Graph Actions to your guest's Facebook Timeline Google + Google Login - A Google login can be added anywhere to your site using any image or text you want Google Community Badge - Show information about a Google+ Community Google Page Badge - Show information about a Google+ Page Google Personal Badge - Show information about a Google+ Profile Google Follow - Let your users easily follow a Google+ user Google Embedded Post - Show a selected post from a Google+ user Google Hangout - Create a Google Hangout with the click of a button Google +1 - Let your users like and share your content through Google LinkedIn LinkedIn Login - A LinkedIn login can be added anywhere to your site using any image or text you want LinkedIn Share - The standard share button from LinkedIn LinkedIn Alumni - Show alumni from any LinkedIn school LinkedIn Company Insider - Display a list of employees in any LinkedIn Company LinkedIn Company Profile - Display a summary of any LinkedIn Company LinkedIn Jobs - Display a list of jobs relevant to the viewer LinkedIn Member - Display information about any LinkedIn user LinkedIn Follow Company - Show profile information along with a follow button for any LinkedIn Company Instagram Instagram Login - An Instagram login can be added anywhere to your site using any image or text you want Instagram Embedded Picture - Display any picture from your personal profile or any public Instagram image Instagram Embedded Video - Display any video from your personal profile or any public Instagram image Meetup Meetup Login - A Meetup login can be added anywhere to your site using any image or text you want Meetup Group Stats - Show member count and activity statistics from any Meetup group Meetup OEmbed - Fully customizable HTML layout for display Meetup group information Meetup Sponsored Groups - Display Meetup groups in a specified sponsorship campaign Pinterest Pinterest Share Button - Show the standard Pinterest sharing button Twitter Twitter Login - A Twitter login can be added anywhere to your site using any image or text you want Twitter Share - Show the standard Twitter share/Tweet button Twitter Follow - Display a Twitter Follow button to increase your followers Twitter Hashtag - Show a list of Tweets with the specified hashtag Twitter Mention - Show a list of Tweets that mention the specified user Twitter Embedded Tweet - Embed your favorite Tweet wherever you want Github Github Login - A Github login can be added anywhere to your site using any image or text you want Yahoo Yahoo Login - A Yahoo login can be added anywhere to your site using any image or text you want Windows Live Windows Live Login - A Windows Live login can be added anywhere to your site using any image or text you want VK VK Login - A VK login can be added anywhere to your site using any image or text you want
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SCLogin Enhanced Login

SCLogin Enhanced Login

Free | Site Access | SourceCoast Extensions
54 reviews
SCLogin is a free and fully supported enhanced login module for Joomla 2.5 and Joomla 3.x. This module is based off the Joomla 3.x login module, with improvements like: * A horizontal mode * An easy template system * Improved two-factor authentication that asks for a separate password only from those users who have it configured * Streamlined looks * Modal popup view for login * Customizable user menu displayed when user's are logged in Additionally, the new module seamlessly integrates with JFBConnect for Facebook, Google, LinkedIn and Twitter authentication and login on your site. Go ahead, give it a try!


Paid download | Site Access | SourceCoast Extensions
10 reviews
Total LinkedIn Integration Suite: Single-sign on; LinkedIn, Google, Twitter and Facebook social widgets; JomSocial, CB, Kunena, K2, Agora integration. JLinked is the easiest way to integrate your Joomla site with the largest professional social network, LinkedIn. Easy LinkedIn Single-Sign-On Solution: Allow one-click LinkedIn login to over 200+ million professional users! Let users register and log into your site with their LinkedIn credentials. Automatic LinkedIn Share, Member, and Company widgets in content Enable LinkedIn Share, Member or Company Profile widgets on any section, category, or article automatically with just our easy configuration options. Also includes automatic Twitter Share, Facebook Like, and Google +1 buttons for content! 3rd Party Profile Integration: Import the user's LinkedIn avatar and profile automatically. You select which LinkedIn fields are imported and how into: JomSocial Community Builder Kunena K2 Agora (J1.5 only) All LinkedIn Social Widgets Can Be Easily Added to Your Site: LinkedIn Share LinkedIn Apply LinkedIn Recommend LinkedIn Member Profile LinkedIn Company Profile LinkedIn Company Insider LinkedIn Jobs LinkedIn Follow Company By the Creators of JFBConnect: The most popular Joomla / Facebook integration extension SourceCoast has a proven record of high quality, easy to use social integration. Fully compatible with our JFBConnect, Facebook integration extesnion, to allow logins from the 2 most popular social networks. Fully Documented Our configuration guide will take you step-by-step through LinkedIn application creation and component setup. It couldn't be simpler to add LinkedIn integration! No SSL Certificate Required LinkedIn has multiple login methods. We've chosen the most compatible, yet fully secured, option which does not force you to buy and install an SSL certificate for your site. 30-Day Money Back Guarantee SourceCoast provides top-notch support. That's why we're proud to offer a 30-day money back guarantee. For more information, see: http://www.sourcecoast.com/jlinked
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Force Password Change

Force Password Change

Free | Site Access | SourceCoast Extensions
12 reviews
This plugin will check the user's lastvisitDate to see if it is "0000-00-00 00:00:00" (meaning the user has never logged in). If this is the case, the user will be redirected to the edit user profile page and will not be able to go to any other page until they update their profile.
Facebook Open Graph for K2

Facebook Open Graph for K2

Paid download | K2 extensions | SourceCoast Extensions
0 reviews
The Open Graph K2 plugin lets you easily customize the Facebook Open Graph tags that are inserted into each K2 item on your site. You can control things like 'type' (article, recipe, movie, etc), title, description, image and any other information you want. This plugin also adds the power of Open Graph Actions, which let you automatically post to a user's Facebook Timeline when they read, vote or otherwise interact with an article. No "Do you want to post this to your wall" popups, just post on their behalf and you'll be promoting your content to all of their friends. See the image for an example of a Timeline wall post made automatically. This plugin requires both JFBConnect and K2 to be installed to function.
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SourceCoast Extensions
Date added:
Nov 19 2014
GPLv2 or later
Free download

This extension does NOT implement the Joomla! Update System

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