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SEO Boss provides a rich set of tools and configuration settings which are indispensable for site search engine optimization (SEO).
Using SEO Boss you can:
- Generate Meta Tags automatically.
- Google Analytics integration
- Change meta tags like Title, Keywords, Description on any content page (Articles and Categories).
- Easy find which pages have weak meta information (empty values in meta tags).
- Automatically hilight all keywords on your page by specified tags (strong, for example).
- Auomatically replace specified patterns by H1..Hn tags.
- Track you site position in Google search result list for different keywords.
- Manage outgoing links. It can replace specified outgoing links to some page on your site, which will actually redirect users to original URL.
- Override any meta tag on you site or add new one. For example, you can specify what should be displayed in your 'meta name="Author"..' or 'meta name="Generator"..' tags.
- Automatically ping Google Blog Search Ping Service when new article is created
- Provides SEO management for K2, VirtueMart, JoomSport, Cobalt7, VM2, Hikashop components (title manager, Meta tags manager and etc)
- Using the new feature "SEO Boss anywhere" you can set metadata for any page.
Just set Authorized Frontend users who can edit metadata.

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Starting with SEO Boss 1.4r34 external links manager uses rel="nofollow" atribute for the internal links

Version 1.4:
-Multilingual support
-Several bug fixes
-Mosets Tree support
-Frontpage metatags management

Version 1.4r2:
-Home page Meta Title Tag fix

Version 1.4r3:
-Multilingual support(English, Italian, Russian)
-Google region server fix
-Bug fixes
-Menu Items Metadata editing

Version 1.4r4:
-Several bug fixes in "title manager"
-Code optimization
-Metadata editing in frontend(available for Super administrator only)

Version 1.4r5:
-SEO Boss anywhere feature
-Improved plugin management system
-Multilingual support(English, Italian, Russian, German) SEO and metadata
-Hikashop support (meta tags, title manager, keywords density)

SEO Boss pro product page -
SEO Boss pro download page -
SEO Boss pro demo -

Poco di cosa promette
Ease of use
Facile da usare
Praticamente assente, poi scade l'anno e saluti
Value for money
Non ne vale la pena a questo punto usate la versione free
Owner's reply: Hello.

Sorry for confusion.

Between your email in support and this negative comment was only two hour.
Your support licence has been expired.
That why you didn't download the last version of SEO Boss pro.

Best regards,
JoomBoss team

Has all i need

Posted on 29 May 2015
Has all i need. Perfect worked with k2
Ease of use
very simple
good enough
Documentation in English. That's enough for me
Value for money
cheaper than analogues
I used this to: For my website.I use to manage metadata k2

Great extension

Posted on 05 April 2015
The swiss knife for seo features
Ease of use
very easy
good enough
Value for money
I used this to: my ecommerce sites
This authors does not provide support at all. If you post something on their forum, you will never get answer from the authors.

This component include black SEO and spammy option called external link. With this option users can rewrite external links and make them internal for saving space for higher PR. And users of this, get wrong, if they do not analyze what they are doing with such rewriting of external links. According to Google Inside Search, menu Fighting Spam, such kind of rewriting link is categorized as Black techniques, and lead to Website to be penalized. So read this on Google Inside Search, Fighting Spam. Further, imagine e-commerce Website I am building just now with over 700 product, and large volume of sales... Imagine that such kind of Website is penalized because of SEO Boss component, how much my client will lost, until problem is solved. I do not have to tell any more, just to inform you to look on JED as they are real SEO Boss component but they are called differently. Best regards to all!
Owner's reply: Hello
External Links Manager - one of several features provided by SEO Boss component. As any SEO tool you should use it carefully and you should have an idea what you are doing.
External Links Manager is not designed for Page Rank saving( however it could be useful in this aspect)
The main goal of this feature is to hide outgoing links which are not related with the theme of your site. Such links can worsen your site ranking.
If your site users can post contents, they can leave such kind of links and you can hide them using External Links Manager feature.
In any case you can hide redirect page using robots.txt
I found the whole experience of using both versions very good, but the level of support was rather dire. Overall very good product.

Good and bad points

Posted on 01 September 2012
The idea of this component is a good idea and now it integrates with parts of Mossets tree etc it is even better.

Problems are: Even know I have paid for the Pro verions, there seems to no support available what so ever, just a forum to post on that never seems to get answered and the forum is highjacked by spammers!

I could not install this on a site that I had previously tested the free version on and I still cant install it as no support is being given to me and my forum posts not being answered.

Other draw back is it does not control all mossets pages as it would suggest it does, only index page and listings are available. Things like the search results that produce duplicate meta content can not be controlled, so I would say it is only part integrated with Mossets and not fully as the sales pitch would suggest.

It is ok for basic SEO control as long as you do not run in to a problem, because if you do it looks like your on your own!

Save my time!

Posted on 15 August 2012
I used a component "SEO Boss basic" earlier. And now i tried to use SEO Boss pro. Frequent updates, support for K2, updates in a single click - it's very convenient.

It save my time for meta data managing.

Thanks for the component!

Best regards!

Good job!

Posted on 14 August 2012

I just installed SEO Boss pro.

I can manage bunch of records at time! Part of meta information I can generate automatically - it's a great!

Simple to install and good support!
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SEO Boss

By Chaikovski Alex
SEO & Metadata
SEO Boss provides a rich set of tools and configuration settings which are indispensable for site search engine optimization (SEO). Using SEO Boss you can: - Change meta tags like Title, Keywords, Decription on any content page (Articles and Categories). - Generate Meta Tags automatically. - Easy find which pages have weak meta information (empty values in meta tags). - Automatically hilight all k...

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