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This Joomla plugin simply takes the starting chunk of text from the page’s content and applies that as the value for the meta description tag in the page’s head. Search engines often use a Web page’s meta description in the SERPs, and as such it is important that these meta descriptions have relevant text related to the page’s content.

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NOTE: This plugin generates the meta data "on the fly" when the page is loaded, it does not save the meta data to the content's meta data fields seen in the Joomla editor. These fields can then be used to override the auto-generated meta description generated by this plugin. To see the plugin at work, you must view your page's source in your browser.

SEOSimple Features

  • Ability to customize how the front page meta description is handled. You can choose between having it auto generated based on the front page's content, or using the default Joomla site-wide meta description.

  • HTML page title configuration. Set your page titles in three different ways:

    • [CONTENT TITLE] (Joomla 1.5 default) You can also customize what the separator is (in this ex. it's a pipe |, but can be any character).

Additionally, you can customize the front page of your site's title tag in a number of different ways (or not at all). Layouts include:

  • [Disable - Use Joomla Default]
  • [Custom Title] | [Site Title]
  • [Site Title] | [Custom Title]
  • [Custom Title]
  • [Site Title]
  • [Site Title] | [Default Title] NEW
  • [Default Title] | [Site Title] NEW
  • [Custom Title] | [Default Title] NEW
  • [Default Title] | [Custom Title] NEW

NEW in 2.0

We have added the ability to set your category pages to "noindex, follow" -- a common meta robots setting for such pages to avoid duplicate content penalties.

All feedback is greatly appreciated and will go towards making future versions even better. Enjoy!


Does just what it claims with little fanfare. The problem is that the latest version isn't compatible with PHP 7. It'll break your site.

Ease of use

Very simple to install and set up.


The internal docs (in the plugin interface) are adequate to make use of the plugin.

I used this to: Several small business and community sites.

Way too simple

Posted on 27 July 2015

The extension doesn't offer the possibility to use the intro text as meta description; it skips it & goes straight to the 'read more' text.

Ease of use

It's certainly very easy to use.

I used this to: This lack of flexibility renders the extension of little value to me. A few extra basic options would make it much more useful.


Simplify a lot of seo activities for non-expert people

Ease of use

Worked out of the box as supposed


Good enough


Good enough


Posted on 26 March 2015

I just got it so hope functionality will be ok.

Ease of use

Very easy to use

I used this to: For website. Really hope this will work for me. But thanks for your great job

The clue's in the name!

Posted on 24 December 2014

Functions well and saves hours of work entering meta descriptions on a page-by page basis.

Ease of use

Dead simple to set up and use.


Very clear and easy to understand.

I used this to: SEO


Posted on 20 September 2014

What i like about it most is that it is really simple to use! It does everything that it says it will do! Im installing it on EVERY site I manage.



Posted on 04 August 2014

I have just finished a website with a lot of article and when it came the time to add all the meta tags i found this great extension. Worked out of the box and generated really appropriate tags for the pages. the only problem is that i can't give more than five stars!

We have realized that numerous articles on our site had no meta whatsoever. This free plugin does good job at producing correct meta data. Instead of numerous hours of correcting issue or go into paid solutions - this developer had an interesting approach to create meta. Script is strong. Thank YOU!!!

Does it job like a charm

Posted on 05 August 2013

A very useful extension. I have now proper search results.

Besides it works for J3+ though produces a number of strict warnings' because of some deprecated code standards. But this doesn't matter for a production web-site as PHP warnings should be disabled. Removig calls by reference like &JFactoy -> JFactoy solves this minor issue.

Great extension

Posted on 19 February 2013

Thank you very much !! helped me work out many issues i was worried about with just a few clicks.....

The video tutorials on your site are excellent help also !

Thanks again !


Dao By Design/Ryan McLaughlin
Last updated:
Feb 12 2015
Date added:
Feb 10 2008
GPLv2 or later
Free download

This extension does NOT implement the Joomla! Update System

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