ShackSlides is not just a slideshow module, but a way to feature your images in style. The most powerful feature of ShackSlides is the ability to utilize content items as the source for your slideshow.

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A Joomla Slideshow Module

Since it is built using an independent javascript slideshow script, it doesn't matter if you are using jQuery, Mootools, any other Javascript framework or no framework at all. This reduces the number of script conflicts and problems you will have with combining too many different extensions.

Easy, Reliable, and Optimized for Joomlashack Templates

It works on both Joomla 1.5, 2.5 and 3.0, and support K2, FlexiContent, and Joomla content (so long as these extensions work in the Joomla version).

You can easily customize the way it appears by using one of the color themes; and, if you wish, you can override the entire way it displays using Joomla's HTML overrides method.

Unlike most free slideshow extensions, you get access to our support for 3 months after purchase. That gives you plenty of time to get the support you need should any problems arise.

New features will be added over time, so if you have a great idea for the module let us know! We'd like to build a slideshow module that you need rather than build a module that we think you want.


ShackSlides is released under the GNU GPL v3 license--read full license . Your purchase includes access to support and upgrades for 3 months.

ShackSlides Key Features:

  • Over 10 effect options!
  • Support for 4 sources: Joomla Content, K2 Items, FlexiContent Items, or a folder
  • 8 color themes
  • Can be overridden with a template override
  • Slides can be linked to content or an images directory
  • Optional descriptions pulled from content
  • Javascript neutral
  • Easy to translate


Version 2.1 - October 2012
- Joomla 3.0 compatibility
- Responsive classes (Bootstrap compatbile) added

Version 2.0 - Aug 16, 2012
- Included new source: Visionary
- Easy configuration and manage slides and collections through Visionary, without needing the images.xml file.

Version 1.2 - May 2, 2012
- Full support for Joomla 2.5
- Upgraded sliderman.js to its latest version
- Included support for latests versions of K2 and Flexicontent (now supports Joomla!2.5 for these two sources)
- New configurable option for positioning the description box outside the image slider itself
- New configurable option for transparent background for the description

Version 1.1.4 - July 25, 2011
- Updated for 1.7 support
- Fixed bug for multiple versions on same page
- Bugfixes for display issues at specific configuration settings

Version 1.1 - March 2, 2011
- Updated for Joomla 1.6 support
- Added new effects selection of 10 base effects
- Added new color themes

Version 1.0 - December 1, 2010 - Initial release
- Supports 4 sources in Joomla 1.5, Folders, Joomla Content, FlexiContent, and K2 items
- Javascript neutral slideshow functionality using Sliderman.js

Excellent & Adaptive

Posted on 30 November 2012

Have used Shackslides for some time now and give it full marks. Easy to use and customize layouts and functionality - even will description/title xml functionality.

Help support at Joomlashack.

Owner's reply: Thanks for the review, and happy Joomla'ing!


Paid download | Social Display | Joomlashack
10 reviews
A Social Media Streaming Joomla Plugin Using Lifestream you can link to your accounts by simply entering your username. Once you save a stream, it is available to be added to a collection (which is a group of streams) or displayed on its own. Some sites, like Facebook, require some extra authentication to work, which Lifestream helps you with. Lots of options With 3 kinds of modules and 4 component view types, you have plenty of ways to display your streams. We provide a couple of base themes you can use to style them, but you can disable them and easily set up your own with some CSS. Displaying streams Streams can be organized into collections, or displayed singularly. You can make a menu link to Lifestream, or display streams in a module anywhere you like. Collections can be displayed in a tab, grid, or integrated layout options, in either the module or menu link. There are options on how to organize, arrange, and display your streams, and the styling can be easily overriddeen with your own CSS styling. Custom formatting If you like the way Lifestream looks by default, you can just plug in your streams and go. However you are able to change the way everything is formatted. Each plugin comes with a way to customize the format of each stream item--for example, if you want to remove the icon or timestamp. Also with several style options, you can choose one of the default ones or disable it and create your own. Access and support With Lifestream you get 3 months of access to the latest version and our support. This gives you plenty of time to get your site up and running, as well as access to new versions as they become available with new features. Current social network support 22 supported social networks, with more regularly added. - Google+ - Instagram - Delicious - Digg - Facebook - Flickr - Foursquare - Google Plus - Grooveshark - Instagram - Joomla Content - K2 Content - Lastfm - LinkedIn - Pandora - Picasa - Posterous - RSS/Blogs - StumbleUpon - Tumblr - Twitter - Vimeo - YouTube If you have a desired network, you can let us know and we will consider adding new ones based on interest! Changelog 3.1.4 - June 2013 Update Twitter streams to use the new OAuth-enabled Twitter API (1.1). Mandatory update if you're using twitter, since your stream will not work from June 11 2013. Although official support for Joomla 1.5 is lost at this point, a new Lifestream version 2.2 - compatible with Joomla 1.5 - has been released with this important Twitter update 3.0/3.1 - October 2012 Joomla 2.5/3.0 compatibility Removed Nooku Framework for easier compatibility and all kinds of bug fixing Added Google+ Added Instagram
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Oct 26 2016
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Nov 18 2014
GPLv2 or later
Paid download
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