"Sign Me Up!" allows people to easily sign-up for items for an upcoming event. Who is bringing the dessert? Will we have plates? "Sign Me Up" answers these questions with this Zap Calendar Add-on. A "Sign Me Up" package includes this add-on with either the Basic, Standard, or Pro versions of Zap Calendar.

E-Mail Notification - Users are sent a thank-you e-mail when they sign-up for an item. The event owner is also notified by e-mail.
Public and Registered Users Welcome - Sign Me Up! can be configured to accept all sign-ups or only sign-ups from registered users.
Reminder E-Mail - A reminder e-mail can be sent to each user prior to the event to summarize their signed-up items.

These features are available to the owner of the event:

  • Create Sign-up Items - Specify the title and quantity you need for your event and perhaps a short description. You can also limit the # of items a person can sign-up.
  • Sign-up Invites - Owners can invite friends to sign-up for an event. Friend lists can be created so invites can be sent to the same group of friends for other events.
  • Custom field - Owners can utilize a custom field to request additional info or create a select list (i.e., shirt size selection of small, medium, large and extra large selection is possible)
  • Sign-up Export - Export your sign-ups to a CSV or Excel file
  • Manage Sign-ups - Update or cancel sign-ups created by other people
  • Re-order Sign-up Items - Drag and drop sign-up items to re-order them on the event page.

These features are available to the website administrator:

  • Customizable E-mail templates - Add header and footer images to e-mails, or customize the e-mail templates using Zap Calendar's built-in form editor.
  • Allow Public Sign-ups - The site administrator can enable or disable sign-ups by non-registered users.
  • Sign-up Verification - The site administrator can require public sign-ups to be verified by e-mail before the sign-up is accepted.
  • Sign-up Invites - Allow or disallow event owners from using the friend invite list.
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Sign Me Up!

Last updated:
Aug 13 2018
5 years ago
Date added:
Sep 24 2015
GPLv2 or later
Paid download
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Uses Joomla! Update System