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The Simpl Facebook Module is a light-weight Joomla module designed to ease the use of Facebook Social Plugins in Joomla. It does not require massive amounts of processing overhead and does not include any Java other than what is required by Facebook. The module allows users to seamlessly integrate a Pages, Like Button, Send Button, Follow Button, Custom Follow Icons and Comments Box, all in one module! It also includes all of the standard options right in the module's admin interface. In addition, there is a 'responsive' option for Facebook Like Boxes on mobile-optimized websites. In addition, there is a 'responsive' option for Facebook Like Boxes on mobile-optimized websites. Other features include language selector, German translation for back-end, background colors, padding, rounded borders, colored borders or even no borders! Simpl also features a German translation for the back-end.

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If you're interested in having Simpl translated for your native language and would like to get involved, please contact me here: http://briancoale.com/contact/

NOTE: JOOMLA 2.5 NO LONGER SUPPORTED! The Joomla 2.5 compatible version of the module can still be downloaded directly from the website, but updates will no longer be provided for this version of Joomla. The primary focus going forward will be on Joomla 3.6.

With the release of Facebook “Pages” Facebook now strictly enforces a width range of 150 — 500 pixels. Changing width values or setting the plugin to “Responsive” will not circumvent this limitation! Unlike the Like Box, which has now been deprecated, this handicap can not be overridden. Please contact Facebook directly with any concerns about this limitation.

The extension is completely non-commercial and no registration is required to download it. Enjoy!

*** New In This Version! ***

> Fixed an issue where variables were not properly defined in the Pages plugin.

2.0.4 (1.3.4)
> Fixed JQuery not loading properly and/or conflicting

2.0.3 (1.3.3)
> This update addresses Bug-fixes & SDK compatibility updates.

2.0.2 (1.3.2)
> This update fixes an issue where Simpl Facebook Module's Pages plugin in responsive mode would conflict with some extensions that use JQuery.

2.0.1 (1.3.1)
> This update addresses styles broken after Facebook SDK update, improves responsive rendering, and automatically centers adaptive containers that have reached their maximum width.

2.0.0 (1.3.0)
> This update addresses Joomla 3.5 compatibility and outdated follow icons.

1.2.3 (0.5.3)
> This update addresses a bug with the most recent Facebook SDK API.

1.2.2 (0.5.2)
> This update addresses incompatibilities with the most recent Facebook SDK API.

1.2.1 (0.5.1)
> Addresses an issue where the Pages plugin does not fit the width on responsive layouts. Not that Facebook's restriction of 180 - 500 pixels still applies, as Facebook controls how the pages plugin is rendered (i.e. the restriction can not be overridden by this module). Please contact Facebook with any concerns about this restriction.

1.2.0 (0.5.0)
> Addresses major changes to Facebook Social Plugins platform
> Like Box has been replaced by Pages
> New reference & kid-directed options added to buttons
> Color Scheme not supported by Pages
> Pages only supports widths from 150px — 500px
> Rendering methods no longer needed
> Fonts no longer supported
> Major changes to code to fully support new platform

1.1.2 (0.4.2)
> Bugfixes - more than one plugin of the same type can now be displayed on the same page (e.g. 2 Like Boxes, etc.).
> Bugfixes - Module CSS Suffix now properly implemented (Custom CSS styles will work now).
> Cleanup - Removed redundant/unnecessary code.
> Feature - Replaced Custom Image text field with media manager image uploader/chooser (Joomla! 2.5.x version only, feature already present in Joomla! 3.3.x version).
> Feature - Replaced Background & Border color text field with graphical color chooser (Joomla! 2.5.x version only, feature already present in Joomla! 3.3.x version).

1.1.1 (0.4.1)
> Bugfixes - Responsive layouts for comment boxes work properly now.

1.1.0 (0.4.0)
> Language selector for front-end language display (under advanced tab)
> German language translation for back-end (special thanks to our friends in Germany!)

1.0.1 (0.3.3)
> Comments moderation (when used with Simpl Facebook Comments Helper plugin)

1.0.0 (0.3.2)
> Bugfixes

All-around fabulous.

Posted on 08 February 2017

Does exactly what it says.

Ease of use

Couldn't be easier.


If I could rate this 200, I would. Got an amazingly detailed and helpful answer to a CSS issue.



It can add various types of FB buttons, and the page feed, and you simply choose what you want from a drop down.

Ease of use

Very very easy to use.
- uses the joomla updater
- a good price ;-)


Available from Twitter or via an online form - if you every needed it, which I doubt.


I didn't need to read any.

There are Demo's that clearly explain the functionality available. Very clear.

I used this to: Displaying a Facebook feed on a production site

Very useful

Posted on 17 June 2016

I was able to display a like button for my facebook page

Ease of use

It's very easy to use. Didn't need any documentation.


So far not needed but I am sure he will answer my question on twitter via @coaleb if need be.


Didn't need documentation. Anyway no documentation was provided

I used this to: My personal website


All you need is there.

Ease of use

Extremely easy to use.

I used this to: Production website


Facebook integration, very simple but useful. No back link and ads from developer. I would recommend this indeed.

Ease of use

I am looking for the simple FB Like one and have tried about 5 extensions. This is very simple setting up comes some selective choices.


Since it is perfect for me, so no support need for now.


This comes with help, no additional documentation is need.

I used this to: To show number of fan and like & share button on my Kunena.

Easy ans simple and quick setup

Posted on 24 February 2016

All basics, great!

Ease of use

Easy and simple and quick setup


Functionality is good, but sizing is still sub par. Module will not let you size larger than 340px wide. Newer Joomla positions are 396px.

Ease of use

Very easy to use. Simple and quick setup.


Support uses only twitter. Very limiting.

Owner's reply: Tim,

First of all, thank you for your interest in Simpl FB Module!

A new version (1.2.1) has been released addressing the issue with sizing when set to "responsive" mode. Many questionable changes were made to the platform when Facebook deprecated the Like Box plugin in favor of the Pages plugin. One of these changes was that Pages strictly enforces a width range of 180-500 pixels. Another was the plugin's complete lack of mobile friendliness. Addressing these issues are way beyond the scope of a free extension, but I would definitely encourage directly contacting Facebook to express your unhappiness with the new Pages platform.

I understand that Twitter support may not be your cup of tea, but seeing as how developing & managing this plugin already loses me both money and time with my family, I haven't felt comfortable commiting any more of either to this project. It states clearly on the site that the module is provided as-is with no support, but I still provide some limited support via Twitter to help get feedback and make improvements to the extension.

Thanks again Tim, and I hope the update resolves your issue.

Best Regards,


Works very well. It just doesnt show when I'm not logged in to facebook. Don't know if thats intented, or maybe I just can't find it!

Ease of use


This module is working exactly as expected and it can also be published under multiple menu items for different usage on different pages.

Ease of use

No extension has ever been easier to use :-)


I did not need support but "said Hello" to the dev on Twitter and got a nice reply. He offers support via email if needed.


The dev intends to offer a quick-start guide for it soon, but really, there is no need. As he will develop it further it might come handy.

I used this to: I use this extension for my mother's website. She's a psychologist so her Facebook interaction is quite important. She is very pleased with this it (as am I). This extension is free now but I think it would definitely be worth paying for too.

Love this extension and ease of use for a non-coder :-)

Thank you so much for providing this awesome module. It was just too easy, and looks great on my site. Very happy!

Simpl FB Comments Helper

Simpl FB Comments Helper

Free | Social Comments | Brian Coale
0 reviews
The Simpl Facebook Comments Helper plugin allows you to moderate comments when using the comments box in the Simpl Facebook Module by adding special tags in the head of your website's pages. Although this was specifically designed for the Simpl Facebook Module, it can be used with other implementations of the Facebook Comments social plugin as well, making it a stand-alone solution for users of Facebook Comments in Joomla! who would like to be able to moderate comments.
Simpl Pinterest

Simpl Pinterest

Free | Social Share | Brian Coale
0 reviews
The Simpl Pinterest Module is a light-weight Joomla module designed to ease the use of Pinterest Widgets, Pinit and Follow Buttons in Joomla. It does not require massive amounts of processing overhead and does not include any Java other than what is required by Pinterest. The module allows users to seamlessly integrate a Follow Button, Pinit Button, Pinit Widget, Profile Widget and Board Widget, all in one module! It also includes all of the standard options right in the module's admin interface. *** New in this version! *** bugfix: plugin failure after update. *** Joomla! 3.3 users *** Simpl Pinterest 1.0.2 for Joomla! 3.3 has been released! This version has all the same features as 0.1.2 but has been completely revamped to work as a native Joomla! 3.3 module. If you are currently using 0.1.2 in a Joomla 3 environment, you can update to 1.0.2 using the update manager.

Simpl Facebook

Brian Coale
Last updated:
Nov 30 2016
Date added:
Nov 19 2014
GPLv2 or later
Free download

Uses Joomla! Update System

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