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The Simple Mobile Detection plugin does a simple check if the client is on a mobile device. If so, it stores this in the User State and you can check anyware in your code if your dealing with a mobile client.

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In the update 2.0.5 we've solved the Joomla caching problem, and added a new feature (beta) where you can select which detection system you can use! There are great mobile detection systems out there, which are much more advanced then the default plugin behavior. We've added two for now, the Mobile_Detect class by http://mobiledetect.net. And MobileESP by http://blog.mobileesp.com. In the plugin there is new tab called Detection System where you can select which detection system you would like to use. That's it, nothing else to configure!
For the more advanced users, the detecting class itself is available in the user state $app->getUserState('cmobile.detection.system); More will be placed here http://www.joomla-specialist.net/joomla-extensions/joomla-simple-mobile-detection.html
Note, that Simple Mobile Detection plugin is not part of these projects. The usage and terms&conditions will remain the same. Please refer to the project sites to read more about it.

New in version 2.0: Mobile content in articles!
We have finally added the content switch for articles to the plugin. It is still BETA but you can use it for simple setups. In the settings of the plugin you have a tab called Content Switch. Here you can set if you want the feature to be enabled. When enabled the plugin will search through content articles looking for {IfMobile}...{EndIfMobile} tags. Any content between these tags will be displayed only on mobile devices!
Go to the extension page for a more detailed view of how to use mobile content switch in articles.

The Mobile Detection plugin uses the default Joomla Browser class and extends it with detection for iPad, iPhone, iPod and Android devices. The Joomla iPad detection and iPhone or iPod detection will store on what device the client currently is viewing the website. The Joomla Android detection is a little more advanced and also tries to collect more information about the device, like the model and the Android build.
Here you can find example code: http://www.joomla-specialist.net/joomla-extensions/simple-mobile-detection.html

Also it contains features to redirect mobile users to a different URL and set a different template for mobile devices.

Set viewport meta-tag (new feature)
You can select to set a viewport meta-tag for mobile devices. It has the recommended content 'width=device-width, initial-scale=1' set by default, but it's also possible to change the value.

Development mode
You can set the plugin in development mode to test if the mobile settings work. You can either the plugin in development mode for specific ip addressen, or set it to always for all browsers.

Per device options
With the per device options you're able to set specific options for a device separately. Currently the plug


Posted on 05 August 2017

I didn't install this. It was packages with something, but that's shady. Typically we call this 'malware'. One way to get a poor rating.

Ease of use

I don't use it. I didn't install it. It was installed without my knowledge.


Simple and efficient!

Posted on 29 May 2017

Worked perfectly!

Ease of use

Very easy.

I used this to: This helped my website pass the viewport error on the Google Mobile Test Tool instantly! Thanks!


Worked Great. I needed to do redirects to a mobile site form Android, iPhone, iPad, iPod.

Ease of use

Easy to setup. I had my site configure in about 8 clicks and 15 minutes.

I used this to: Mobile Site Redirects

Excelente plugin

Posted on 09 January 2016

Trabaja perfectamente

Ease of use

Facil de instalar y usar


Buen Soporte


Documentaciona decuada y suficiente

I used this to: https://www.latinosup.com


I am new to this and I don't know how to configure SMD. Can anyone help me configure it?

Ease of use



Pure Excellence!!

Posted on 29 October 2015

It was EXTREMELY easy to use. Install, enable and configure. PERFECT!! Does EXACTLY what I need!!

Ease of use

So very easy!! And I have tried troubleshooting my code and other plugins and modules that we all difficult to configure.


The documentation was easy to read and understand. It was all a JOY to use. I struggled with this for two days and now I am FREE!!!!

Very Useful

Posted on 09 October 2014

I have to use few extensions that are very good but unfortunately they do not resize or look good in Mobile/Tabs

I have tried hidden-phone in module class suffix but they don't work for all modules . So its better to use this plugin and use a diff template and extensions for mobile and tabs


Posted on 07 September 2014

Excellent plugin! This is what I was looking for my new project. It works like charm and is flawless. Thumbs up!

SUPERB! this is a great plugin. It saved me loads of time and coding. A note it DOES work in modules just ensure you have Prepare content set to YES in the module parameters.

Great Mobile Detection!

Posted on 19 February 2014

This extension saved me a night of development and creating a mobile version for a non-responsive template. The option to select the template by mobile device works great!!! The default template - Beez for Joomla is responsive and I am so happy that all I had to do was select the template, activate/deactivate a couple modules and shuffle around some menu items. Mobile ready in 15 minutes.


Header Tags

Header Tags

Free | SEO & Metadata | Conflate
25 reviews
The Header Tags plugin gives you more control over the heading tags (h1-h6) in your website. The plugin searches for existing heading tags within the selected content area and handles them according to your specifications. So if want all the H4 tags in your site to be changed to H3, you can! The default behaviour after installing the plugin, is checking if there is a H1 tag in the output of the component. If none are found, the plugin changes the first H2 tag into a H1. Instructions: The content area is where the plugin searches for heading tags. The component output is like the main content section of your website. This way the plugin ignores any heading tags which may exist in your template or modules. If you want to control ALL the header tags of your website, select entire page. For each tag you can specify if the tag is mandatory, so the tag should exist at least once. If it doesn't, you can select from which tag the first one should be changed. You can also select how many times a tag is allowed, and to what the excess tags should be changed to. Exclude (new feature!): Sometimes the plugins finds more heading tags than you'd want to handle, and this can be excluded but therefor the tags must have some signature. For now the plugin supports excluding by either a class or an id attribute. To exclude tags, enter the value for the selected attribute, you can specify multiple values to test against. Any values entered horizontaly devided by a space must ALL exist in the attribute, any value enter on a new line may EITHER exist for the attribute value to be excluded. I.e. if you enter on one line 'classa classb', only the heading tags which contains BOTH classes (in any order) will be excluded. If you enter classa and classb on two lines, the tags containing either classa OR classb will be excluded. THANK YOU! A big thank you to everyone leaving these great reviews! It's awesome and keeps us motivated!

Simple Mobile Detection

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Apr 28 2015
Date added:
Nov 19 2014
GPLv2 or later
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Uses Joomla! Update System

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