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SimpleCaddy has been around since Joomla 1.0.5 in 2006. A simple and extensible set of scripts to get you selling online.

Simple, but powerful. Use Joomla's standard content to present your products and let SimpleCaddy redirect the money to your PayPal account. Simple to set up, simple to use.
All is (joomla) plugin driven, so completely SEF friendly. For developers: SimpleCaddy plugins are easy to create and integrate so you can have the payment gateway or shipping solution you dreamed of.

New: Downloadable content support: define your product as downloadable and SimpleCaddy makes sure the product has been paid for before anyone can download it.

Paypal is delivered as a standard plugin so that other payment methods can be presented on the same page.

Taxes can now be defined per destination and are implemented as a joomla plugin, all configurable from inside SimpleCaddy. You can set taxes for specific destinations to be different from others.

Shipping uses a simple points system.

The Joomla standard Extra Fields are used a Custom Fields in SimpleCaddy. So you can use Joomla to gather your necessary info about your clients.

Carts can be shown anywhere in your site, with individual css if you like.

To overcome the difficulties of multiple configurations and options in your plugin calls, an editor-extension button is also included in the package.


Only minimal functions to sell products. Cant even add images to products. Creating new custom fields doesnt work.

Ease of use

Yes its easy, maybe too easy....


Works well for such a tiny footprint. Excellent for small 'mom & pop' stores

Ease of use

Had to rename the plugin's xml files to get it working on J 3.8.7 (remove plg_ from names of xml files in each plugin)


Needs work, but adequate

I used this to: A shop with eBay imported content.

plugin integration fail .

Posted on 27 October 2017

not work on joomla 3.8.1 . ( when i try to edit simplecaddy plugin in joomla menu ) 500 The file simplecaddy.xml could not be found.

Ease of use



Shocked at how Awesome

Posted on 02 January 2016

The unique thing SimpleCaddy brings to the table (albeit with little fanfare) is that it's a plugin cart. This is hugely advantageous.

Ease of use

I found it crazy easy to use. It's so lightweight that one can't help but figure it out.


I needed help twice and got help quickly. Absolutely no complaints there.


There could be more elaboration on some topics, but it's all there and if you do what it says - it works.

I used this to: I use it for several stores. That I can make the pages unique is attractive because today stores need more than a "list-o-products" with buy buttons. I use for large stores too, once I wrapped my head around the plugin beauty, it's really hard to "fit in" to old school software.

Easy and Fast

Posted on 06 December 2015

I dont need a complicate e-commerce web site... just a functional and complete caddy to sell products. It does that!

Ease of use

Easy to install, very light.
Configuration is easy too... just follow the instructions on the web site.


Support is great and fast. Fast and professional answers to all questions.


It can be better but it's functional.

I used this to: online Shop for a small Animal Defense NGO

I love the simple elegance of SimpleCaddy. It is so light on the server and the site! Thank you for this software.

I've found SimpleCaddy to be surprisingly full-featured for a non-commercial extension. However, I've been less than impressed with the support provided.

The author frequently provides incomplete answers to questions from many users on the forum, or assumes you know which file needs to be edited and where it's located, or simply doesn't answer questions at all, or just says that a question has been answered before and to search for the answer. As an example, I've had a simple question open for about six weeks and it still has not been resolved.

If you can overlook the sketchy support, then SimpleCaddy is a good solution.

Works and verry simple. Just read the docs and use the id for next action. recomended.

I have been using Simple Caddy in all its guises for a few years and have always found the product reliable, simple to set up and easy to operate. When I needed support, the developer bent over backwards to help me.

It may be a free product, but i willingly donate for something that makes my life much easier.

We upgraded simplecaddy and needed help. We reached out to Henk and he was investing time to help us with some special challenges. What a first class service for a free tool. This is a perfect solution if you want to integrate a shop with nice features but do not want to kill your side with functionality your customers do not need. Very flexible concept, easy customizations because of the use of articles, very flexible with the plugin concept.

Well done Henk, great Job!!!

We sent you a donation !



Henk von Pickartz
Last updated:
Jun 06 2017
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Feb 16 2008
GPLv2 or later
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Uses Joomla! Update System

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