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wbAMP Community edition automatically creates and advertises to search engines an Accelerated Mobile Pages version of your web site content. This free of charge edition will operate with Joomla com_content, and display a clean, simple version of your site in the AMP format. It uses the same conversion engines as the full version, meaning you are sure to have valid AMP pages, regardless of the extensions you are using on your site.

- PHP 8 compatible
- IMPORTANT: version 4.17 and up add proper robots meta tag for full visibility in Google Search results
- Removed support for Google+: update!
- Added support for AMP Analytics Cliend ID API
- Added support for DISQUS comments
- Updated to latest AMP specification
- Warnings in case of misconfiguration
- whitelist based AMP validation, more efficient
- Multiple document types
- Automatically finds local images size
- available in 9 languages (see FAQ on site)

i am not able to work with wbamp on my joomla website
Ease of use
the documentation is being followed still the
I used this to: my website
Owner's reply: Hi ishat

I'm sorry you got in trouble with wbAMP. We do not have any open issue on wbAMP, so it should create AMP pages as needed for all your content.
It's hard to identify the problem without details, but the things to check are:
1. Double-check your page selection rules. Be sure to leave the "Task" field empty.
2. Display a sample URL, and visit the page at the same URL with "/amp" added at the end

If that doesnt work, I encourage you to post a message at, including a link to your site, and maybe a sreenshot of the settings you used for the selection rules.

Best regards

I first installed the Community version, which by itself had plenty of features, & then added pro version to unlock some other features.
Ease of use
Does exactly what it says it will do. Read the documentation and everything you need is there.
I was confused at first. Once I went through the documentation, set-up was fairly quick and easy.
I used this to: Converting my newsworthy webpages to AMP versions.

Not working

Posted on 11 October 2016
I used this to: It didnt work i got error after installing
Owner's reply: Hi Adnet,

Sorry about your trouble. We have no report of any open bug at the moment, and you actually don't say what type of error you got (Joomla or PHP related, or something with AMP validation?).

I would suggest you head over to the forum, to get this sorted out.


wbAmp not work (for me)

Posted on 27 September 2016
I see only the image of header and not the content. I haven' t found in the site of weeblr, what to do in this case. Decent documentation
Ease of use
Ease configuration.
Owner's reply: Hi Guiseppe

This actually indicates that wbAMP is working very fine. It however also means that you content is not compatible with AMP. For instance, if your content is wrapped in a form (a Joomla category list will do that) or maybe it is using javascript, this is not compatible with AMP (and so wbAMP removes it, otherwise your page should be invalid and Google will not accept it).

You should not have any problem with regular articles (unless you also use javascript to display content as javascript is not accepted on AMP pages).

Maybe a good idea is to post more details on the forum at

Excellent! Does the job fast and easy.
Ease of use
Install and configure in less than a minute.
Excellent and friendly support!
Well documented.
I used this to: Informational websites.
Works very well. Flexible, customizable, and plays nice with other extensions/plugins. I suggest the paid version for some great features!
Ease of use
Easy to install, setup, configure, and customize. Excellent back-end interface that is both functional and flexible.
Decent online documentation. I found myself just playing with a bunch of settings to get things working perfectly, trial and error.
I used this to: Blog-style website running Joomla 3.x and Beez, with multiple other extensions such as Responsivizer, JoomSEF, JCHOptimize, etc. No conflicts with other extensions/plugins thus far.
It does what it says. It creates AMP versions of your articles and/or other content.
Ease of use
You need some knowledge about AMP and read all the tooltips carefully ;)
Very nice, very fast and very competent support!
Nice documentation, almost everything is explained well.
I used this to: Create AMP versions of my articles.
To get AMP pages set up was truly easy. I thought i was going to have to develop separate pages with Dreamweaver. It coverts my pages Great
Ease of use
Set up and installation was fast and easy. I did get hung up on some of the rules to control what will be displayed but got 90% in minutes
Did not need any support followed what was provided for documentation and need to slow down and study it to get neat features.
The documentation is good, could use a video walk through of the basics to speed the process of getting contact pages displayed
I used this to: I want to experiment with AMP pages and see how it affect ranking and usage on mobile search for my customers site. Pages load REALLY fast! Thanks for building this and happy to get the pro version to be able to customize the display it as well as getting analytics on the usage
Owner's reply: Hi David,

and thanks very much for our first review :)

Glad you like it, it's a lot of work to keep up with Google these days, wbAMP should help a bit!

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wbAMP automatically creates and advertises to search engines an Accelerated Mobile Pages version of your web site content. wbAMP will let you convert Joomla articles and categories, as well as multiple other components.It uses a powerful and custom made conversion engine directly derived from the original AMP specification and validation file, meaning you are sure to have valid AMP pages, regardle...


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wbAMP Community Edition

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GPLv2 or later
Free download
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